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Shakeology Success Story

I’m so excited to share this success story with you! Of course I’m always excited to share transformation stories but this one holds a special place in my heart – why? Because this is my 57-year old mother-in-law who, in just 4.5 months, has shed 52 pounds and completely transformed her life! But its not just about the weight loss – its about the way she feels, the increase in energy, and ability to run and play and chase her grandkids that means the most! I cannot express how proud I am of the sacrifices she made and continued dedication to being healthier – not only for herself – but her family too!


weightloss, shakeology weight loss, shakeology success story, fit and fabulous and over 50

Meet Kathy. 

In March 2014 I decided it was time to take charge of my health.  I came to this decision because I knew I was at an all time high weight and I had noticed that it was getting harder for me to keep up with my grand kids. I have always kept active, but struggled with diet and nutrition. My daughter-in-law had recently become a Beachbody Coach and she informed me about Shakeology and how it could be my “healthiest meal of the day” and also help with sweet tooth cravings too.  I had lost about 10 lbs on my own, but she convinced me to give it a try. I am a picky eater and not big on the “healthy foods”. After reading the ingredients of Shakeology, I decided it could only help.

It was hard for me to eat right.  Both the right foods and the right times.  I could go all day without food and eat all of my calories at night.  So no more skipping meals.  I learned to eat balanced meals and found out that my body needed snacks.  Of course, I had to learn to eat the healthier snacks. I also joined a challenge group that really helped me stay accountable with my food choices and motivated throughout the process. Cheating on my food choices made me feel like I was cheating on my group which really kept me on track.

Since I got the food on track, it was time to amp up the exercise.  I had been walking regularly, but it was time to do more.  I began to add some jogging in with the walking and soon it became just jogging and now it is running with weekly logs.  I also added some of the beachbody workouts on my non cardio days to help with muscle tone.

I am grateful for Shakeology every day because it made this journey so much easier for me.  It helped me achieve my goals of losing weight and improving my health.  It gave me the peace of mind that I was getting the correct nutrition as I was reducing my calorie intake.  It gave me the energy I needed to do my workouts and my sweet and chocolate fix all in one.  I have reached my goals but I will continue to use Shakeology just for the amazing nutritional value and the fact that it keeps me from over indulging in sweets.

I am happier, healthier and much more confident that I was before this journey.

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This just goes to show you that it is never too late to get started. Your age doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a “why”. A reason to push yourself every day and continue making those improvements towards a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life! There may be days when you fall backwards. Days when you want to give up, but with perserverance, you will succeeed and I promise you, you will see results well worth the time and effort.

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