Shift Shop

Beachbody is AT IT AGAIN and this time there’s a new TRAINER in town!

Chris Downing, Beachbody’s newest fitness trainer, has just taken it up a notch with his brand new program -SHIFT SHOP – that is as much about the MENTAL shift as it is PHYSICALLY.

I was selected to participate in an EXCLUSIVE test group and I am excited to share not only my RESULTS but also the ins and outs of the program!

What Is the SHIFT SHOP?

The SHIFT SHOP is a ramp-up fitness program. Chris makes it easy for you to start. Then he gradually increases the intensity of the cardio and strength-training workouts week by week — all while refining your nutrition. Plus, he makes it a lot of fun.

Here’s the DL on the schedule:

Week 1, Chris uses shorter, 25-minute workouts that’ll help you stay focused and committed. And you’ll be eating a healthy balance of carbs, protein, and fat.

Week 2, just as your body adapts to the workouts, Chris increases their length to 35 minutes. Plus, you’ll cut back on the starchy carbs, while revving up the proteins and veggies.

Week 3, it all comes together. Seven days of higher-intensity workouts, while eating clean. This is your grand finale at 45 minute workouts and 2 killer core add on days!

And there’s even a MODIFIER you can follow, so you can always get through all the moves, and still get a great workout.

If you’re up for a SECOND round (as we did in the TEST GROUP) you will go back to Week 2 then Week 3 and then incorporate a final WEEK 4 including 50 minute workouts with the Beachbody Sandbag.

Here is my journey in a NUT SHELL:

Week 1

Week 2

Round 1 Results

Round 2 kick off

Week 5

Final 6 week results

Calendar & Example Meal plans


Round 3 – his and her style:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

I will be taking all my knowledge and experience from the Coach test group and passing it down to you. Will it be work? YES – but my friends it will be worth it!

If you’re interested in being one of the first to complete this program upon its release in July 2017 – fill out the form below and I’ll be sure to keep you posted on launch information and details as they come available!

***Noncoaches and those not already working with a coach please