Healthier pancakes, kid friendly pancakes, freezer friendly pancakes, busy mom tip

Busy mom tip freezer friendly pancakes


How many times do your kids ask for pancakes on a morning that you just don’t have time to make them?

How many times do you pull a pack of the pre-made pancakes from the freezer and toss them in the toaster and think – is there any nutritional value in those?

Well I’ve learned quickly – pancakes FREEZE and THAW so easily!!!! Take advantage of the (extra) time you (may) have over the weekend, whip up a batch and freeze for the week!

I’ll start by saying I’ve tried feeding my kids the pancakes with oats, and honey and greek yogurt and whole wheat flour and egg whites and while my husband and I love them and my 1 year old who “eats anything you place in front of him” doesn’t bat an eye, I can’t seem to make those fly with my 3-year old no matter how many chocolate chips I add or how much syrup is drizzled on top! I decided I needed to take a step away from the “healthy and clean pancakes” for now and I’m focusing on trying to make the ones she does like healthIER than they used to be!

I’m not going to say that these pancakes are exactly “clean” but there is some nutritional value here, you can make them fun with different add ins and they’re so convenient especially for those busy mornings!!!!

Meet: Hot Pink sprinkled healthIER pancakes!!


*2 cups of a Complete pancake mix (that only requires the addition of water)

* 1 Cup plain greek yogurt

*1 Cup applesauce

* 1 TBS ground flax seeds

*2-4 TBS of water to get the desired consistency (you don’t want them too thick or runny!)

*Your favorite sprinkles – but from my daughter’s stand point, hot pink sprinkles make everything taste better!



Heat a greased griddle at medium heat (You don’t want this too high because they will burn. The griddle is ready when you drop a small amount of batter and it sizzles)

Mix the first four ingredients together with a wooden spoon until well blended

Add the water until you reach the desired consistency (I like them thick but not so much like a cookie dough…it should pour out)

Add the sprinkles but be careful not to overmix or the colors will start to spread a lot! (We had to add our pink sprinkles a second time because my daughter couldn’t “see” them anymore! You could also add in chocolate chips. Some other addins we’ve tried were chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, bananas and blueberries – all delicious!

Healthier pancakes, kid friendly pancakes, freezer friendly pancakes, busy mom tip
Pancake batter with pink sprinkles

Using a cookie scooper or 1/4 cup measuring cup, scoop 4 pancakes onto the grill. Make sure you allow some additional room for the pancakes to spread while cooking

Cook approximately 1 minute each side. You’ll know when they’re ready to flip when the edges start forming and the bubbles are gone

Flip and cook an additional 45-60 seconds

Let cool on a paper towel












Once completely cool, wrap the remaining pancakes in saran wrap

freezer friendly pancakes, weekday breakfast, toddler friendly breakfast, healthier pancakes

Place each pancake into a freezer ziplock bag

pancakes_ready to freeze

To cook after frozen: pull from freezer the night before and microwave in the morning for 8-10 seconds – or – defrost in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes (I usually enter “.2 pounds” on my microwave) – and you’re all set!

I hope you find this helpful and delicious at the same time!!!


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