Are you that girl?

I’m looking for a VERY specific person. 

Are you that girl.jpgYou might be her.

Or you might KNOW her. 

This girl that I’m looking for…

✨She has passion 

✨She’s is a hard worker with a desire to LEARN more and DO more

✨She has big dreams but hasn’t taken the time to work towards them…

✨She is coachable and independent but will ask for help when needed.

✨She’s a mom or someday wants to be a mom who is present to raise her children but doesn’t want to lose her financial independence.

✨She knows she has potential to make an impact-and lead a purposeful life…but isn’t quite sure how…

✨She’s feeling stretched a little thin and not exactly in a position to add something more to her plate but at she knows that short term sacrifices are worth it.  

✨She sees the potential for FREEDOM and is willing to work for it. 

✨She wants to lead a healthy lifestyle – not just for herself but for the energy to be the mom she wants to be for her children.

✨She is willing to do things today that others are not willing to do so that someday she will have the things others only dream of.

✨She wants to empower herself, her family and other moms around her and show them-that you can have your cake and eat it too but it may take hard work.

Do you know her?

✨I WAS that mom. 

✨I dreamt of being a successful career business woman then dreamt of “just being mom” then dreamt of some kind of balance…

✨I stumbled upon this online coaching business and it fit everything I needed. I could work when my schedule allowed me to and the potential was limitless. I built relationships and saw the power I had to truly change other people’s LIVES!

✨I was tired, my kids never slept but I longed for more FREEDOM. I set big goals and worked hard to achieve them.

Through sacrifice and a positive never give-up attitude… I have built a substantial business in just 2 years and it is my goal to help others do the same! 

✨I am looking to mentor 5  passionate, driven, committed ladies to do the same. 

✨If this sounds like you-or someone you know- email me at

My team is hosting a Back Stage pass to WHAT IS BEACHBODY coaching – and you’re invited!

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Anything is possible if you have the power to first believe