Busy Women Finding Balance

just a mom that turned her excuses into her reasonsSome days its a tough job to be a full time mom, nurse, chauffeur, chef, piggy bank, teacher, amusement director, maid, secretary, monster slayer, referee and professional snuggler..tack  on ANOTHER full time job, jammed together with volunteering activities, and maybe just a date night already (please!) and —- I think its safe to say we all agree ITS WORTH IT…
But its also exhausting!

So when do we find time for ourselves without feeling GUILTY that we’re not tackling one of the other 100 things on the to do list?

Busy moms know how to do a lot of things – namely – GET SH*T DONE!

But they also need to LEARN how to also take some time for themselves…because a happy healthy MOM – spreads to a happy healthy FAMILY!

30 minutes is all that you need a day.

Let’s talk about 30 minutes to workout, 30 minute family friendly meals.

Did you know that if your dedicate 30 minutes a day to yourself — to working out — that is ONLY 2% of your entire day!

2% – not too shabbby right! 

No need to mess with day care or commuting to a gym – its all in the comfort of your HOME!

Most weeknights we are running out the door to sports or practice or whatnot and food prep has become CRUCIAL to us all!

FALL around here is CRAZY TIME and let’s be real…that crockpot flipping rocks! But you have to actually USE it to benefit from it!!!

Are you looking for healthier meals to feed your family while on the go?

Are you exhausted from always being on the go?

Do you WANT to find ways to fit it in – but struggling to figure out how to find the ever IMPORTANT – BALANCE?

Join me in my upcoming Challenge Group and lets put those struggles behind you!!!

Busy Women Finding Balance.JPG

Don’t even think now about what you have to lose…but really you should be asking yourself what do you have to GAIN??

Whether you’re interested in the new recipes – the increased CONFIDENCE – more ENERGY – Daily Support – or all of the above…if you can commit you will succeed!

And with the overwhelming success of my Miracle Morning themed group from September – I’ve decided to incorporate a new book into this challenge (thanks to an awesome challenger and her recommendation): The Busy Mom Devotional. 

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“No workbook – No sequential daily readings. No guilt at falling behind. Just you and God, pausing together.”

I know what its like to be intimidated.

But trust me when I say – its the START that STOPS most people.

Don’t be like most people!

Fill out the form below to be considered for a spot in my next group – LAUNCHING October 17th!!!

*Must not be a Team Beachbody coach or be working with another coach!