The 21-Day Fix

I was so excited to meet Autumn Calabrese, the masetermind behind the 21-day fix, when I attended Coach Summit in June 2014

FREE Meal Plan Template

The 21 day fix is easily one of the most successful home DVD workout programs out there!!!

That is what got me really going on my health and fitness journey back in February and helped me shed those lingering post-baby pounds. I couldn’t believe even my own results. 21 days. Clean eating. 30 minute workouts and the support of a Challenge group!!!

All in 21 DAYS

So what is the 21-day fix???
It is an easy-to-follow portion control eating plan combined with 30-minute wo21-day fix resultsrkouts designed to help you lose up to 15 pounds in 21 days! Now I didn’t come close to that number of pounds the first round I did but I did get what I needed to make some changes for a healthier lifestyle!! And I toned up a lot!
The variety of the workouts is great too – 2 are cardio based, 2 are more weight focused, then there’s yoga, pilates and a combination of all the above, my favorite “Dirty 30”! I can tell you I was sore the entire first week which was awesome. I knew I was getting a good workout in!
The program comes with the DVDs, a shaker cup, meal plan guide, portion containers, a 30-day supply of shakeology home direct and a spot in my next challenge group!

Here’s a few results pics from fellow 21-day fix challengers!!!


So I’m sure you’re thinking – what do I get to eat???

Trust me, you will be FULL and SATISFIED – its all about the right food in the right portions!!!

You can see one of my meal plans HERE

I completed this program initially – pre-blog phase so I am doing it yet again and sharing my progress along the way. 

Here’s my prep for Week 1. 

Week 1 Recap and Meal plan for Week 2

Week 2 Recap and prep for week 3 with an added 3-Day Refresh! 

Most people think this is a diet, but its far from that! This is simply a way of eating balanced, portion controlled meals that are going to FUEL your body for the day!!! You really can have your cake and eat it too…in moderation! 

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Here’s a few of my 21-day fix meals – which ended with a sweet treat, shakeology pudding

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Want a chance to transform your life? Join my next accountability group! Maybe you will have the next big transformation!!!

There’s power in numbers!!!


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