Are you that girl?

I’m looking for a VERY specific person. 

Are you that girl.jpgYou might be her.

Or you might KNOW her. 

This girl that I’m looking for…

✨She has passion 

✨She’s is a hard worker with a desire to LEARN more and DO more

✨She has big dreams but hasn’t taken the time to work towards them…

✨She is coachable and independent but will ask for help when needed.

✨She’s a mom or someday wants to be a mom who is present to raise her children but doesn’t want to lose her financial independence.

✨She knows she has potential to make an impact-and lead a purposeful life…but isn’t quite sure how…

✨She’s feeling stretched a little thin and not exactly in a position to add something more to her plate but at she knows that short term sacrifices are worth it.  

✨She sees the potential for FREEDOM and is willing to work for it. 

✨She wants to lead a healthy lifestyle – not just for herself but for the energy to be the mom she wants to be for her children.

✨She is willing to do things today that others are not willing to do so that someday she will have the things others only dream of.

✨She wants to empower herself, her family and other moms around her and show them-that you can have your cake and eat it too but it may take hard work.

Do you know her?

✨I WAS that mom. 

✨I dreamt of being a successful career business woman then dreamt of “just being mom” then dreamt of some kind of balance…

✨I stumbled upon this online coaching business and it fit everything I needed. I could work when my schedule allowed me to and the potential was limitless. I built relationships and saw the power I had to truly change other people’s LIVES!

✨I was tired, my kids never slept but I longed for more FREEDOM. I set big goals and worked hard to achieve them.

Through sacrifice and a positive never give-up attitude… I have built a substantial business in just 2 years and it is my goal to help others do the same! 

✨I am looking to mentor 5  passionate, driven, committed ladies to do the same. 

✨If this sounds like you-or someone you know- email me at

My team is hosting a Back Stage pass to WHAT IS BEACHBODY coaching – and you’re invited!

Simply fill out the form below!

Anything is possible if you have the power to first believe 

2016 Beachbody Success Club Trip

The sand, the sun, the fun, the friends, the trainers, the workouts, the fancy dresses, the dinners out, the desserts, the late night laughs….this my friends was a week of coach life at its finest.

2016-03-14 08.54.04

If you have been wondering where I have been this past week, I have been atop of the largest cruise ship – the Oasis of the Seas for the 2016 Team Beachbody Success Club trip!!! 

2016-03-14 06.50.11

This is my second success club trip, one which I earned for myself and my amazing hubby for HELPING others get started on their health and fitness journey & starting their very own businesses – aka earning success club points – throughout 2015 which in turn paid for our trip…and then some!

And while it was my second trip it was the first as the leader of an ELITE team and we kicked things off with this adorable little welcome bag!

2016-03-14 07.00.22.jpg

In addition, we were spoiled with onboard credits to use for our excursions, spa trips, drinks and gifts which pretty much left me in awe as I sat back and realized what an incredible impact that simple decision was to sign up as a Beachbody Coach  —— EXACTLY 2 years ago!

2016-03-14 17.49.33

My husband and I left last Wednesday, enjoyed a few days visiting family in Texas, left our littles with the grandparents and flew down to Florida bright and early Saturday morning.  

2016-03-12 18.31.42

We did everything from lounging in the pool, drinking coconuts at Cabbage Beach in the Bahamas, to hiking the Dunns River Falls in Jamaica, to a couples massage at the spa to networking with my team, our friends, and other coaches in the network!

Its been such an honor to work with a company like Beachbody that truly SPOILS us!

2016-03-16 23.36.20

We enjoyed the Elite Reception on our first night enjoying champagne, hanging out with the celebrity trainers and of course eating…yes we may be coaches but we like to EAT!

2016-03-13 08.50.48

Last year I hopped on this trip solo with the hubby and this year I had one of my own personally sponsored coaches with me who just happens to be my lifelong best friend – and next year I already have several members of my tribe registered for trip!!!
The success is awesome but when you start to see that ripple effect through your team as they get to earn the trips too – that feeling cannot be beat!

2016-03-12 15.37.29

It was also pretty cool to watch our Beachbody spouses bond too! This business of mine is far from a one women show.

2016-03-15 23.09.35

He’s my biggest fan, biggest supporter and shoulder I lean on and seeing the guys hang out and have just as much fun as the girls was pretty darn awesome!!

We squeezed in daily live workouts with each of the trainers, from

Tony Horton on Day 1

to Sagi Kalev on Day 2

to Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews on Day 3

2016-03-15 07.56.42and wrapping up with Autumn Calabrese on Day 4.

There is something about doing the live workouts with the trainers that just makes you push harder, jump higher and THRIVE! 

2016-03-16 09.37.31

It’s just an amazing experience to be surrounded by your friends and other coaches just doing our fitness thannnng – TOGETHER!!!

I also earned a photo opp session for being one of the top life changers in the first week of March and I snuck in a picture with each of the trainers and our incredible CEO – Carl Daikeler.

Success Club trip with CarlSuccess Club trip with JerichoSuccess Club trip with Tony HortonSuccess Club trip - with SagiSuccess Club trip - with Autumn

Wednesday was our last full day on the ship and we coined it “ADVENTURE DAY”. We kicked off the morning with our workout, breakfast then climbed the very challenging rock wall and then ended with the zip line!

2016-03-16 09.46.43

Our afternoon was spent lounging, reading, napping and relaxing as we sailed home!

 2016-03-16 13.32.58

This was truly a TRIP of a LIFETIME and as much as I enjoyed it, I am so so so ready to get home and see my littles!

2016-03-17 07.20.04

If you’re sitting there, reading this thinking maybe, just maybe you could be interested in Beachbody Coaching I invite you to use this as a sign to reach out to me and JOIN my One. Fit. Fam. TODAY!

Fill out the application below and come join us in Punta Cana next spring!

2016-03-13 08.53.03

As I continue this flight home I am filled with a grateful heart and happy soul. I have loved every bit of this vacation and I am ready to get back to my kiddos and back to my passion of changing lives! 

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Fitness & Business Bootcamp~Mompreneur style

Do you have a WHY?

Now hiring mom preneur recruiting post

A WHY – a reason why you do what you do?

WHY you work so hard every day?

WHY you make the daily choices and daily sacrifices?

Do YOU – have a WHY?

I’ll be the first to say – my WHY I life changes as my life changes

When I first signed up to be a Beachbody Coach – my WHY – was because I needed the discount and I needed to save some money money money!!! And becoming a coach gave me a discount on the products I already loved and truly needed in my life to help me overcome my Chrons Disease, have more energy to be with my kids and all around be a happier, healthier person.

Then I realized that I had the power to use the products to help my close friends and family and help them improve their QUALITY of LIFE.

Mission successful!

2016-01-09 13.46.55

In time I began to realize I had something pretty darn POWERFUL at my fingertips. So I just kept sharing. With EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE I could…PASSIONATELY. And in time I created this business – working from home while still holding my title tight as a Stay At Home Mom but I was adding a new title to the mix – I was becoming a MOMpreneur!

I won’t pretend that this is a perfect fit for everyone but in my opinion, it did give me the best of both worlds!!

In less than 2 years I have been able to improve not only my own Health & Fitness – but the overall health of my husband, my parents, my inlaws, my siblings and HUNDREDS – yes literally HUNDREDS of others while simultaneously contributiing financially to our household. It started small at first with the monthly groceries…and soon I was able to cover those and my student loan payments – a few weeks later I added on my car payment and a few months later I added my mortgage as well. Its still a bit mind blowing at times – but it is reality!

The system I have created is duplicatable and while my personal success has been life changing – the coaches on my team are experiencing similar triumphs! I have been able to help other families pay for their monthly groceries – pay off their school loans – pay down and eventually OFF credit card debt  – and bring other moms HOME to be with their babies too!
2015 was our warm up – we are just get started!!!

This opportunity is truly life changing and I want to share it with YOU!

Yes – I had reached my dream come true life as a Stay At Home Mom –

But I needed something MORE and this gives me that something MORE!!!

My WHY is now pure FREEDOM.

Freedom to give freely to others – to help those who are struggling with life’s curve balls and help them find a way out!

To FREEly live the life I used to think was only found in fairy tales and give my children a life of presence with me and our entire family!

 How to build your fitness business from home

I will be taking on 5 new Coaches in my February Coach Training Academy – 5 ladies who want to BUILD a business and join my TRIBE! 

Request HERE to join my 2 hour live event on Tuesday January 26th  – get answers to any and all questions and find out if this opportunity is the right fit for YOU!

 Or simply fill out the application below and we can begin chatting now! 

***Because nothing comes without hard work : Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.***