Healthy Obsession

Beachbody Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese is bringing “Healthy Obsession” to BODi – a fresh take on the popular Beachbody program, 80 Day Obsession. 

Melanie Mitro

What Is Healthy Obsession?

Healthy Obsession is a challenging, motivating, and inspiring program that will deliver an ultra-effective total-body workout with rewards you can see and feel.

Whether you need to bust out of a fitness rut or want to level up, Healthy Obsession helps you go all-in on your commitment to yourself — right before the holiday season kicks in.

Build strong, lean muscles and get into your healthiest mindset so you can feel your best during the most hectic time of year.

What Kinds of Workouts Can I Expect With Healthy Obsession?

For the first 3 weeks, you’ll work out 5 days a week for 60 minutes a day.

The 4th week is a functional recovery week when you’ll take down the pace and do just two 60-minute workouts.

During this functional recovery week, we lower the intensity in order to help you transition into whatever workouts you are tackling next.

3 optional bike rides that can be swapped in on your Cardio Fusion workouts.

Day 1: Total Body Core — Work your entire body using compound exercises (movements where you’re using more than one muscle group at a time) designed to challenge your core and maximize strength gains and calorie burn.

Day 2: Booty — Target those glutes with isolation exercises that are made to help shape a firm, round butt.

Day 3: Cardio Fusion — This lung-busting workout alternates between low- and high-intensity cardio exercises with challenging core moves to enhance endurance, incinerate fat, and sculpt your abs. Autumn fuses a bonus at the end with some “Cardio Flow” moves.

Day 4: AAA — Your arms, abs, and a** are the focus of “Triple A” workout, which uses weights, resistance loops, and strength slides to build muscle and burn the fat that covers it.

Day 5: Legs — Build a leaner, stronger lower body with this challenging leg workout, which hits your quads, hams, glutes, and calves from every angle.

BODi Block

What is a “BODi Block”?

BODi Blocks are Three Weeks of Workouts, Five Days a Week, with a week of rest, recovery, and mindset.

The reason that BODi Blocks are coming to BODi is that the layout of 3 weeks on 1 week off can:

  1. Improve performance
  2. Break the fatigue barrier

Your body needs to rest and recover for it to be able to grow. These blocks will help introduce the style of training.

Who Is Healthy Obsession For?

Like 80 Day Obsession, Healthy Obsession is for everyone, from beginners to advanced.

Motivating and challenging, you’ll dig deep to give it everything you’ve got.

All you have to do is show up and do your best, no matter what level you’re at.

Because these workouts are 5 days a week, 60 minutes each, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to carve out enough time to do them during the month of November.

They’re an energizing way to start the day, especially with daylight hours getting shorter.

And jumping on them first thing helps ensure that you never miss one — and that you enjoy consistent total-body results.

If you’re an Autumn superfan or fell in love with any of her other programs like 80 Day Obsession, you’ll feel right at home in these classes.

If you are ready to learn more or want to be apart of my support group starting November 1st, fill out my application by clicking the image below!

CLICK HERE or below!

Cardio Meets Strength with a side of dance with XB Sweat + Sculpt!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the effectiveness of fitness over the last (almost) decade, it’s that the most effective workouts should also be the most fun!

When its FUN its something you LOOK FORWARD to doing – when you LOOK FORWARD to doing it you stay CONSISTENT and when you stay CONSISTENT you get RESULTS!!

If making fitness fun + effective is your jam, you’re going to LOVE Andrea’s infectious energy with XB Sweat + Sculpt, the NEW high-energy program that puts the fun back in your fitness.

This 3-week program includes 15 real-time workouts that are the perfect combination of easy-to-follow cardio-dance and targeted sculpting.

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Sweat and Sculpt, Andrea Rogers, XB, XB programs, New XB program, XB sweat and sculpt, XB fitness, Andrea Rogers workouts
They’re driven by Andrea’s upbeat, mood-boosting playlists that get you moving from the very first minute, so working out doesn’t feel like work.

No fancy equipment (or rhythm) required.

Just show up, groove out, and Andrea will help you sweat it out and sculpt it strong 5 days a week, for just 30 minutes a day! 

What Are The XB Sweat + Sculpt Workouts Like?
Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Sweat and Sculpt, Andrea Rogers, XB, XB programs, New XB program, XB sweat and sculpt, XB fitness, Andrea Rogers workouts, low impact workouts
First, there are Andrea’s exhilarating Sweat workouts.
Think low-impact HIIT, but with her unique twist.

These workouts alternate between cardio-dance intervals that are packed with fun and simple steps to get your heart rate up and keep you moving, and sculpting intervals that focus on slower, more controlled muscle-defining exercises.
As soon as the first beat drops, you’ll be smiling, slaying calories, and absolutely loving it!

Next, Andrea balances out all that cardio with her Sculpt workouts.

Each of these focuses on your upper, lower, or total body with challenging moves that target specific muscle groups to help you strengthen from head to toe.

You’ll finish each Sculpt session with a 5-10 minute circuit that zeroes in on your core to help you define your abdominals and obliques for the ultimate full-body burn!

For days when you’re short on time, Andrea created five XB Sweat + Sculpt Express Workouts that clock in at just 10-15 minutes each.

Plus, if you have BODi, you can access Andrea’s three XB Sweat  + Sculpt Rides, which combine bike-based cardio with her signature sculpting moves.

Do I Need Dance Experience For XB Sweat + Sculpt?

Nope! XB Sweat + Sculpt is an all-level workout that’s great for dancers and non-dancers alike.
Andrea even created a “Sweat 101” video that gives you a quick rundown of the basics.
But don’t worry — the moves are truly second-nature. No complicated choreo here.
From the moment you hit play, you’ll find your groove. The endorphins (and results) will follow!

What Equipment Do I Need For XB Sweat + Sculpt?

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Sweat and Sculpt, Andrea Rogers, XB, XB programs, New XB program, XB sweat and sculpt, XB fitness, Andrea Rogers workouts, low impact workouts
You don’t need equipment for the cardio-dance intervals — just your body!
However, Andrea recommends using ankle weights and Resistance Loops for the sculpting work you’ll do throughout the program.

Feel free to use either a 2-pound or 3-pound set of ankle weights if you have them. And Andrea recommends the Green Resistance Loops.

There’s an equipment-free modifier in every workout, and you can also drop equipment during the workout if you need to decrease intensity, but using the ankle weights and Resistance Loops will help deliver deeper, more transformative muscle activation.

I’ve done Andrea’s Xtend Barre programs. How is XB Sweat + Sculpt Different?

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Sweat and Sculpt, Andrea Rogers, XB, XB programs, New XB program, XB sweat and sculpt, XB fitness, Andrea Rogers workouts, low impact workouts
As a former professional dancer, Andrea knows how important cardio is for your stamina and overall health.
But you’ll never catch her on a treadmill. That’s why she created XB Sweat + Sculpt — to put her fresh spin on the traditional cardio workout.
It’s the first cardio-dance program in her Xtend Barre series.
While her other programs focus more on Pilates and barre moves,  XB Sweat + Sculpt cranks up the energy, the sweat, and the fun.

Once the music starts, it’s 30 minutes of constant, full-body movement that helps boost your metabolism, up your endurance, and define your entire body.

How Does Nutrition Fit Into XB Sweat + Sculpt?
Andrea knows just how important nutrition is to a healthy lifestyle. She relies on three key supplements to help her feel and function her best.
First, there’s Shakeology. If you’re looking for an easy, nutrient-filled staple to help you start the day on a healthy note, Shakeology is key.
This delicious superfood nutrition shake is carefully formulated to help support healthy energy, digestion, and lean muscle development — all good things when you’re embracing healthier habits.*
Next, there’s Energize. This pre-workout formula helps sharpen your focus and has been clinically shown to help improve exercise performance.
This is a great way for you to get ready to tackle every workout and help you push through to the end.*
Finally, there’s Beachbody Collagen Boost.
Formulated with optimized collagen peptides, its key ingredients help increase skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of wrinkles to help you glow from the inside out!*
XB Sweat + Sculpt also includes two exclusive 2B Mindset and Portion Fix meal plans created especially for the program. They’ll help you start eating healthy with Andrea on Day One.

Who Is Andrea Rogers?
Andrea Rogers is a Pilates instructor, former professional dancer, and mother of two based in Dallas, Texas.
A powerhouse of positivity and a master motivator, she created Xtend Barre to combine her two passions — movement and teaching.
What began as a single fitness studio in Florida has since expanded to digital fitness programs and over 40 studios worldwide, all packed with students seeking effective, mood-boosting sculpting workouts that leave them feeling lean, strong, and confident!
In addition to her international barre brand, Andrea specializes in private personal training for select celebrity clients.

When does XB Sweat + Sculpt launch?

The program launches October 4th, 2022 — and I will be hosting an exclusive group for all my customers and coaches to be a part of the fun!!!

Click the image below to stay up to date on all things XB Sweat and Sculpt!

Maegan Blinka, Megan Blinka, Sweat and Sculpt, Andrea Rogers, XB, XB programs, New XB program, XB sweat and sculpt, XB fitness, Andrea Rogers workouts, low impact workouts, XB sweat and sculpt workouts

The ins and outs on the *NEW* Fire and Flow

Every new program launch EXCITES me as a new opportunity to try something different, challenge myself and/or get outside my comfort zone but this next one has me all sorts of happy!

I N T R O D U C I N G:

With so much going on in your life, it’s hard to find time to be good to yourself. That’s why Jericho McMatthews and Elise Joan created a program designed to bring more balance and joy into your life—and help you get in great shape. FIRE AND FLOW
takes the stress out of getting healthy and fit. For 4 weeks, you’ll alternate between Jericho’s high-intensity strength and cardio FIRE workouts and Elise’s low-impact, body-shaping FLOW workouts. Each one is only 25–30 minutes. The goal is to work you out, not burn you out!
By the end, Jericho and Elise will help train your body to be active, as well as help train your mind to embrace new opportunities, release anxiety, and quiet the self-judgment.

What makes FIRE AND FLOW unique?
• Workouts are only 25–30 minutes, 6 days a week, with 1 rest day.
• The unique schedule alternates high-intensity FIRE days with low impact FLOW days to help you go hard but have enough time to help you recover and feel rejuvenated.
• Show yourself major love with the FIRE AND FLOW 4-Week Journal.
Containing 5-minute self-care prompts and a handy habit tracker, this journal is part inspiration, part creator of healthy routines. Fill it out daily to hype you up and give your mental health a boost!

• The program also includes 4 FIRE and 4 FLOW bonus workouts that focus on abs, glutes, arms, and flexibility. These can be stacked onto any workout.

What are the FIRE AND FLOW workouts like?
• Jericho’s strength and cardio FIRE workouts help sculpt muscle, boost your metabolism, carve definition, and torch calories through metabolic conditioning.
• Elise’s FLOW workouts are important to your fitness and recovery—they bring balance to your workout routine by helping you build core strength, improve mobility and stability, and reduce stress.
• Workouts include modifiers and intensifiers. Whether you’re just getting back into working out or you crave a hardcore sweat, FIRE AND FLOW lets you do you.
• Equipment needs: light, medium, and heavy dumbbells and Resistance Loops
• Optional equipment: mat

There’s no doubting it: THERE IS POWER IN NUMBERS!!!

Which is why I am so excited to open up enrollment for my FIRST – Fire and Flow Launch Party VIP group!

The program will be available to VIP customers and coaches May 24th and all customers beginning June 6th.
More details about the cost, testimonials from those who have already gone through the program and sneak peek as to what the program looks ALONG WITH A SAMPLE WORKOUT like will be shared in our INFO GROUP and on my email list!
To join the email list and private launch party group – simply fill out the form below!

Can’t wait to work with you



4 Week Gut Protocol Results and Why I think EVERYONE should do this program

It was never about what we couldn’t eat…

But how good could we feel if we chose the foods that would allow us to feel our best & allow us to heal our gut…

and I am proud to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

To be honest I am most proud of my husband for going all in, smiling for the daily post workout us-ie, helping me stick to the 5am rise and shine and being my partner in crime through all things LIFE!

Together we navigated 4 weeks:

With a whole lot of meals on the go…

Lots of evenings spent meal prepping…

Special requests while traveling…

Avoiding baseball concession stand goodies weekly…

Which helped us:

🍭Ditch the sugar cycle we were {both} addicted to

☕️Reduce the caffeine dependency we were {both} dependent on

🥬Discover new foods we actually enjoy

💓Understand our bodies more

💋Grow so much closer together

🤸‍♀️Ditch 20 pounds {cumulatively} of built up inflammation

And above all – my husband’s chronic back pain has been reduced (which was a key driver in my desire to do this together in the first place!!!)

We had a heck of a lot of fun and both feel SO MUCH better today than we did back on day 1.

AND THAT WAS THE ULTIMATE GOAL! TO FEEL GOOD INSIDE – losing the pounds was just a side effect of giving our bodies the foods that allow us to feel our best!

So: Why do I think EVERYONE should do this program?

Because we – AS A SOCIETY – have become so dependent on caffeine, the hustle culture, convenience foods, processed foods, excessive alcohol consumption, pills for a quick fix, etc….

When in reality we can ALL take back (at least some) control of our HEALTH by giving ourselves a reset, focusing on our GUT HEALTH and eating whole natural foods – and that’s exactly what this program does!

It helps you discover how amazing your body can feel!

And my bootcamp brings it all together with a level of accountability that truly is the SECRET SAUCE!!!

We will begin adding back in some of the foods we cut out to determine how we react now that we’ve made some drastic improvements to our gut health but I need to share:

Change is scary.

Publicly committing to something “healthy” where you know you’ll be judged is scary.

But living a lifestyle that works against your overall health goals is SO MUCH scarier!

I cannot wait to lead this next group of women/couples through this program!

Remember: when you’re ready, I’ll be here to help you!


Whether you want to learn more or you’re ready to go ALL in – I’m here for you:

I’m not alone here! Check out these amazing transformations!!!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = RESULTS

The 4 Week Gut Protocol & 4 Weeks for Every Body


If you’re dealing with stomach woes, you’re not the only one. Things like stress, sleep, exercise, and the food you eat can all impact the health of your gut.

Beachbody Super Trainer and nutrition expert Autumn Calabrese is no stranger to tummy troubles.

She’s struggled with the issue over the years — but after much trial and error and working closely with her doctor, she’s finally learned how to uncover her “food sensitivities.”

And now you can, too.

It’s simple: Isolate foods that might be causing digestive sensitivities. Add in no-impact exercise.

Combining her firsthand experience and expertise, Autumn found a way to tackle her physically and emotionally challenging gastrointestinal issues while tying in a workout schedule that’s easy to follow and easy on the joints.

It all starts with The 4 Week Gut Protocol — a comprehensive nutrition program that shows you how the food you eat can impact your gut health and how much your gut health impacts your overall health.

The program can help you discover foods that are impacting your digestive health and give you the tools to help overcome discomfort.

Because studies show gentle exercise can help positively impact your gut health, Autumn also created 4 Weeks for Every Body to enhance the benefits of The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

Many people have gut issues without realizing it so Autumn encourages everyone to try The 4 Week Gut Protocol, and pair it with 4 Weeks for Every Body to minimize the impact on their joints.

Together, The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body can help give you the tools to support your gut-healthy lifestyle and create a balanced food-and-fitness routine that’s right for you.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol

What is The 4 Week Gut Protocol?

The 4 Week Gut Protocol is a unique, comprehensive nutrition program designed to help promote overall gut health, as well as isolate the most common foods and ingredients that can cause gastric distress and undermine your health and well-being.

What should I expect from this program?

Autumn walks you through step-by-step instructional videos to show you exactly what to do, when to do it, and how to do it in a way that isolates the potentially problematic foods.

Over the course of 4 weeks, she’ll show you how to remove 7 characteristically troublesome foods so you can slowly but effectively remove, replace, and rebalance.

Who should do this program?

Anyone with digestive issues can benefit from The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

Will I receive recipes and advice on what foods to eat?

Of course! You’ll get food lists to make staying on track seamless, 8 program-friendly recipe videos and PDFs, and weekly tips to encourage and educate along the way.

Which supplements should I be taking?

Autumn suggests Beachbody Optimize for digestive enzymes that help support nutrient absorption and bioavailability.

The pre- and probiotic Beachbody Revitalize to help support beneficial flora in the gut, and Vegan Shakeology — all taken daily to help you get the most out of The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

These supplements can help support digestive health and help the body maintain the right environment for healthy intestinal flora.*

Autumn can help you find alternatives if they’re not available in your market.

Do I have to follow Portion Fix or 2B Mindset to do this program?

You won’t be following Portion Fix or 2B Mindset with The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol is a comprehensive nutrition program itself so anyone can do this, regardless of what nutrition program you usually follow.

Should I exercise while doing this program?

Research suggests that working out can positively affect gut health and doing so during The 4 Week Gut Protocol can help enhance your results, but it’s not required.1

To avoid overtaxing the body, Autumn created the no-impact fitness program 4 Weeks for Every Body that can be done by itself or paired with The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

4 Weeks for Every Body

What kinds of workouts are in the program?

4 Weeks for Every Body is the perfect fitness companion to Autumn’s 4 Week Gut Protocol — a no-impact program that makes consistency and results achievable for EVERY BODY.

While exercise is recommended when you take on 4 Week Gut Protocol, it shouldn’t be so rigorous that it interferes with your body’s work in helping your gut.

Autumn expertly crafted these workouts around exertion, not impact, to fit your gut fix journey.

You’ll do a total of 16 workouts — 4 workouts per week for 4 weeks — all under 30 minutes (including the warm-up and cooldown!).

There are also 4 optional indoor cycling rides that you can integrate with your regular workouts.

The focus is on eccentric (lengthening) exercise that leverages the benefits of time under tension to maximize results.

Every minute is purposeful and effective — and designed to complement the results you can achieve with The 4 Week Gut Protocol.

Who Is 4 Weeks for Every Body for?

4 Weeks for Every Body is for anyone who’s looking for a manageable way to get results — a simple yet incredibly effective fitness program that’s easy on the joints.

The workouts make it easy to maintain consistency with no-frills, no-impact exercises that help your overall strength, mobility, and vitality, so EVERY BODY can get results.

What equipment will I need?

You’ll need a pair of dumbbells, and a core ball is recommended.

When can I access The 4 Week Gut Protocol and 4 Weeks for Every Body?

The two programs will be available starting March 15, 2022.

The 4 Week Gut Protocol & 4 Weeks For Every Body Results

Who Is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is the creator of 4 Weeks for Every Body, 9 Week Control Freak21 Day Fix, and other fitness programs, as well as nutrition programs The 4 Week Gut Protocol and the breakthrough weight-loss system Portion Fix.

A bestselling author of Lose Weight Like Crazy Even if You Have A Crazy Life and host of the FIXATE cooking show, she’s an IIN-certified holistic health coach and has held certifications from NASM and AFPA.


Job 1

This is going to be HUGE and I want you to have the first look!

Job 1 is a 20 -minutes-a-day, 5-days-a-week functional training program with super trainer Jennifer Jacobs that helps you prioritize your health and fitness habits – no matter how much you have going on in your life.

All Jennifer asks is that you shift your focus: prioritize yourself the way you prioritize your job or your family. You’ll tap into a wealth of benefits, self-confidence, increased strength, and weight loss! Make your health your top priority and you’ll see major improvement in almost every part of your life. OH and cycling is an option in this program – but not required! Click the video below to get a sneak peak of the program!

Here is an overview of this incredible program!

🚴‍♀️ 5 days a week
🚴‍♀️ 20 minutes a day
🚴‍♀️ 4-week long program
🚴‍♀️ 3 days of strength training
🚴‍♀️ 1 day of endurance cardio
🚴‍♀️ 1 day of HIIT cardio
🚴‍♀️ 4 bonus cycling workouts

My coaches and preferred customers can get access on December 2nd (and I will be hosting a special VIP group before my New Year’s group in January!) and current challengers can get their access on December 16th! But you don’t have to wait that long for a sneak peak into this incredible program – the sample workout is here!

Ready to try it with me? Fill out my form, this will give you access to the sample workout!

Interested in adding the bike to your home gym system? Financing options are available today and I would love to chat more!

There is a Black Friday Sale!!!
$250 Off Bike + Free Shipping & Assembly ($200 Value.) Plus, get a weight rack on us when you purchase the MYX II Plus (a $150 value) use code: BBMYXFRIDAY

Speaking of Black Friday…I will be changing things up this year and hosting my first ever PRE-Black Friday sale event via text!!! 🥳

The sale will kick off November 19th around 9am and will continue through Sunday, November 21st!! 

If you are interested in getting my special deals sent directly to your phone – text the word HOLIDAY to (814)-256-4303.  

I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Job 1 sample…and I hope to see you at the Pre-Black Friday Sale!!  Until then….


645™ is 6 days a week, 45 minutes a day. Make the commitment that changes everything, and you’ll build strength and power without feeling defeated or spent. Inspired by the programs Amoila Cesar created for pro athletes, 645 is built around powerful dumbbells-focused resistance training with an emphasis on fundamental moves done right. You’ll also do cardio that will boost your endurance and get you sweating, and mobility work that will improve range of motion and your body’s ability to recover. Follow his cues, perfect your form, and bring the intensity for dramatic, noticeable results in 13 weeks. Watch the video below to learn more!


  • Program Length: 13 Weeks
  • Workouts/ Week: 6
  • Workout Length: 45 minutes
  • Equipment Needed: Power Loops (new), Light/Medium/Heavy Weights. Mat is optional. 



  • Each 45-minute workout starts with 10 minutes of activation to get your body warm and ready for the work to come. Then it’s time to give your maximum effort and focus until the cool down at the end. There are 6 workouts a week that follow the same schedule for 13 weeks, for a total of 78 workouts.

Lower Body Strength (Monday)

  • Get those booty gains with this full-body workout that focuses on your lower half.

Total Body Power (Tuesday)

  • Burn fat with powerful moves that target major muscle groups.

Mobility & Stability (Wednesday)

  • Calm your mind and enhance your recovery and performance with breathing, stretching, and mobility drills.

Upper Body Strength (Thursday)

  • A full-body workout with an emphasis on the chest, back, arms, and shoulders.

Total Body Tempo (Friday)

  • Follow Amolia’s pace and tempo to optimize the muscle-building power of every rep.

Cardio 45 (Saturday)

  • Build multidirectional speed and agility while you get your heart pumping and calories burning.

11 Bonus Workouts

  • These workouts can be combined with your regular workouts to target specific muscle groups or trouble areas. Additional equipment including a foam roller, a mat, a pull-up bar, and a Beachbody Control Track may be required for bonus workouts.


Tuesday, July 6th: Coach-Exclusive Window

Monday, July 19: Customer Launch & VIP Early Access

Winter 2021: Available in BOD Member Library


How many workouts are included in 645?

  • 645 is comprised of a total of 78 workouts, 6 which repeat throughout the program, as well as 11 Bonus Workouts.

Do I need equipment to do 645?

  • Power Loops (new) and Light/ Medium/ Heavy Weights are required. A Mat is optional.

What are Power Loops?

  • These next-generation resistance bands feature a grippier, woven texture that helps sculpt, strengthen, and define your body. Two Power Loops are included: light resistance (grey) and heavy resistance (black). 

Do I have to do the workouts in order?

  • Yes, the program is designed in three (4) stages that are designed to be completed in order. 

What 645 program materials/resources are available with 645?

  • Get Started Guide with Workout Calendar (printed & digital)
  • Dumbbell Tracker (digital only)
  • Quick Start Nutrition Guide (printed & digital)
  • 645 Spotify Playlist
  • Printed materials noted above are included in the 645 Challenge Packs and Completion Packs.

Where can I access 645 Program Materials? 

  • All program materials will be available on BOD. 

What Instructional Videos will be available with my 645 purchase? 

  • Getting Started Video
  • Meet Amolia Cesar Video
  • Reach your Peak with your Nutrition Program Video  
  • Reach your Peak with your Nutrition Supplements Video 
  • 645 Form Check Test

Are the 645 printed materials available in French and Spanish?  

  • Yes. The Get Started Guide and Workout Calendar will be available in Spanish and French with your Spanish and French purchases. 

When does 645 enter the Beachbody On Demand Member Library?

  • It will enter the Beachbody On Demand Member Library Winter 2021. 

Does my 645 Challenge or Completion Pack include Portion Fix and 2B Mindset?  

  • Yes! If you purchased a 645 Challenge or Completion Pack, you will receive both Portion Fix and 2B Mindset digital programs. You will also receive the Portion Fix Portion-Control Containers and the 2B Mindset Tracker*.

Does my 645 Purchase come with the Nutrition+ Membership?

  • Yes! If you purchased a 645 Total-Solution Challenge or Completion Pack, you can receive the first 30 days of Nutrition+ for FREE! You may opt out of the membership at check out. You’ll also get exclusive workouts as a Nutrition+ member, including access to 630—an additional six 30-minute workouts from Amoila starting July 19, 2021.

Will there be branded 645 Apparel available for purchase? 

  • Yes! View FAQ 8883 for more details. 

How do I get the official 645 Beachbody Challenge Shirt? 

  • Submit your 645 results, including your before and after photos, to the Beachbody Challenge by December 31st, 2021 and you’ll receive the 645 shirt. (Note, 645 submissions, will not receive the Generic Beachbody Challenge T-Shirt with their 645 Shirt. A generic Beachbody Challenge T-Shirt will only be sent in the event 645 shirts are no longer available.)


Things are getting crazy around here and by crazy, we mean CRAZY GOOD!!!

Our minds were blown when our team listened to the amazing call where the CEO of Beachbody dropped one HECK-YES announcement after another.

Check it all out below!

When the new BOD Interactive (BODi) was announced I could barely keep myself together.

This is probably one of the biggest advancements and changes I’ve seen since I started as a Coach 7 years ago, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Let’s just start by saying this is massive.

We have our on demand workout platform where we can access hundreds upon hundreds of different workouts – whenever, wherever.

Soon everything is going to the next level and will be interactive = BODi live classes!

This is available for ALL of our clients.

You’ll be able to login and sign up for live classes with your favorite super trainers – plus new super trainers they are bringing in!!!

You can also claim a spot – first come, first serve, so you can actually webcast with the trainer LIVE.  You’ll have the opportunity for feedback from your trainer!

Plus!! New curated playlists so the hype and fun is at all time high.

All of this together is the perfect way to maximize your workout experience.

I am beyond ecstatic for BODi to go live and think this will be such a great time for our virtual Bootcamp community!!! 

In case you didn’t hear, our company is going public in the next few months!

Through this process, the company has announced that we are coming out with a MYX bike!!!!!!

This will be available this fall but for all clients and coaches, and we will have a discount code available for the MYX V2 indoor bike.

Here’s what’s happening!!! NEW spin program launching in December from a new Supertrainer, Jennifer Jacobs! Jennifer is a former Peloton senior instructor.

The MYX bike will be released early fall with the launch of BODi. 

You can have any bike to do the workouts and we will offer a bike as well if you need one.  Again, all current coaches and clients will get a code to purchase the bike.

The MYX bike is bringing indoor cycling to the BOD work with both LIVE workouts and full cycling program.

More details will be coming out about this soon. 

It’s no secret that I love our nutrition programs.

But the updates that will be rolling out have me like WHOA!!!!

Even more access to resources with live classes where you can webcast in.

We already have so much value and resources available at our fingertips when it comes to nutrition, but they are working their crazy magic and making it even better…seriously crazy!!!

There will be even more exclusive content for nutrition + members.

NEW!! There will be LIVE cooking classes and meal planning on BODi for Nutrition + members.

One of our most popular nutrition programs – Portion Fix is getting an overhaul.   A brand new master class is coming to simplify how to get started with Portion Fix and there will be new videos added to go more in depth.

And then…


This is not a one-size-fits-all and that is totally A-OKAY.  But if it’s something you’ve been interested in, it’s on the way and available starting in July!

Our daily superfoods is a must for me. I drink it every single day.

There’s a new flavor coming soon…

COOKIES & CREAMY!! If you follow me on social you already know I am slightly obsessed with OREOS – so this is HUGE!!!!

It will be available on June 22nd in Canada and in the US.

This new flavor will be a new permanent addition to the Shakeology lineup – yes, it’s THAT good!!

Cookies & Creamy is vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Not only that, ALL vegan flavors will now be reformulated to be certified gluten free!

We’ve been asking for this flavor for such a long time so trust us when we say there a lot of happy campers right about now!

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Friend —I know I just threw a BUNCH of info your way and if you are like me, your head is EXPLODING🤯.  

I totally feel you!  But, I am here to help you navigate it all and find what products and opportunities are best for YOU.  

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Everything You Need to Know About Oat Milk

Vegan Oat Milk

Beachbody Blog Article By Nicole McDermott


“Oat milk is a great alternative for those who need an allergen-free milk option,” says Melissa Majumdar, M.S., R.D., CSOWM, L.D.N., a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. “It is free of lactose, dairy, and nuts, and can be gluten-free.”


Oat milk ingredients differ from brand to brand. Here’s the nutritional breakdown for an unsweetened cup of the popular brand, Oatly.

  • Calories: 120
  • Protein: 3 grams
  • Fat: 5 grams
  • Carbohydrates: 16 grams
  • Total sugars: 7 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams

“Non-dairy milks tend to be fortified in nutrients like calcium and vitamin D, so they match their dairy-milk counterparts,” Majumdar says.


In terms of flavor, color, and texture, oat milk more similarly mimics whole milk than other non-dairy options.

It also has a thicker mouthfeel and creamier flavor than soy or almond milk, as well as a mild “oaty” flavor.

As for oat milk nutrition, it’s lower in fat and sugar than whole-fat cow’s milk, but it lacks the protein.

“Depending on the type of cow’s milk, the fat content may change as well,” Majumdar says.

For instance, a cup of skim milk has 0 grams of fat, making it a lower fat option than Oatly and many other types of oat milk.

Is oat milk or almond milk better for you?

If you put those two most popular plant-based options head to head, oat milk nutrition may fall short in a few key areas, says Mascha Davis, M.P.H., R.D.N., author of the book “Eat Your Vitamins.”

“Other nut milks, like almond milk, may be lower in calories, carbohydrates, and sugar and higher in other nutrients like vitamin E,” Davis says.

As a bonus, oat milk typically has more fiber than other non-dairy milks, though it’s not much.

Part of oat milk’s higher sugar content is due to added sugars, so choose brands that omit them and are labeled as “unsweetened.”

However, oat milk naturally contains more sugar than some other plant-based milks.

“The base of the milk is made from rolled or steel-cut oats, which are a carbohydrate source,” Davis says.

Soybeans, almonds, hemp seeds, and other plant-based milk sources are usually lower in carbohydrates than oats.

How To Eat Healthy Even When You Eat Out

How many times have you eaten healthy all week and then the weekend comes and you go to restaurants or order a lot of takeout? You “reward” yourself for being so good all week by having “cheat meals” all weekend. Only to wake up on Monday defeated because all of your weight loss progress from the week is gone. 

The good news is that you can still eat healthy even when you go to restaurants or get takeout! 


  1. Decide which of the following is most important to you and only have ONE of the following: bread, wine, or dessert.

    1. BREAD
      Make sure you really enjoy it and have butter too! Life is all about balance! Just be sure to get water as a drink and have coffee after dinner instead of dessert. 
    2. WINE
      Drink only 1 glass of your favorite wine and really enjoy it! Make sure you get water with it as well and drink both so your wine will last longer. Be sure to send the bread basket away if you are at a restaurant (or ask for no bread for takeout) so you aren’t templated to eat bread. Order coffee (or make coffee at your house if you get takeout) for dessert instead of having a dessert. 
    3. DESSERT
      Choose your favorite dessert and really enjoy it! Make sure to get water as your drink and make sure you don’t order any bread so you aren’t tempted to eat it. 

  2. When you order your meal watch the portions! Most restaurants give you enough for at least two meals so mentally take note and eat HALF of the portion given to you or order off of the appetizer menu and add sides or ask about lunch portions.

      If you order a regularly portioned meal, ask for a takeout container when your food comes out when you are at a restaurant. If you got takeout, just get a new plate and put half of the meal on it. Put the other half that is still in the takeout container back in your fridge before you start eating. Make sure that veggies are included in this meal as they will help you feel more full.  
      Ordering appetizers and sides is a great way to get the correct portion sizes and you will be able to eat the whole thing instead of cutting it in half. Make sure that your appetizers and sides have a lot of veggies in them too so it will help you feel full! Don’t feel bad about ordering different and “bothering” people. Do what is best for you and your meal plan. 

  3. TRACK what you ate in your meal planning tracker when you get home/ finish your dinner! Whether you are tracking with The Ultimate Portion Fix, 2B Mindset, or pen and paper, it is important to write down everything you ate at dinner. That way the night morning when you weigh yourself, you can see if the meal either didn’t make a difference, positively or negatively affected your weight loss. Even if you did gain weight from the meal, don’t worry about it. Just use it as information and as a learning experience. Its simply DATA and does not define your worth! But if you’re on a weight loss journey, having this data will help you make the most out of it! Remember: You’re never “losing” – you’re winning or learning!

    Next time when you go to a restaurant or get takeout, order different things and experiment what works best with your body!

  4. Don’t arrive STARVING! I often hear it in my bootcamps: “I didn’t eat all day so I could splurge tonight” – oh no sista! That’s not doing any good! Not only are you messing with your metabolism you’re probably awfully uncomfortable and hungry all day then overstuffed when you finally give your body some fuel in the evening. Go back to those tips above, order sensibly, ENJOY every bite and never look at it as a “cheat” but a splurge. And you should enjoy the splurge!!! Personally, I will often shake up a protein shake before I go. This gives my body REAL FUEL, helps avoid any crash splurging as soon as the bread basket is dropped and allows me to know I am eating the right fuel for MY body. ‘


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