The 21 Day Fix BODi Block is coming soon!

If you’re a fan of Autumn’s 21 Day Fix programs, you’re going to love what is coming in April 2023!

Are you new to Autumn’s workouts?

Well, we guarantee you’ll love her 21 Day Fix Super Block too! Keep reading to learn more.

So What Is a Super Block?

By now you’ve probably heard of BODi Blocks — 4 new programs that start on the first Monday of every month.

Each Block features 5 workouts a week for 3 weeks, followed by an “UP Week” (which stands for “Unconditional Progress”) to reset and recover.

A Super Block is when one of the BODi Super Trainers remake one of their most popular programs in the BODi Block format.

This is your chance to revisit your favorite programs — like 21 Day Fix or T25 — with new workouts, new playlists set to popular music, and an entirely new experience.

It’s all about giving you more of what you love, plus a little push to get you where you want to go.

Why are Blocks such a breakthrough?

They’re based on block periodization, a proven approach to exercise and recovery that challenges you without overtraining.

It’s all about helping you create consistency with your Health Esteem routine.

Your life is busy. Pretending you’re going to work out every day and never eat a cookie is silly.

So, we’re ditching the perfection mindset and bringing you new programs every month that you can actually stick to because they work with real life. Really.

Want to learn more about BODi Blocks and Super Blocks? Click here.

Super Block April Spotlight: 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese

What Is the 21 Day Fix Super Block?

It’s everything you love about 21 Day Fix — now in a Super Block!

Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese has remade her megahit program using the proven block periodization structure, with new moves and popular music.

How Is It Different From Other 21 Day Fix Programs?

The workouts are similar to 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Real Time. The moves are new, but the structure repeats over 3 weeks so you know what to expect.

She’s designed it so you’ll make progress each week as you gain confidence, push harder, increase your weights, and get stronger day by day.

What Kind of Workouts Can I Expect?

You’ll work your body from head to toe in this Super Block.

Autumn is bringing back your favorite 21 Day Fix — you’ll get your heart pumping with two days of cardio-focused workouts and help sculpt your muscles with 3 days of strength-focused training.

Autumn also created an optional 5er Ab Fix workout that you can do twice a week for an added burn, plus 3 bonus Cycle Fix workouts you can swap in on cardio days, or whenever you want an extra workout.

What Kind of Equipment Do I Need?

You’ll need light, medium, and heavy dumbbells. A mat is optional.

How Do I Know if 21 Day Fix Is Right for Me?

If you’ve worked out with Autumn before, you know that she’s going to bring the heat — and the fun.

She’s dialed in the right combo of resistance training and cardio and added her signature motivation and tough love to push you to reach your goals, whether you’re just starting out or you’ve worked out for years.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done a workout with Autumn.

She makes sure this Super Block will work for you. Every workout has a modifier, so no matter your fitness level you can follow along and feel great.

How Does Healthy Eating Fit Into This Super Block?

The perfect pairing for the 21 Day Fix Super Block is Autumn’s Portion Fix eating plan.

She makes it simple to eat all your favorite foods in the portions that work for you, and you get plenty of delicious recipes so you’ll love every bite.

The color-coded containers take all the guesswork out of eating, and you won’t be asked to count calories or cut out food groups.

When Can I Access the 21 Day Fix Super Block?

21 Day Fix starts April 3, exclusively on BODi.

How Do I Access This Super Block?

There are a few ways you can access this Super Block — and unlock a second Super Block at the same time— for free.

For starters, you can purchase a Total-Solution Pack or Completion Pack (The Essentials Collection is the perfect choice to build your Health Esteem routine) in March or April.

You can also unlock this Super Block and a second Super Block with your purchase of a qualifying nutrition subscription in March or April.

What if you already have a qualifying nutrition subscription? If you renew your subscription in March, you’ll unlock the 21 Day Fix Super Block for free.

Just want to get your Fix? You can buy access to the 21 Day Fix Super Block for $29 ($35 CAD, £29 GBP, €35 EUR).

However you choose to unlock your access to this Super Block, a BODi membership is required.

I am looking for 10 test group participants!

Now that you have all the details of the new super block coming soon let me ask you:

ARE YOU WILLING TO COMMIT TO 21 days with me and join my April 21 day fix BODi block group?

Within the group, we’ll focus on nutrition & mindset as well. I’ll help you create your full proof health esteem system that will last you a lifetime.

I’ve been using these programs for 9 years, beginning with my 2nd postpartum journey and I’m so excited about the mindset component being added to our extensive library of live classes, programming that’s proven to work as well as nutrition programs that are created by registered dietitians & nutrition experts!!

Can you commit to 30 minutes 5X a week and just focusing on becoming 1% better every day?

SAMPLE WORKOUT is coming 3/27

Come be a part of history in the making and get insane results both physically & mentally to kick off Spring! Fill out the form below to get started and as always reply to this email if you have any questions

CLICK HERE to join the accountability group and begin this SUPER BLOCK with us on APRIL 3rd!

Brownie Batter Protein Bowls

Dessert for breakfast anyone? (pup not included)

I won’t lie, I love my sweets, I love chocolate and I love to EAT!

But I also understand that food is fuel, too much sugar is detrimental to my physical and mental health AND all food should actually TASTE good not just be good for you!

I’ve also learned the older I get the more important adequate protein is for my body on my quest to age gracefully!!!


I’ve been enjoying these bowls for over 6 months now and its the most requested recipe on my social media and I am finally responding and putting it together for you!

What you need:

1️⃣1 scoop nutrient dense superfoods (I went with chocolate but honestly any flavor will do)
2️⃣1 scoop post workout recover protein (again…🍫🍫🍫)
3️⃣1 tbs-ish of your favorite nut butter (currently obsessed with costco mixed seed nut butter)
4️⃣ Collagen
5️⃣ Almond milk (or your favorite milk)

Optional: chia seeds, flax seeds, granola, berries and/or bananas and other toppings

WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: Here’s where it gets tricky – you need to add enough milk to make it the consistency of batter. I don’t measure 😜 just don’t over do it or you’ll be eating chocolate soup 😜 I’ve never actually measured it but you’ll get the picture once you start mixing it up!

Simply top with your favorite granola or fresh fruit and thank me later 💋💋💋

If you’re interested in getting started on your own wellness routine and want to lean in to the power of ACCOUNTABILITY simply fill out this form for consideration in my upcoming virtual Bootcamp squad!

What is BODi?

BODi – formally known as Beachbody on Demand is coming to a home near YOU!!!! And I couldn’t be MORE EXCITED about this change!!!

I partnered with BODi (formally known as Team Beachbody) 9 years ago and that one decision created a powerful ripple effect of positive changes in not just my life but my entire family and thousands of women – mamas – families – I’ve helped along the way!
This shift is going to be good and I am so excited to share!

The MISSION of BODi is to be the only company that honors and serves people who are making an effort to improve their well being, no matter where they are in their journey. We have the best solution for health and fitness in the industry. And we want to help as many people as possible with it, by making this journey accessible and easy to start.

On March 2, Beachbody on Demand becomes BODi.
BODi members will be invited to create their Health Esteem routine using our fitness, nutrition and mindset content, and there will be new content every month:

BODi is the platform that delivers FITNESS, NUTRITION AND MINDSET support in one “Health Esteem” destination. Health Esteem: Accepting and embracing the person you are today and championing who you wish to become.


From cardio, cycling, and strength to yoga, Pilates, and mobility, there’s a workout for every fitness level. BODi includes 4 new BODi Blocks of fresh content every month, 100+ fitness programs, and thousands of live and on-demand workouts led by Super Trainers and experts in their categories.


Make your health goals happen with nutrition you can count on. Choose from one of our easy-to-follow healthy eating plans, 2B Mindset Basics or Portion Fix Basics, to help you reach your goals without sacrificing the delicious foods you love. 


Inspiring Personal Development Tools and Motivational Videos

When you begin by celebrating who you are today, your health and wellness experience changes for the better. Stay motivated and get inspired with Mindset master classes and weekly video content from positive psychology experts, and community support to cheer you on as you create your best possible future. This content will be available for both BOD and BODi members.

What’s New on BODi?

Starting in March, a BODi membership includes access to 4 all-new BODi Blocks every month, a free Super Block: For Beginners Only, and new Mindset and personal development tools and content to celebrate who you are today, and champion who you wish to become.

BODi Blocks

A BODi Block is a series of workouts, curated into a 3-week program and set to music featuring
today’s top hits. New blocks start the first Monday of every month: learn fitness fundamentals in
our FOR BEGINNERS ONLY block, get total-body training with our ALL-BODi block, build
lean, strong muscle with our IRON block, or ride it out in our BIKE Block. Every block is brand
new each month, three weeks, 5 days a week, with workouts ranging from 30-60 minutes in

Free Super Block

A Super Block is a reinvention of your favorite programs from the Beachbody On Demand
library—led by that program’s Super Trainer – in our BODi Block format. And your first Super
Block is free with your upgrade! Workout now with Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese in her Free
Super Block: Healthy Obsession. Inspired by her mega hit fitness program 80 Day Obsession,
Autumn guides you through 15 all-new one hour workouts, over the course of 3 weeks.

Starting in late March you will get new, exclusive tools and videos each week to feel good about
yourself at every stage of your journey. Enjoy Monthly Master Classes created by personal
development experts with evidence-based motivation. QuickShift videos every Monday to help
you start the week with a positive focus. ThinkSpace videos every Friday to reflect on the
week’s content, reframe challenges, and answer questions. Plus—tips and tools you can put
into practice immediately to help you sustain a healthy routine. Click here to discover Mindset
on BODi. Master Classes Available March 27!

What else is included in the BODi Membership?
● 100+ fitness programs for every level, ranging from boot camp to cardio, yoga to pilates,
and so much more!
● Thousands of workouts
● Access to two proven Eating Plans: Portion Fix Basics and 2B Mindset Basics
● Access to thousands of recipes with new recipes added every month.
● New live and on-demand workouts
● A personal support system that motivates and inspires
● Your membership also allows you to stream across multiple supported devices
● We’re always adding more content to our library so there’s always something to enjoy!


How much is BODi and what purchase options are available?

You can choose between a quarterly, semiannual or annual option. Or you can combine it with our Total Solution package, including your spot in my virtual Bootcamp squad for accountability AND your choice of supplements to get started.

Will BODi be included with a current BOD membership?
No, but current BOD members can upgrade easily to the annual membership, email me: for step by step!

If I am a current BOD member and receive the 35 day free trial, what do I need to do to upgrade to BODi?
Not much, its a simple form – email me: for step by step!

If I am a current BOD member will my profile go away after March 2nd?
No it will not. You will have access to your profile through the duration of your membership.

Does BODi have a 30 day money back guarantee?
YES of course! All of our products hold the same guarantee!

Is it possible to maintain only a BOD membership?

After March 2nd, we will no longer be offering BOD-only memberships. Existing BOD members would need to renew before March 2nd 2023 to maintain their BOD membership for one more term/cycle.

Will I retain access to programs I’ve purchased separately such as on VIP Early Access, 2B Mindset, Portion Fix or 4 Week Gut Protocol?

YES! As long as you have an active membership, you will not lose access to any programs you have purchased

I already own the 2B Mindset, Portion Fix and/or 4 Week Gut Protocol Eating Plans. Will I retain access if I cancel my BODi membership?

Yes, those eating plans are separate from a BODi membership and you will continue to own them if you cancel your BODi membership.

Whether you need help upgrading your membership or you’re ready to get started all together or simply LEARN more about what goes into my Virtual Bootcamp community – I am here to help!!

Fill out this form below and I will be in touch within 24 hours! We truly are STRONGER TOGETHER!!!

Back to School Back to YOU

Back to school 2016 banner.jpg

For now and for the next 14 or so years…August is going to be synonymous with the summer wind down and back to school!

This means a lot of different things to many of us.

For me – this year- it’s the start of Preschool for my son, Kindergarten for my daughter, Soccer practice, gymnastics, swim lessons, work travel, team trainings and more.

There are so many areas in life that I could come up with excuses as to why I don’t have time to exercise or eat healthy.
They are all legitimate excuses too…

*I was up all night dealing with night terrors
*My 3 year old decided potty training was for the birds
*The lack of a summer schedule is creating little monsters at bedtime as we prepare for the next transition
*I don’t have time to eat healthy
*I don’t have money to eat healthy
*I’m traveling
*My husband is traveling…
And the list goes on and on and on…

But here’s the deal – those are all just EXCUSES. And I’ve learned through experience…you can have EXCUSES or RESULTS – but not both!

i lost my excuses when I found my results.PNG
From Day 1, these 30 minutes I give myself have been what allow me to give to others.

Its not selfish to make time for a 30 minute workout and my goal is to teach you HOW I do it and have consistently done it to turn it into a balanced, sustainable LIFESTYLE.

If you’re ready to toss the excuses and you’re looking for RESULTS then I invite you to my next challenge group – BACK TO SCHOOL BACK TO YOU!!!

And if you’re worried about eating “rabbit food” – forget that one too…You will not be hungry!!!

We will begin on August 22nd and enrollment is open now!

If you’re already anticipating those busy weeknights with homework, after school practices, early weekend games and are thinking there’s no way you’re going to be able to squeeze in some “ME” time – then I ask that you accept this challenge!

Allow me to help you with your meal planning, toss in some new crockpot ideas, focus on the prep work and figuring out just how 30 minutes can be found in every day through our online support group!

*** You must not already be a coach or be working with another coach to join***

If I am your coach EMAIL: MAEGANBLINKA@GMAIL.COM to be added to the group!


♥ Together we are stronger ♥


Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Gluten Free, Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash, Gluten free fix approved recipe, Sweet Potato recipe, One pot weeknight meal idea, comfort foods, Country Heat nutrition guide, Country Heat Meal Plan

Turkey & Sweet Potato Hash

Now this is a recipe that will be making its way back to the meal plan again!!!

Obtained from the Country Heat nutrition guide – this was a family hit!

Simple, clean, gluten free and full of flavor!

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Gluten Free, Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash, Gluten free fix approved recipe, Sweet Potato recipe, One pot weeknight meal idea, comfort foods, Country Heat nutrition guide, Country Heat Meal Plan


Container Equivalents (per serving, per Country Heat nutrition guide): ½ GREEN – 1 YELLOW –  1  RED – ½ teaspoon***


  • 2 tsp. olive oil
  • 1 medium onion chopped
  • 1 medium green bell pepper, chopped
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled, chopped
  • 1 lb. raw ground 93% lean turkey breast
  • 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped
  • 1½ tsp. finely chopped fresh thyme (or ½ tsp. dried thyme)
  • Sea salt (or Himalayan salt) and ground black pepper (to taste; optional)


1. Heat oil in medium skillet over medium-high heat.

2. Add onion, bell pepper, and sweet potatoes; cook, stirring frequently, for 8 to 10 minutes, or until onion is translucent and sweet potato is tender-crisp.

3. Add turkey; cook, stirring frequently, for 5 to 6 minutes, or until turkey is cooked through and sweet potato is soft.

4. Add garlic and thyme. Season with salt (if desired) and pepper (if desired); cook, stirring frequently, for 1 minute.


* I doubled this recipe. I love green peppers and onions so I added 3 of each yet instead of doubling the sweet potatoes I only did 3 of those. 

** My pan was not big enough for the double recipe so I actually cooked the veggies in one pan and the turkey in another and then combined and simmered the last few minutes. 

*** Note: The serving size provided was 3/4 cup for the containers listed above providing 4 servings – however I found my recipe when it was said and done to have nearly 1.5 cups for 4 servings yielding 1 yellow, 1 green and 1 red. Use your best judgement!

If you’re interested in learning more about Clean Eating and/or my next Country Heat online accountability group, fill out the application below for more information!!!

Love yourself – Summer Kickstart


Summer Kickoff July 18th Event cover.jpgWho’s ready to join me July 18th for my 4-week Love Yourself SUMMER Kickstart Challenge?

We will start with 7 days of PREP complete with meal planning, new ideas, recipes and tips to help you get up and running followed by our 3 week – 21 DAY Challenge!

Traveling? Vacation? Weddings? Company? NO PROBLEM!!!!

This is about finding ways to create a healthy LIFESTYLE with balance, fulfillment and RESULTS!

This group will combine both FITNESS & NUTRITION.

I am highlighting the 21-Day Fix and Fix Extreme this month as these two programs have been the most KEY in helping not only myself but the majority of my challengers but we will discuss what is best for YOU!

You can expect sample meal plans during the group but you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to make these specific plans fit YOUR lifestyle.

This group requires that I AM YOUR COACH & that you commit to a fitness program that we will decide on together.

Each participant will replace one meal with our nutrient dense superfood meal replacement, Shakeology and I’ll provide you with the support, motivation and drive to not only COMMIT but follow through with your commitment.

There will only be 15 participants selected this round so it will be based on a first come first serve basis!!!!

Anyone who enrolls by the end of day July 15th will be entered into a drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card.

Fill out the application below, invite some friends & get pumped up!!!


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Love yourself FIT 4 February

“Take some time for yourself”
Maegan Blinka, New Shakeology flavor, How to get Cafe Latte Shakeology, Cafe Latte Shakeology recipes, Megan Blinka, Top Coach, Elite Coach, Elite top Beachbody Coach, Sneak Peek into Coaching, Coach Training Academy, Live Sneak Peek into Coaching event, SAHM opportunities, Work from home Fitness Opportunities, Fitness Business, How to create a 6 figure income from home, Leadership, pay it forward, inspire mom, Fit mom business, Love yourself, make time for yourself, invest in you, personal development, Lucille Ball quotes, Busy mom quotes
Easier said than done, right?
As a busy mom, I know how hard it can be to devote any set amount of time for yourself. Most moms are too busy taking care of all the housework, the kiddos and their ** amazing hubby’s ** to stop and think about prioritizing themselves for one minute…
But…I’m here to tell you – its an investment worth making!!!
2015-08-09 11.23.31
When I started to devote 30 minutes to daily exercise
When I started to plan out my family’s meals and eat the foods to fuel my body
And when I started surrounding myself with other women – other moms who had similar struggles as me but also similar goals as me – I started to get RESULTS!
I saw how this regular exercise improved my mood – how eating the right foods increased my energy and how support can really pick you up after the worst of days.
2015-10-11 19.46.14
It started with the commitment to a challenge group almost exactly 2 years ago today!
I decided I was ready for that change and I have never looked back and it has been my mission to help others experience what I have experienced – from the inside OUT!
To experience feeling comfort in their own skin, pride in the bod they’ve been blessed with by God and confidence to be the mom they want to be!
My LOVE YOURSELF FIT accountability group is now open and I am looking for *5* other women who need to love themselves again! Let me help you help yourself ❤
  • This group is a private online support & accountability group where work together to find the right program to help you reach your goals.
  • Each participant is required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology.
  • My goal is to teach you BALANCE. How to choose the right foods in the right portions to FUEL you throughout the day. I will share various tips and tricks to help you stay motivated and on track to meet your goals!
  • Each day you will “check in” to the group. Some days include an action item, some are more food for thought, recipes, motivation etc… but the key is you hold yourself accountable to that daily report on your day! This is the key – this is where the results come into play!
I would love to have you in my next group! Please fill out the application below and I will be in touch right away!
Apply below!

Baked Mancakes

Its no secret – I. Love. My. Mancakes.


Here’s the real deal – I actually love pancakes but I have a hard time putting anything into my body that has ZERO nutritional value! So I put a halt to the classic pancakes a while ago but I have found the best solution: Mancakes! They’re a gluten free combo of: Oats, egg whites, berries, banana and naturally flavored with some pure extracts and cinnamon!

They’re filing, no need for syrup, and my 2 year old insists on them DAILY – #mommywin!

Now: The only downside is – they take FOREVER to cook! Partially because when I make them I made a quadruple batch (which yields around 32-35 pancakes) and I don’t like to dirty more than one pan – but nonetheless – time is precious!

My husband and I both had these on our WEEK 1 HAMMER & CHISEL MEAL PLANS and I decided there was no way I could stand and flip that many cakes!

So I whipped up this little Mancake Berry Bake this week and it tasted like a blueberry muffin and I’m kind of thinking this is going to be my new thing!

The consistency is dense -like a cake/muffin but full of flavor! I’ve been enjoying these post-workout/Recovery shake for Meal #1 followed by my shakeology. This has been working these last four days to keep me energized and full after these intense Hammer & Chisel Workouts!!!

Baked Mancakes


2 Cups of Oats

16 Egg whites (2 small cartons or one large)

1 Cup of strawberries (frozen are a-okay!)

1 Cup of blueberries (frozen are a-okay!)

1 banana

3 tsp cinnamon

2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tsp almond extract

Walnuts (optional)

Coconut oil

2015-09-12 10.31.13


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth (you’ll see some oats but that’s okay!!!) – Now in my first go at these I forgot to add my blueberries – so I sprinkled them throughout and baked – I feel like this gave them more of a “muffin” feel opposed to blending them all together! But my little guy prefers them blended smooth!!
  3. Pour into 9×13 baking pan (I prefer the foil toss pans – easy in and easy out!!! Don’t forget to spritz with olive oil or coconut oil first!)
  4. Bake at 350 for 40-45 minutes. Make sure you test the center so its cooked fully (note: using frozen fruit may prolong the baking time 10-15 minutes)
  5. Break into 4 pieces and now you have 4 breakfasts ready to go!

Hot or cold – these things are AMAZING!

Container Equivalents:

Whether you’re following the 21-day fix or Hammer & Chisel or Insanity Max: 30 or CIZE  – this recipe will fit your meal plan!!!

I have them planned out to give me: 1 Yellow, 1 Purple and 1/2 Red with each serving. The walnuts would be counted as a blue if used! 

Why the 1/2 red? Because I am missing my post dinner sweet treat and what I found is that I can shake 1/2 a scoop of chocolate shakeology with some ice cold water to finish dinner and I no longer have that urge to much 🙂


If you’re looking for some new recipe ideas, or meal planning tips or maybe just some accountability to stay ON TRACK especially when times get tough – then join my next online Health & Fitness accountability group! My next group is now forming and I am looking for more women who would benefit from the support network and accountability of achieving their goals TOGETHER!

There’s Power in Numbers 

Chocolate Almond Protein Squares – FIXATE

chocolate almond protein squares, FIXATE recipe, new protein bar recipe ideas, oat flour recipe, almond flour recipe, Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Can you make your own oat flour, Can you pulse oats to make oat flour, almond butter recipesWhile there’s a first time for everything and we the hubby and I experienced a HUGE one Sunday night…we did NOT get desert at the Cheesecake Factory!

Ok – so perhaps, strangely, this is no big deal to some but this was our favorite date night spot – we would indulge on anything and everything and ALWAYS get our own slice of heaven. But times have changed and while we enjoyed a healthy, balanced, portioned lunch when the decision time came we both realized – we didn’t need it – it wasn’t worth it! Not to say I’ll never eat a slice again – I’m sure I will – but not this time! But I also knew I could make something that would satisfy the sweet tooth and not break the belt buckle!!!!

That being said when this recipe popped up in my open FIXATE book we decided this was the time to give it a try…but we were missing a few ingredients.

I stocked up and am happy to report these were fast, easy, and ummm – AMAZING!

chocolate almond protein squares, FIXATE recipe, new protein bar recipe ideas, oat flour recipe, almond flour recipe, Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Can you make your own oat flour, Can you pulse oats to make oat flour, almond butter recipes

Serves: 16 (1 square each)

Container equivalents – 1/2 red; 1/2 yellow


  • 1 cup oat flour (I made my own by processing oats in the food processor!0
  • 1 cup whey protein powder, vanilla flavor
  • 1/2 cup almond flour
  • 1/2 tsp. sea or himalayan salt
  • 1 cup all-natural almond butter
  • 2 tsp. pure vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips, melted


  1. Line 8×8 baking pan with parchment paper
  2. Place oat flour, protein powder, almond flour and salt in food processor, pulse to mix
  3. Add almond butter and extract, pulse for one minute or until crumbly
  4. Add almond milk; pulse for one minute or until mixture forms a soft dough
  5. Press dough into prepared pan, smooth with spatula
  6. Freeze, covered for 15 minutes
  7. Cut into 2×2 squares
  8. Drizzle melted chocolate evenly on top of protein bars
  9. Freeze for 10 minutes or until chocolate sets
  10. Store in freezer for up to one week in airtight container

I immediately had to dive in and all I could think of was: Hello Quest Bar replacement!!!! I love quest bars, love love love them but I loved these even more so and I know everything that went into them!!!

This recipe is from the new cookbook FIXATE, by  Autumn Calabrese. Autumn also created the 21-day fix and 21-day fix extreme workout programs which incorporate 30 minute workouts with a portion controlled nutrition plan. No matter what your age or weight or current athletic ability – anyone can eat right for their body type! She includes a variety of Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Paleo recipes. 

busy moms cover photo 2

If you’re interested in getting started and/or continuing your health and fitness journey join my upcoming Health & Fitness online Accountability group by filling out the application below