About Me

Maegan Blinka is  lifestyle coach with a passion for teaching other women about finding balance living a life of fun, family and fitness.LMP-97

She’s a former CPA who spent 6 years in the public accounting world before changing gears to become a full time Stay at Home Mom in 2013. 

Maegan’s personal health journey began a few months after the birth of her second child as she was struggling to figure out how to balance the busy-ness of stay at home MOMlife while finding herself again after babies.  

With a few small changes she quickly saw RESULTS in her body AND her dwindling Chrons Disease symptoms, realizing healthy living was paying off in so many ways, beyond the waistline.

She realized she could take her experiences and pay it forward to other women who needed the education, the daily exercise and an environment of EMPOWERING WOMEN – where they felt comfortable and confident to share their goals and work hard to achieve them.

By changing her lifestyle – starting with food – and adding in exercise, Maegan improved her health, ditched the daily crohn’s disease meds, and found a TRIBE of other women who were JUST LIKE her and NEEDED to make these same changes.

2016-01-30 21.47.43
Her life, her family’s life and their future has forever been changed with an opportunity to taker her experiences, share with other women and become a Lifestyle Coach, inspiring other women all around the world to do the same – feel the same results and build a business doing something THEY LOVE! 

She loves to collaborate with other empowering brands and companies with a similar mission!

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