Core de Force: Week 3 in Review – travel addition

21 days down…9 to go!


Ever think to yourself “I can’t start that fitness program now. I’m traveling soon/next week/for work” etc…

Traveling doesn’t have to be an EXCUSE!

I took Core de Force and Whole 30 on the road this last week and well, passed with flying colors!!!

2016-11-10-09-49-21Preparation & Snacks were KEY!

Being able to grab a quick bar helped me avoid the temptations for the other snacks through the airport, from the Seminar I was attending, at the hotel, etc…

Plus since I am doing the WHOLE 30, I needed to make sure I avoided any added sugars, gluten and grains! It wasn’t easy but I have found my favorites:

I LOVE the THAT’S IT fruit bars, and the EPIC bars allow for a quick protein on the go!!! Lara bars give a nice sweet touch (without any added sugar!) and the Rx bars provide protein and healthy fats and come in so many amazing flavors.

2016-11-11-13-10-45We also lucked out to have a Whole Foods nearby allowing for plenty restocking options!!

One of the BEST things about this program (for me at least!) is that you don’t need ANY equipment.


Some room to kick and punch and drop to the floor and you’re good to go!


We lucked out with a great gym in our hotel. We simply pushed some of the benches out of the way and got to work!

From a nutrition standpoint weeks & and 2 were similar. Week 2 added an additional fruit and Week 3 tacked on a second healthy fat option – which was HUGE as the intensity was taken up quite a bit this week but as we approach the FINAL full week of this program – the extra fruit and extra health fat are gone and its time really push for results!!!

Here’s the plan for my upcoming week:

Core de Force week 4 Meal Plan A.pngCore de Force Week 4 whole 3 meal plan.png

Here’s the links to a few of my favorites this upcoming week:

I have seen great progress thus far and I have already committed to another round of Core de Force that will begin AFTER Thanksgiving.


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