4 Week Gut Protocol Results and Why I think EVERYONE should do this program

It was never about what we couldn’t eat…

But how good could we feel if we chose the foods that would allow us to feel our best & allow us to heal our gut…

and I am proud to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!

To be honest I am most proud of my husband for going all in, smiling for the daily post workout us-ie, helping me stick to the 5am rise and shine and being my partner in crime through all things LIFE!

Together we navigated 4 weeks:

With a whole lot of meals on the go…

Lots of evenings spent meal prepping…

Special requests while traveling…

Avoiding baseball concession stand goodies weekly…

Which helped us:

🍭Ditch the sugar cycle we were {both} addicted to

☕️Reduce the caffeine dependency we were {both} dependent on

🥬Discover new foods we actually enjoy

💓Understand our bodies more

💋Grow so much closer together

🤸‍♀️Ditch 20 pounds {cumulatively} of built up inflammation

And above all – my husband’s chronic back pain has been reduced (which was a key driver in my desire to do this together in the first place!!!)

We had a heck of a lot of fun and both feel SO MUCH better today than we did back on day 1.

AND THAT WAS THE ULTIMATE GOAL! TO FEEL GOOD INSIDE – losing the pounds was just a side effect of giving our bodies the foods that allow us to feel our best!

So: Why do I think EVERYONE should do this program?

Because we – AS A SOCIETY – have become so dependent on caffeine, the hustle culture, convenience foods, processed foods, excessive alcohol consumption, pills for a quick fix, etc….

When in reality we can ALL take back (at least some) control of our HEALTH by giving ourselves a reset, focusing on our GUT HEALTH and eating whole natural foods – and that’s exactly what this program does!

It helps you discover how amazing your body can feel!

And my bootcamp brings it all together with a level of accountability that truly is the SECRET SAUCE!!!

We will begin adding back in some of the foods we cut out to determine how we react now that we’ve made some drastic improvements to our gut health but I need to share:

Change is scary.

Publicly committing to something “healthy” where you know you’ll be judged is scary.

But living a lifestyle that works against your overall health goals is SO MUCH scarier!

I cannot wait to lead this next group of women/couples through this program!

Remember: when you’re ready, I’ll be here to help you!


Whether you want to learn more or you’re ready to go ALL in – I’m here for you:

I’m not alone here! Check out these amazing transformations!!!

Fitness + Nutrition + Support = RESULTS

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