Chocolate shakeology recipe, PB Pretzel shakeology, healthy snack, healthy ice cream, meal replacement, Shakeology recipe, Sweet tooth craving

PB Caramel Chocolate Covered Pretzel Shakeology

Chocolate shakeology recipe, PB Pretzel shakeology, healthy snack, healthy ice cream, meal replacement

Ok – so some of my close friends may remember the devastation I had when I had visited the Grove City Outlets a little over 3 years ago and saw a chocolate covered pretzel “blizzard of the month” at Dairy Queen and decided I’d get it when we got home – only to later find out that Grove City was one of 10 test locations in the US  that had it and it was not available anywhere else. As a 8 month pregnant mama to be and avid ice cream lover – I was seriously DEVASTATED. I talked about it for weeks!!! Looking back, I’m totally blaming that one on the hormones 🙂

Well…fast forward 3 years and now shakeology has replaced my weekly blizzard (most weeks!) I have started getting a little creative and it hit me – I had done a chocolate covered pretzel shakeo – why not add some PB and Caramel!


  • 1 Scoop Chocolate Shakeology

  • 1/2 Cup almond milk

  • 6 oz water

  • 1 TBS PB2 or All natural PB

  • 8 small pretzel rods/sticks

  • 1/2 tsp caramel extract

  • lots of ice


Mix all ingredients together in your blender – Crush ice and/or Blend (I always “crush ice” first for about 10 seconds, then blend for about 30 seconds to get it really smooth) and pour into a nice big cup and eat it with a spoon! Just as good – if not better than – a blizzard and something that is actually good for you! Warning – this shakeo may become addicting 🙂

It seriously does taste like ice cream…the trick is all in the blending!!! And it is packed in right around 300 calories!!! Now that’s a healthy treat!!! Let me know if you give it a try!

Want to give Shakeology a try? Try this flavor sampler pack to figure what which is your favorite! I like them all and LOVE the chocolate!!!