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Spring into Fitness

I think its safe to say SPRING HAS OFFICIALLY sprung!

The boots are packed away, winter coats stuffed to the back of the closets and the shorts, tanks, and rompers are making their debut!

spring into fitness banner

And maybe you’re EXCITED for this change of seasons…OR maybe you’re finding yourself lacking confidence with the wardrobe change because well, its been 6 months of hibernating and winter layers and while the sunny days are invigorating, it can be a bit nerve racking at the same time.

Trust me…I’VE BEEN THERE my friend…its not a happy place!!! When the first warm day comes and you go to pull those shorts up and they don’t zip…it kind of sucks.

Like it or not – the time is here. And its time to drop the cover ups and just be you..but I want you to be a …happy, CONFIDENT, YOU – and with that I am inviting you to Spring into FITNESS with me!!!

Let’s be real…the BBQs and graduations and holiday happenings are always going to HAPPEN and should be ENJOYED…in moderation of course, but there’s a way to find a happy medium – balance amongst the madness and I want to teach you what I’ve had the privilege of teaching HUNDREDS of others.

How to find discipline and self satisfaction beyond the fork! Because setting goals is one thing but achieving them is a whole new level and I can tell you from experience…nothing tastes as good as FEELING CONFIDENT feels!

2017-04-07 09.55.50.jpg

I am launching my next online accountability group Monday April 17th…the day AFTER Easter my friends – and this is your open invitation to join, ask questions or simply learn more about what this opportunity entails!

Post Easter Detox April 2017

I personally will be kickstarting my fitness with a 3-day refresh immediately following Eater as we launch our group! The 3-day refresh is a great option for you whether  you’re just getting started, trying to bust through a plateau or simply need a good challenge and change up.

Its plant based and allows you (me!) to kick the bloat from things that commonly bother me like the sugar and gluten that finds its way into all the Easter treats!

From there we will roll into a 90 day commitment.

Can you get results sooner? ABSOLUTELY! But I have lived and learned and I know it takes 21ish days to set the habits into place but more like 90 days to truly walk through the trenches of life and be able to come out on the other end ROCKING those goals and proud of the changes you’ve made!

In this group you’ll get ongoing accountability and motivation from me and I’ll help you understand the meal plans that come with your workout plan and how you can tweak the ideas and make them work for YOU!

You’ll see ideas – similar to my upcoming week below – and whether you use this same one – modify it a bit – or make your own – the point is – you do it…and I help you get there!

Core de force week 3 meal plan_updated

I am looking for 10 women who:

  • Are willing to commit to 25-45 minutes of exercise daily – that can be done at home!
  • Will replace one meal with nutrient dense Shakeology.
  • Want to FEEL CONFIDENT in their skin.
  • Are interested in surrounding themselves with other positive, uplifting women
  • Can commit to checking into an online accountability group at least 1x a day.
This opportunity is limited to 10 women who are willing to selfishly invest $4 a day in THEMSELVES.
Moms…I know you’re thinking “…but…I just can’t…”
Yes…you can. You have to make the commitment. Not because I THINK it will work but because I can speak from experience that I KNOW it will work if you if you put in the effort and commitment on your end.
Spring into health banner
*If you miss the deadline for this group and would like to be considered for my next virtual challenge, please complete the application below and I will be in touch within 24 hours. 

Application deadline is  April 16th. 

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Core de Force WEEK 2


And the journey continues!!!

One week down of Core de Force and one week down of WHOLE 30 and this mama is feeling fantastic!!!

And while I am trying hard to keep the scale victories for my Day 30 celebration I did spot some ab definition on Day 5 which is just a little extra reassuring – that YES – in fact this process IS WORKING!Core de force Day 5 progress.jpg

Now don’t get me wrong…we’ve been WORKING it.

This program isn’t easy – and its SO DIFFERENT from the other programs I’ve completed in the last 2.5 years.
But who doesn’t LOVE a good challenge!?!?!

I can FEEL the results and the way my clothes fit are backed up by my sore muscles and increasing energy!

If I had to pick the hardest thing to adjust to – its been the length of the workouts. Two of last week’s workouts are 47 minutes. And while the time flies by, planning for that in the morning has taken a little extra effort. But let’s be real – nothing worth it comes easy?!?!


Meal prep stocked fridge_with text.jpg

My hubs and I have been really trying hard to stick to our morning workouts and we’ve been prepping like CRAZY!

Lots of lean meats, veggies, fresh fruits, healthy fats and oh those sweet potatoes – I could eat them with every meal!!!

We did a big family trip to Costco over the weekend and spent a good two hours cooking/chopping/cleaning/roasting/grilling our meals for the week!

Here’s what the game plan looks like for week 2 of Core de Force:


I am personally doing Whole 30 – which is pretty close to the approved food items on Core de Force – yet a little different.

Here’s an example meal plan for week 2 for someone NOT following whole 30.

NOTE: With the additional increase in activity this week, there is one more PURPLE added in. Its important to eat ENOUGH to stay fueled for the day!!!


And lucky for YOU this program is NOW AVAILABLE for home gym too! 

You can get your Core de Force Challenge pack here:

US: Core De Force

CANADA: Core De Force

But make sure you fill out the form below so you can be part of my Core De Force LAUNCH PARTY!!

Trust me when I say…there’s POWER in numbers!!! The programs are amazing and the Shakeology provides your body with nutrition you can’t get elsewhere but its the SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY that hold it all together – and help you hold it together!!!