Team Retreat in Destin – RECAP


I have just returned home after a 5 day trip for our Team’s Retreat in Destin Florida and I am filled with so many emotions!!!

So many amazing takeaways from this trip and while I want to run, put my blinders on and get to work, I also need to take a moment to reflect on this incredible getaway!!!


I have hosted my own for my team and this is the second retreat I have attended with my upline sponsor coach and I cannot say enough POSITIVE things about the after math of attending something like this!


The theme was


To stand tall

Wear a crown


Be sweet on the inside!!!

We had our team there filling one house on the Beach and together with the other Dream Team Coaches – we filled 5 mansions in Destin Florida with 10+ Elite coaches in the network led by our fearless leader, the #1 Coach in all of Beachbody.


There were corporate led trainings, team led trainings, small group breakouts, parties, fun, dancing, dinners, group workouts, late night chat sessions, and more!

You could say it was a bit of a powerhouse event!

I’ve heard so many women say they don’t have girlfriends and they get along better with men and that is sad to me, because when confident, happy, secure women come together in friendship, amazing things happen!!!


I’ll admit I got a bit anxious leading up to the event. I mean 14 girls in one house – PLUS – over 100 girls coming together for games and trainings…its a lot to take in!!!

But I know the importance of events.

And as expected, I walked away from this event with new friendships, stronger bonds, and perhaps a 6 pack in the making from all the laughter!

I want to share a bit with you all so you can understand that this wasn’t just an opportunity to unplug and soak up some rays…but rather an opportunity TO GROW our businesses, our confidence, and improve the overall quality of our LIVES!

I arrived on Wednesday evening and Thursday kicked off our Team’s trip!

We all watched the sunrise together


Destin sunrise.jpg

Then naturally we took things to beach to get started!

We got sweaty, had some fun, then got to the beach!

This was our one FREE day…and I took full advantage of it!

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Miracle Morning

I’ve been preparing for my upcoming Miracle Morning accountability group and this was the perfect setting to dive in and get to practicing what I was about to be preaching!!!

Friday night we got together with the other 5 houses and together, 125 Beachbody Leaders strong, we competed in the BEACH OLYMPICS!

I’m not sure I ever laughed so hard!

From crab crawls in the sand, to wheelbarrow races, to 3-legged races, to running with a pineapple on my head – this was hands down one of the most fun nights of my LIFE!

Destin Team purple.jpg

Our team may not have one the trophy but we did win with the most laughs!!! #TeamPurple rocked it for sure!

Saturday it was time to Learn!!! From 9-5 we heard from some of the top leaders at Corporate and the top leaders in the company.

From social media trainings, to recruiting, to creating independent leaders, to creating a powerful vision, to leading with a PURPOSE, to learning how to JUST BE YOU and lead from the heart with the goals and impact you have on others in the heart of what we do!


Things slowed down as we wrapped up our training session, regrouped, then headed out for margaritas and tacos! Because what group of women doesn’t like margaritas and tacos?!?!


There were many moments of reflection and many moments where I just had to stop and pinch myself.

This is my life.

This is my career.

These are the women and people I CHOOSE to spend my time with.

Who lift me up

And EMPOWER me to be the best mom, friend, wife, coach, sister and daughter possible!


The trip was perfect.
I am grateful for the generosity of my coach and grateful for the team bonding we all enjoyed!

I know I say this a LOT.

But its true.

This career. this opportunity, has BLESSED me more ways than I ever imagined!


No one tells you when you buy a challenge pack looking to lose a few pounds that you may just stumble upon one of the greatest career opportunities out there!

I am grateful and I am blessed and I want to share this opportunity with others!
If you see yourself in these pictures above – if you’re reading this thinking – this is ME or THIS COULD BE ME – or I WANT THIS TO BE ME let me share more with you!

Taking that LEAP OF FAITH is where it all starts!
If you have every considered coaching, now is the time!
I am getting ready to kick off a BACKSTAGE PASS into the COACHLIFE —  If you would like to learn more about how this business works then you can request to join the group by filling out the application below!
Beachbody Coaching cover August event.jpg
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Open Book Look into the Coachlife

2016-08-20 13.20.29.jpg

I was not a fitness expert and I’m still not. 

I was not a nutritionist and I am still learning something new every day. 

I was not at my goal weight and somedays I am at it and others not so much…its a journey. 

I only posted on social media to share periodic pictures of my kiddos and NEVER liked or commented on anyone else’s pictures…#didntwanttobeacreeper

I thought people who took selfies were self absorbed & CR-A-ZY!

I never wanted to be called a “sales person”

I didn’t have Instagram or a Blog and had no desire to learn them. 

And the list goes on……

Those concerns you may have about coaching…Yes ma’am – I had them too! 

But you know what I realized? I knew I had POTENTIAL. 

Potential to build a business while at home with my littles…

Potential to help other women lose their baby weight just like ME…

Potential to help women simply FEEL confident again…

Potential to provide for my family…

So you know what? 

I pushed those fears aside and went for it. 

I won’t say its always easy living my life out loud on social media but heck yes its worth it! 

Beachbody Coaching cover August event

I’m hosting an OPEN BOOK LOOK into the coach life and ask that you use this as YOUR personal invitation to join us. 

No obligation – just information. 

To answer your questions and help you decide if you want to join us! 

Fill out the application below and I’ll get back to you asap!

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Find your Tribe and Love them HARD.


2016-08-19 18.31.44

That just about sums it up!

You see this last weekend I did something I envisioned a year ago but wasn’t certain it would become a reality…at least not so soon!

Now I have to share that this would not have been possible without the incredible support of my husband

2016-08-19 15.30.28

He was a key player as I hosted my first ever DIAMOND Retreat in Deep Creek MD with one of my closest friends and what I like to think of as my Business Partner in crime!

2016-08-20 09.48.27

You see…Sarah and I attended a leadership retreat last year hosted by our upline sponsor coach and we decided that this year we would do the same…with OUR leaders WE would help shape as we built our teams, our legacy, our TRIBEs throughout the last year.

Sarah and I are Success Partners.

We are each other’s biggest fans, shoulder to lean on, supporter and FRIEND. We get each other, build on one another’s strength’s and compliment each other’s weaknesses in a way that allows us to become better Coaches and better LEADERS.

Being able to work together to host this weekend and to get these girls together was literally a DREAM COME TRUE!

The only thing that would have made it better was if all our Diamond Coaches could attend!

Our Friday morning kicked off with a car loaded with gifts, food, craft supplies and perhaps some beverages!

2016-08-19 12.16.24

We planned this weekend to not only recognize our leaders but help them grow, answer their questions, give them advice, help them with their vision and have some fun and celebrate all our team accomplishments!!!

The girls all walked in to a table covered with personalized posters and a few gifts of course!!! Gift giving has become my love language in this business. These ladies work H-A-R-D and being able to shower them with meaningful, purposeful gifts fills my heart, or my cup shall I say!

Friday night included a training while we piled high on the couches, ears wide open ready to absorb, take notes, and apply these things to our business.

We had fun asking questions, allowing the girls to all get to know each other and all sharing a bit more about ourselves and WHY we all not just took this LEAP into coaching but continue to work hard each and every day to grow our businesses and serve others!

2016-08-19 15.28.18

There were happy tears, some sad tears and a heck of a lot of bonding!

Our Saturday was JAM PACKED…starting with few minutes for ME!

I know it may sound crazy but I need these 10-15 minutes of positivity in the mornings to get into that mindset.

2016-08-20 07.10.45

We enjoyed a COUNTRY HEAT LIVE workout led by one of our coaches…

Followed by a Lifestyle photo shoot by Ali from Vivid Photography.


From the girl who never wears make up and didn’t even OWN a curling iron to last year I will admit…getting all done up and feeling like a princess is one heck of a confidence boost!

When the glam was over we switched gears and headed off to the Lake to RELAX. I honestly feel that the best aspect was NO WIFI!!

Group Retreat boat

Unplugged, laughing, chatting, being adventurous and simply being together was so rejuvenating!

We enjoyed all our meals at the house, prepared with good company, keeping it clean where we could

2016-08-20 18.20.33

and splurging where anyone would…ICE CREAM BAR!

2016-08-20 19.05.35

The last “activity” included crafting up vision boards together.

Each girl brought their own board, ideas and together we talked about what we wanted, what we needed, what our path looked like and how big our dreams could be dreamt!

Did you know when you write out your goals it will force you to clarify what you want because it will motivate you to take action?

It will provide a filter for other opportunities and it will help you overcome resistance because it will enable you to see—and celebrate—your progress.

If I can give you one bit of advice: its don’t just sit with your goals in your head.

Write them down.

Share them with others.

And celebrate every step along the way!

2016-08-21 09.35.36

Our night ended, we woke up Sunday morning, said our goodbye’s and all headed home.




BLESSED to have this weekend.

2016-08-21 10.44.38

I often share that this life I now have is nothing that I ever imagined my life would look like.

I thought I was going to be this successful business woman working in a tall city sky scraper in NYC making the big bucks


But now that I look back, I realize that I still have that career I envisioned…I just work from a home office in the Pittsburgh suburbs…

If you’re reading this (and made it all the way to the end!!!) perhaps you’re thinking about Coaching. Perhaps you’re thinking about how this could fit your lifestyle or how you could benefit from being part of our TEAM.

If you want to learn more about this coaching GIG and what our Coaching LIFE is all about – fill out the form below!

2016-08-20 13.20.29

My team is hosting a sneak peek into coaching event next week and I would love to share more with YOU!


Follow your dreams

I’ve been home from Cancun for 4 days now and I am finally feeling like I am getting back to my routine.

The theme in my mind the past few weeks has really been DREAM! I feel like I am living a DREAM in a DREAM world but in reality this is my life! Perfect? Not even close…but fabulous in deed and I know I am exactly where I need to be!

2015-04-16 22.39.59

Its just still a bit surreal to me how I even got to where I am today, how a year ago I was just hanging out with my kiddos on a daily basis, just making ends meet each month and going with the basics and while happy, I wanted more. I now know I was meant for something greater!!! Today, I’m living a much more fulfilling life, still home with my kiddos but was able to spend 5 days at an all-inclusive trip in Cancun Mexico which was EARNED simply by helping other people get healthier and helping other people chase their dreams too!

Mexico Pan picture

Ok – maybe “simply” is a bit of an understatement, but honestly – this “job” as a Beachbody Coach has filled my life with more blessings than I could have ever imagined and I am excited to share more about my trip!!!

After some back and forth about whether or not to take our kiddos with us on we decided Mexico wasn’t the best place for an almost 2 year old and almost 4 year old – so we switched gears and made it a Mommy and daddy only trip!!! Our first solo getaway since our Honeymoon and let me say – we enjoyed every minute of it!!!

2015-04-15 06.08.08

My husband has been my BIGGEST supporter since Day 1 and I really wanted to thank him for the sacrifices he makes so that I can invest time in my challengers, my coaches and my growing team! This trip was just about him as much as it was for me!!!

Don’t get me wrong – we still enjoyed the time with our friends and team mates at the pool…

2015-04-17 12.23.53 2015-04-17 07.28.08

The parties were amazing

2015-04-16 17.11.10

2015-04-17 23.51.10

We worked out with the trainers

2015-04-18 10.54.12

We took fun goofy team pictures

 2015-04-17 12.01.18

We enjoyed Shakeology galore

2015-04-17 08.37.03

And I even managed to snag a morning run in beachside and a selfie with Autumn Calabrese, miss 21-day fix herself2015-04-16 10.15.25

I also think Kyle got pretty good with the selfie action!!!

2015-04-15 19.47.51 2015-04-16 17.07.48

But even with all the parties and fun it was the reason behind it all…the reason I have had the success I had is because people have put their trust in me as their COACH – to help them, guide them and teach them ways to eat cleaner, exercise regularly, stick to a program and be accountable, especially when life throws those curve balls your way!!! I never realized the potential of this “business” when I first signed up as a coach “in hopes to make enough money to cover my monthly Shakoelogy” but I am forever grateful that I made the decision, took the leap, and made this a true BUSINESS that is allowing me financial freedom, travel and simply being surrounded by some of the most uplifting positive people I know!

2015-04-19 09.55.59

So people keep asking me…HOW did you earn this trip? and CAN I earn a TRIP like this TOO???

How? I briefly mentioned it above – but in a nut shell…HELPING OTHERS! Helping 3-5 people each month get started on their health and fitness journey! Helping them pick a workout program that is going to help them get results and reach THEIR goals and helping others make changes in their nutrition…. to learn to FUEL their bodies with the proper foods and feel their absolute best…can earn you Success Club points. Doing this consistently – each month – all year – will EARN you the trip! Easy? NO! Worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

2015-04-15 16.24.14

And YES!!! You can earn this too!!! I was a brand new coach this time last year. I watched my coach and the other coaches go on the 2014 Success Club trip and thought to myself…wow – I would love to be able to do this – what an opportunity! And through hard work, pushing my fears of rejection aside and sticking with a never give up attitude I was able to get off the waitlist and earn the trip not only for myself but for me and my husband!!!

2015-04-19 09.49.47

Will you be joining me next year????

While on this trip, I started and finished the book GIRLBOSS which was amazing by the way, and I then started a new book “You’re made for a God-Sized Dream” by Holley Gerth – and let me just say – this book is well worth your time! It will open doors and open your eyes to things you never saw before! Follow your dreams! You are made for big things – big dreams will come true if you’re willing to pursue them!!!

2015-04-19 09.51.19

I am running a sneak peak into Coaching group that will share tidbits of the Coaching Opportunity and I want to open it up to YOU! Sit, listen and see if this is an opportunity you’re ready to take advantage of!!! My May Coach apprenticeship will begin May 4th and I will mentor you and help you learn everything you need to do and apply it to your own business!!!