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Each month I run an online accountability and support group for my clients to help them get results with the programs and meal plans they are following.
It first begins with a discussion of where they are – where they are trying to go – and what road blocks they see in their way.
From there we pick a fitness program that best fits their goals.
Why do I do these?
Because ACCOUNTABILITY WORKS my friends!!!!
Purchasing a program isn’t “hard” – but following through with the commitment you made and keeping that mindset in tact long after the day you hit purchase can be HARD.
That’s where the groups pay off…because when you are sharing your GOALS and heart and connecting with other women realizing we are all on our own journey just trying to do our best…you automatically WANT to succeed so you can all celebrate TOGETHER.
The information in my groups span from weekly meal plans, to recipe ideas, to tips to stay on track to just DAILY MOTIVATION…and of course sometimes there are some fun challenges in the mix too!
Not only have I seen this pay off first hand for MYSELF but my challengers tell me DAILY how its the SUPPORT from the GROUP that helps them: get up before work to exercise – or skip the break room donuts – or pass on the monthly office birthday cake – or whatever it may be!
There’s POWER IN NUMBERS and it is my HONOR to coach all of my clients each step towards their goals!.
Please fill out the application below to be considered for my next challenge group.

16 thoughts on “Join a Challenge Group

  1. Jessica Dooley says:

    Hi, my name is Jessica I’m 24 years old and a mother of 2 I work only 2-3 days a week and I find myself board sitting at home and eating ALL THE TIME! I have been putting a lot of thought into being more healthy and im so ready for a xhang

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