Become A Coach

We understand how cliche it is to say 
“being a coach has changed my life,”
…but when your whole team says the same thing, you just have to accept that’s what happens. 
It’s not that surprising when you think about what coaching is though. 
Here’s what successful coaches do…
1. Focus on your own health & fitness with our workouts, supplements and food plans.
2. Use the tools we offer as a team to stay accountable & motivated.
3. Pay it forward by sharing your story and inviting others to join you.
4. Work on being the best YOU you can possibly be in all areas of your life.
It all starts with YOU.
Being a coach gives you the motivation to continuously become the best version of yourself as you are cheered on by a team of others doing the same.
Coaches get fulfillment by paying it forward & giving the same encouragement to others.
And THAT’s why coaches tend to say their lives have completely changed by becoming a coach on our team.

Message From The CEO

How Coaching Works

Why Become A Coach?


When like minded, big hearted people come together in a non-judgmental uplifting setting, you’ll make friendships that last a life-time.

Extra Accountability

Taking a leadership role of inviting others to join our community sets us up for a higher accountability with our own health & fitness. Sometimes it’s what you need to FINALLY get into that routine you’ve always wanted.


We don’t guarantee an income like a job. Everything we make is based off of hard work, training and determination. With that comes the flexibility as well as no ceiling / cap as to how much you can make. It’s all up to you. 


Every year we have multiple opportunities to travel… Annual conferences with super trainers and top coaches, earned annual tropical island trips for you + 1, and even a team retreat.

Super Trainer Workouts

Get up close and personal with the super trainers. Photo ops and in person workouts! 

Training & Support

Our team is in the top 3% of the company. We were established over 10 years ago and know exactly the steps it takes to build the size of business that you’d like to achieve. Even better, EVERYTHING we do is learnable. All you need to bring to the table is some ambition + the heart of someone who loves to help people and pay it forward.  Below are a small list of trainings & tools you’d first use to get your business started.


60 minutes

Easy to access & easy to implement self-paced training that you can fly through in less than 60 minutes to learn how to launch your business.


Weekly Office Hours

Get all your questions answered about the Coach Basics training or anything else you might be stuck on by successful coaches who have a track record of helping others succeed as well. 

Weekly Zoom Team Calls

Stay relevant with what’s working right now by hopping on the team calls every week. Each call is recorded and posted into our team FB group in case you can’t make it live.



Tie into the highly successful and super fun ONE.FIT.FAM. FB group where we provide team collaboration, training, advice & accountability as coaches and friends!


Non-Bundled Products Purchased by Customer25% of  purchase price

Memberships like BOD & BODi40% of  membership price

Total Solution PacksAround 30% of  purchase price

(varies between $40 – $70 depending on the pack)See compensation plan here.


Initial Coach Fee…… $39.95(waived with purchase of Total Solution Pack)

Monthly Coach Fee……. $14.95(all shipping, distribution, training and website fees are included with this along with 25% off supplements and workout gear)


Ready to join our awesome team?

Or Have more questions?

 Fill out the application below and we’ll reach out to answer your questions and share when our next group training begins. 

*We like to make sure our team is a good fit for you before you get started so please feel out the application as openly and honestly as possible.

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