Mission Maintain: Holiday Survival

Did you know the average american GAINS 7-10 pounds between Halloween and New Years?!
Its true!!!
Afterall, its EASY to take the chunk of time, chalk all the mishaps up to holiday craziness and commit to “a new plan in January” – but you don’t have to call it quits yet!
Forget the NEW year resolution – its time for a YEAR END resolution!
There’s still 6 weeks left in 2016 and I am pulling together the troops for one final round – TOGETHER – to help us SURVIVE the holidays.
Mission MAINTAIN isn’t about total deprivation.
Or total indulgence.
Its about BALANCE.
Its about helping ensure you’re not part of that “majority” that gains and feels gross about themselves come 12/31.
Its about finding the foods you enjoy most and truly ENJOYING them but passing on the rest.
And its about carving out those 30-45 minutes a day to better yourself so you can give more to others.
2016-10-23 00.27.00.png
So many people live uncomfortably those last months of the year with an attitude that they’ll just “start fresh in the new year” – but WHY WAIT?
IMAGINE how AMAZING you’ll feel if you make a commitment TODAY to end 2016 STRONGER than you started and start 2017 off with a fresh clean slate and positive mindset!
IMAGINE the confidence you’ll have – the increase in energy – and comfort knowing you’re doing something today your future self will thank you for.
If you IMAGINE this is something you want to attain – THEN JOIN ME!!!!
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I will be rocking ROUND 2 of CORE DE FORCE but your fitness program is simply that – YOUR choice!
  • I will help you find the fitness program that works best for YOU
  • Each participant will commit to 30 days of Shakeology. Not because I think you need this. But because I KNOW you need this! My participants see greater results, feel better and are properly fueling their bodies when this one mindless meal replaces one prior meal they were eating! It tastes AMAZING and with the busy holiday time – you’ll come back around to thank me!!!
  • You will be REQUIRED to check in to our private group each day. Trust me – this is where the ACCOUNTABILITY shines!!!

NOTE: This group is limited to my customers. You can Create your Account HERE

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WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT from ME as your Coach:

  • Meal planning tips and examples to help guide you through the holidays
  • Daily motivation, accountability and tips to help you stay motivated and remember WHY you started in the first place
  • Cleaned up Holiday treats
  • Tips from yours truly on how to stay balanced while TRAVELING during this season
  • How to handle the holiday parties and practice MODERATION (yes, you can eat the cookie and drink the wine!)
  • Online access to our closed accountability group
This will be my FINAL ACCOUNTABILITY GROUP of 2016!!! 
You know my motto: There’s POWER in NUMBERS!
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Getting started with Core De Force WEEK 1

And its officially IN HAND!!!

I kind of feel like a kid on Christmas! 2016-10-21-07-00-10One of the biggest benefits of being an Elite coach is the opportunity to attend our EXCLUSIVE Leadership Event, most recently held in Coronado California.


Not only did we have access to 3 LIVE booty-whooping workouts with the Core De Force co-creators, Joel Freeman and Jericho McMatthews, but we also got the opportunity to pick up a SIGNED copy of Core De Force before ALLLL the rest of the network has the option to purchase it!


You may recognize them if you’re familiar with the Les Mills hit programs – Body Pump and Combat but this is a BRAND NEW MMA-inspired format and its launching October 31st! 

If you want to read more about what the program  details you can find all the answers to the FAQs HERE:  Core De Force Launch PARTY


As soon as I got home my hubby and I dived in and got started!


The nutrition plan is SIMILAR to that of other Beachbody Portion Fix systems but don’t think its the same old same old – the containers are there, but you don’t have to use them…and there’s some twists and turns as you progress through the 30 days!!!

Keep reading…

Here’s a glimpse into the MMA speed workout from Day 1:

And don’t worry if you’re thinking the combo moves look a little tricky…we all look like baby giraffes learning to walk at first but you will quickly find your rhythm!!

But its not all kicks and punches either! You will be building your strength (no equipment necessary!!) with workouts like this one we did on Day 2:

The workouts are great – amazing in fact. Day 2 was quite possibly one of the most CHALLENGING workouts I’ve ever completed…but like all fitness “programs” the results are driven not just by how hard you hit the sweat session but what you fuel your body with.

The nutrition guide breaks it down to 4 plan options: A, B, C or D.

Step 1 is to Figure out your Caloric needs:21-day-fix-target-calorie-calculator

Once you know your plan for calories you can check out how many servings of each container you get to eat per day.  

Like I mentioned previously – the brackets can be correlated to the Portion Fix color coordinated containers – OR – you can use the measurements provided in the guide!

My calculations land me in Plan A – which equates to: 

3 GREENS (veggies), 2 PURPLES (fruit), 4 REDS (protein), 2 YELLOWS (carbs), 1 BLUE  (healthy fat), 1 ORANGE (seeds and dressings) & 2 SPOONS  (oils, nut butter)

This eating plan is all about a balanced approach to nutrition with each plan working out to be about 40% carbs, 30% proteins and 30% fats.

But the key is to PLAN & PREP!!!


This is where so many people fall short.

You purchase the program, you figure things out – but you have to…I repeat YOU HAVE TO MAKE A PLAN for your meals.

A sample day for someone who falls into the PLAN A category like me would look something like the following?

Breakfast:  2 Eggs with peppers and spinach, 1 piece of toast (red, yellow, green)

Snack 1:  Shakeology with banana & peanut butter (1 red, 1 purple, 1 spoon)

Lunch:  Turkey and sweet potato hash (1 red, 1 green, 1 yellow)

Snack 2:  Apple with cashews (1 purple, 1 blue) 

Dinner:  Salmon burger with asparagus, cooked with olive oil (1 red, 1 green 1 spoon)

Here’s a full week PLAN A Meal Plan as an example:


*NOTE: The plan does change slightly as you progress through your 30 days. As the workouts increase in intensity you will be adding in more foods in weeks 2 and 3 and going back to the orignal plan in week 4. Don’t worry – the step by step is ALL outlined in the nutrition guide! This is just part of helping YOU optimize YOUR RESULTS!


I am personally following a MODIFIED Whole 30 Meal plan along with my 30 Day journey with Core De Force. Here’s how I have updated my meals and scheduled throughout my day. 


So you have your challenge pack with your workout program and Shakeology and the meals are ON POINT…but you have to also remember WATER. This is something I stress to my clients DAILY throughout our online accountability group! 

If you’re not used to eating small(er) meals spaced out – OR – if you’re used to grazing all day long you may not be getting adequate water in.

You should aim to drink at least half your body weight in ounces. This is key – especially when starting something new!!!


As you can see from reading thus far…There’s no guess work here people!

The program includes it all! The full package outlining how much to eat of what foods – when to do what workouts and superfoods to fuel your body…and mind!

The last thing, and perhaps most importantly thing to decide is to COMMIT.

To make that decision that you’re going to push hard and do it.

But trust me…you’re not alone!


We are in this together and you will not just have me as your personal 1:1 coach/mentor but you have the opportunity to participate in my LAUNCH party and join forces with other people who are just where you are and working to become a better version of themselves!!!

This is your open INVITATION!

Complete the form below to join the launch party!

 ***Note you cannot already be a coach or customer on another team.  

This group is exclusively for my new and existing customers/coaches — Thank you!!!