Traveling and Health & Fitness goals DO mix!

Whether you’re driving a few hours to Grandma’s house or flying across the country – chances are at some point during the holidays you will travel to see your friends and family. However, just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you have to lose sight of your health and fitness goals!!!

before anything else preparation is key

This topic comes up a lot in my challenge groups as when I’m talking to those who are thinking about getting started on their own health and fitness journey: “I’m traveling this weekend – any tips on how to stay on track” – or – “I travel for work, its too hard to be healthy when I’m not home.” And after sharing my own thoughts, tips and ideas repeatedly I decided to share it all with you here – so you can find some advice and motivation to keep those goals close by and stay focused even when you’re not in your typical routine or living in the ideal situation!

1) EXERCISEPack your shoes and your workout clothes – Take your laptop and DVDs and workout in your room.

Chances are you don’t have to travel (far) for work each day and/or you don’t have the typical demands of things at home – so take advantage of the short commute and short(er) to-do list and get a workout in! If the weather is nice get outside! Go for a walk, enjoy the new sites, but most importantly – get moving!!!

Beach vacuum outdoor sweat session!

Beach vacation outdoor sweat session!

2) STAY HYDRATED – Keep a refillable water bottle with you so you can keep hydrated and not mistake thirst for hunger!!!

One thing I hate to do (and yes, I used the word HATE) is pay for bottled water. It just irks me! But I also like to stay hydrated and I typically drink a gallon of water a day – so how to I adjust when away from home? Travel with a bottle! Most airports now have the refillable water station and a lot of hotels have water in the lobby. Its there – use it!!! You can also pick up a case of water at a drug store for close to the same cost of one bottle in the room. Plus you may get a little arm workout in carrying it back to where you’re staying!

3) FUEL YOUR BODY – Drink your Shakeology for a healthy breakfast to kickstart your day

– OR – if you are staying at a place where healthy breakfast options are available use it for a snack in the morning or afternoon so you don’t find yourself going too long between meals and binging later in the day. Eating every 2.5 – 3 hours is key – every day – so don’t skip meals and make good choices!

Healthiest "fast food" out there!

4) Invest in a little travel blender 

I picked one up at wal-mart. Its the hamilton beach travel blender and runs about $15! Works wonders!!! I prefer blending my Shakeology with spinach and sometimes banana but when we were on vacay in a hotel I just use water and ice from the hotel vending machine! And when I’m really on the run, I just mix with water, shake and roll!

5) Keep healthy snacks with you

Easier said than done right?!?! But seriously – plan out your meals each day! If you have a fridge where you are,  your options are endless but you can always pack oatmeal, apples, protein bars and almonds without the need for a fridge! Depending on how long you’re going to be away, consider a trip to a local grocery store and stock up! Don’t let excuses get in your way of your goals!!!


Here are some of my favorite HEALTHY SNACKS. 

6) Share your goals with those you’re with

Often times traveling results in more meals out, and more treats lurking around – it just happens! Share your goals with your family and/or co-workers so you don’t have to hide what you’re doing. Be proud that you’re making choices to be HEALTHIER and HAPPIER not only for yourself but those you love! Invite them to the store with you or enjoy a morning workout together! Who knows – you just may inspire someone else to make a change too!

Mother daughter sweat session - accountability goes a long way!

Mother daughter sweat session – accountability goes a long way!

If you do anything differently please post below! I love to hear new tips!!!

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Staying on track – even on the weekends!

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Its Friday…you’ve worked hard all week, you’ve been diligent with your workouts and as you look ahead to the weekend you note: Happy Hour Friday, a busy day of soccer games and errand running Saturday followed by your best friends surprise birthday party, and a family get together on Sunday…how do you make sure you don’t undo all that hard work you just put in the 5 days prior?

Here’s my tips:

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1. Treat weekend like weekday! This may seem silly – but its so important! Take advantage of the “extra” time you have during the weekend and put it to good use! What exactly do I mean? 

  • Get up at the same time you usually do
  • Get your workout in as early as possible
  • Eat the same foods you usually eat
  • Plan out all of your meals and snacks – even if you’re going to be home. This will reduce temptations to grab and go or mindlessly snack

2. Schedule in your one weekly cheat meal over the weekend. This can be at home with your family, entertaining friends or out to eat. If you know you’ll be eating out at least once over the weekend this is always a good place for your off meal/cheat meal. Be sure to stick to you plans and goals all week and the enjoy something special! If you don’t take that time to enjoy the little things eventually you’ll just cave! Just make sure its one meal and not a cheat day!!! And don’t go overboard on the portions. The meal itself may be something different from the typical foods you eat but that doesn’t mean you hit your daily caloric goal in big sitting! Be sensible. If you go out to eat, order sensible portions, take half home and/or skip at least the app or dessert-don’t get both!!! If you want alcohol, really enjoy one or two drinks-not 5! 

3. Pack snacks and take a cooler!!! You don’t want to lean back on the excuse that you just didn’t have any healthy options available – be prepared!!! You want to balance a complex carb and protein to help keep you fuller – longer!

healthy snacks, what to eat when you're on the go, grab and go snacks, 21 day fix approved, meal planning, prepping for success, Maegan Blinka

4. Drink your shake! Okay okay, but seriously – don’t skip it! I find when I drink my shake first thing, in general, I made better decisions the rest of the day! If you’re a big breakfast eater and want to take advantage of the extra time you have over the weekend maybe you do breakfast for dinner! Just make sure you fuel your body…whether its to curb those cravings, give you energy or just in general to provide you with all the nutrients you need in a day – just drink it!!

5. Take water with you if you’re not going to be home – and LOTS of it! Thirst is often confused for hunger and if you are not properly hydrated you may find yourself snacking endlessly when really it could have all been avoided with a big chug chug chug-a-lug. Here’s some additional tips on HOW TO DRINK MORE WATER. 

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6. If you have a get together with friends-bring something you know you will eat! My Southwest Quinoa Salad is always a hit! If you’re the one hosting, you have complete control of the main meal! I’ve done Fish and Shrimp tacos several times – its clean, healthy, and people can make it their own style with various add ons so its sure to be a crowd pleaser! You don’t want to be the person serving raw veggies and some plain grilled chicken all the time but healthy eating isn’t boring eating! You just have to find ways to mix it up and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Don’t  be afraid to let others know what changes you’ve made…you’re making changes so you can be healthier-be proud 🙂 

7. If you’re heading to party – remember what you’re there to celebrate! The purpose is not to see who can eat the most cookies or the biggest piece of cake! The purpose is to get together with friends or family and catch up, enjoy each other’s company, watch the kiddos play, etc… So do that! If you’re not sure what is going to be available for food, plan your shake before you leave or on the way. This way you’re not “starving” when you arrive which could lead into over eating and poor food choices!!

8. Take some time and meal plan/prep for the following week. Farmers markets are a great way to stock up on local produce, get it washed, portioned and/or cooked. This will make the weeknights a bit easier!

9. Do something to relax – or destress – relaxation goes a long way!

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Whether you’re looking for a way to get started on your health and fitness journey or if you’re just looking for some additional support – if you would like to get 1:1 coaching and support along with motivation and accountability, please fill out my challenge and accountability application below! I will share tips and recipes and I will help you with the one thing I always found so difficult – MEAL PLANNING!  Remember – your health and fitness success is 80% nutrition. You can get all the results and support you need right in your own home – and you don’t have to do it alone!