3-day refresh

refresh 1

Have you heard about the new, 3-DAY REFRESH, but still trying to understand exactly What is the 3-day refresh? 

Think it sounds too good to be true? Well its not – see 

2015-06-18 10.11.17

My results with the 3- refresh round 1

Round 2 results HERE

Round 3 as well!


There are so many people out there getting amazing results and better yet feeling great after completing the Refresh!

Here’s some testimonials from some of my current customers:

Finally finished and it went great. Somehow made it through without cheating except for maybe a couple extra carrots and a little bigger portion on dinner but I am a big guy and need extra calories. Total I lost 6 pounds and feel great. I really did not like the fiber sweep taste but it did have a hint of fruit loop flavor which made it bearable but the other shakes were way better. Mostly I ate carrots apples bananas and for dinner I had the cucumber salad two nights and the veggie stir fry one night. Overall it was definitely worth it since now I realize that I need to eat more fruits and veggies in my diet in order to get where I really want to be. I will definitely continue the shakes as a snack in between meals. Thank you for all the help and support.”

            – Brian, male, 30 years old

“So…this refresh changed me. Lost 7 lbs…and now that I “can” eat anything. I’m still eating what I was during it and not craving what I was eating before. Thank you”

            – Male, 29 years old

“This was the easiest cleanse I’ve ever done. I never felt hungry, there were plenty of options to choose from and it was easy to adapt to my busy life. I also lost 6 pounds and found myself resisting those sweet temptations even after my refresh was complete. This is definitely something I’ll be incorporating monthly or at least every other month”

            – Female, 57 years old     

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