The close of the 80 day Launch Party

In December of last year I opened enrollment for my 80 day launch party.
It was a LAUNCH I was beyond excited to kick off.

80 day obsession mirror braid

Not only was it a new program but it was a new program that was going to SPAN 3 entire months.

Coming from a girl with workout program ADD – I saw this is a huge challenge and ACCEPTED.

80 day obsession one more day

Sure there were days I wanted to quit

I was sore 99.9% of the time from Day 1 through Day 80

But I taught myself that I can do anything I PUT MY MIND TO!

And FINISHING was the only option.

80 day obsession day 80

With a girls weekend getaway to NYC, several holiday celebrations and many birthday party temptations, dining out, kicking off spring (and Baseball season-yay!) – I stayed BALANCED and am happy where I finished.

Note – I said BALANCED.

There is a part of me that does wish I could say that I stuck 100% to the program without fail. But I didn’t.

I enjoyed life’s little pleasures but I also meal prepped like a BAWSE, enjoyed many prepped meals on the go, never missed a day of my superfoods or mommy go-go juice or post workout recover amazingness and I ate the cookies too.
80 day obsession flex with Aubrie

And well, here you have it.
The results are IN:

80 day obsession results front flexed80 day obsession results back80 day obsession results front

I have all the thanks to give to my hubs who was my in home accountability partner and my incredible LAUNCH PARTY GUESTS who linked arms with me as we ventured down this unknown path TOGETHER. I could not have done it without them!!!

80 day obsession she works hard for her arms strong

When it was all said and done I finished 1 pound HEAVIER than when I started (which admittedly, was a little bit of a hard pill to swallow because I worked REALLY hard) but with the exact definition I was looking for to be able to rock MOM-FIDENCE as we head to Mexico for an all inclusive trip I earned through my Lifestyle coaching biz – throughout helping other women get results JUST LIKE THIS!

Its crazy to think about how much has changed in these last four years of being a coach.

Looking back…

It was a simple process:
I completed a home fitness program – I got results – I wanted EVERYONE I knew to FEEL the same way I did…and so I shared.
Over and over again – consistently.

I shared.

And this process has built me a BUSINESS that not only helps me stay in shape, but also lead by example for my family, teach my kids NOW about a healthy BALANCED lifestyle, provides for our family and allows me to help other women DO THE SAME!

Whether you’re just looking for that extra layer of accountability or a way to help OTHERS or maybe part time income to pay down debt or perhaps a brand new CAREER – this could be your FIT!

Fill out the form below to learn how you can not only get into the best shape of YOUR life but also how you can combine that with the most amazing, rewarding business opportunity!

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I have an informational group available to share and answer questions: JOIN US ON FACEBOOK!
And you can OFFICIALLY apply below!

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Watching my student loans dwindle_I love my job

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I am so excited I may be having my own little dance party in the living room!!! I am down to less than $2000 in student loans and I will be DONE by the end of the year – mark my words!!! To some this may seem like a lot and to some this may seem like no big deal…but this is so huge for me!!! Kyle and I have never been a “my money/your money” family. What’s mine is his and what’s his is mine-from the beginning! So when we made the decision that I would not return to work after having Colt there was never that thought that I wasn’t going to have my own $$$. The only thing that bothered me was that I wasn’t going to be paying off MY student loans. I took overload courses and summer school every year so I could get my double major in the shortest amount of time and minimize the money I had to borrow. I did my best to pay for as much of my schooling as I went…I waitressed 4-5 days a week for all 4 years, I tutored for 3 of the 4 years and I was pretty good with my money but I still managed to leave there with a pretty LARGE chunk of debt. I got a great job after college but it was still difficult to pay much more than the minimum payment. Once I left KPMG, I didn’t like that I was no longer “making” money to pay off my school loans. However I wasn’t willing to give up my stay at home mom life either – so on with life we went!

Enter beachbody coaching 7 months ago… I started sharing what I was doing with others and what started as a thought of something very small to maybe help out some of my close friends and family and maybe cover my own cost of Shakeology compounded into so much more!! Soon enough I set my next financial goal – To pay off my loans by my one year anniversary date. Still perhaps a bit of a stretch – but it was my goal. Fast forward a little bit further and I switched that date to the end of the 2014 – nearly 4 years early – and I know with continued hard work and consistency I CAN DO THIS!!!

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Why am I telling you this? Its not to brag in any way! Its to share with you an OPPORTUNITY that has forever changed my life!!! This opportunity has given me a way to help others reach their health and fitness goals while supporting my family and still staying at home with my little ones! An amazing blessing! The best part…YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!! My team will be holding an informational call tomorrow night at 9:00 and a 5-day sneak peak into coaching next week where you will not only see how this has changed my life – but so many others around me.

Who knew you could make a living being fit and healthy and helping others do the same?!?!?!

Join our team call with no obligation! Send me an email at and I’ll be sure to send you the link!!!

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