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21-day fix results_LindaM


21 day fix, support, accountability, challenge group, shakeology, shakeology success, healthier lifestyle

Hey there abs, nice to meet you!


Yes, that’s right – you’re seeing ABS on this rocking 52 year old fabulous challenger!!!

I totally did a happy dance when I saw these after pictures roll in! Granted this amazing lady has totally rocked the entire 60 day challenge group but to see those carved out abs after just 60 days of the group made my jaw drop! It may also help that I have known Linda my ENTIRE life as her daughter and I grew up and continue to be best friends 🙂

How did she get these killer results – read more below!

Meet Linda. 

I can’t say enough great things about my experience in the Beachbody support and accountability challenge group. Because of this 21 day fix challenge, I am so much healthier, look better and more importantly feel better. I have more energy than ever (I am crediting shakeology for this). I have changed my eating habits to eat clean most of the time. I do have my slip ups but have been able to jump back on with the clean eating. I haven’t missed a workout day since I started the challenge 60 days ago. Sometimes when I slip and start eating out of control, I think of how the old me would have handled it. I would throw in the towel and tell myself: I messed up so I may as well cheat all day, forget the workout, forget the shake and forget the water. Now, when I eat non clean food, I tell myself I will do better tomorrow and stick with the rest of my plan. This is a major change for me. The group has helped immensely . It keeps me accountable and there is so much encouragement. I would recommend shakeology and a challenge group to anyone wanting to be healthier and feel better.


There may be days when you fall backwards. Days when you want to give up, but with perserverance, you will succeeed and I promise you, you will see results well worth the time and effort.

21 day fix, weightloss success, beachbody,support, accountability, challenge group, shakeology, shakeology success, healthier lifestyle,

What can 21-days do for you? These are TRUE results from one of my 21-day challenge groups that recently wrapped up. Yes, these results came in 21 DAYS!


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