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Final week to make the SHIFT

5 down and 1 to go.

2017-06-09 06.22.39

As we launch into this final week of our 6 week test group journey a few thoughts come to mind:

  1. I have realized I am stronger than I thought. 2017-06-08 06.55.42
  2. Accountability is one of the most underused POWERFUL tools in one’s fitness journey and when you LEAN in on it – it WORKS!
  3. Working out beyond 30 minutes is FUN and the results are worth the extra effort2017-06-08 08.05.00
  4. When you take a step back to MENTALLY get focused you can bust through any barriers you previously thought existed

2017-06-07 17.25.13

This program is comprised of alternating HIIT/Cardio workouts and Strength training workouts.

Week 1 begins at 25 minutes

Week 2 is 35 minutes

Week 3 is 45 minutes

When you begin ROUND 2 you go back to week 2

Followed by week 3

And week 4 – which tops them all with 50 minute workouts.

2017-06-12 05.54.54

In the beginning I thought a big old HECK – TO – THE – NO!

But you know what?! I’ve realized that when you are really in the zone 50 minutes doesn’t seem so challenging any more!

2017-06-10 12.43.41

I have been able to adapt to being on the road, traveling, vacations, baseball games, parties and more but its not because I am committed to a DIET – its because I committed to making this a LIFESTYLE change and its paying off 10-FOLD!

I have LOVED this fitness journey but I am more excited to be able to BRING YOU along WITH ME! And the date is fast approaching!

2017-06-08 22.38.42I am taking applicants for my SHIFT SHOP LAUNCH party to begin upon the program’s release on 7/13/17.

If you are ready to commit – work for it – and join forces with me and other women who are RIGHT THERE with you – then fill out the form below.

2017-06-07 22.20.43 

Here we go again…21 Day Fix Week 1

I decided to take it back to the basics…back to the program that changed my life, that got me hooked on a healthy, fit and balanced life!!! 2015-06-01 05.57.27

—–>That helped me learn that dedicating 30 minutes to exercise daily will improve more than just your waistline.  

—–>That helped me learn about portions and what types of food choices would FUEL my body and not only get me the results in terms of numbers but maximize the way I feel on the inside too!

I’ve been a bit lax and a bit too comfortable and slowly I’ve been getting away from my normal 80/20 maintenance rule and its been more like 70/30 or even 60/40 on the weekends I am feeling and seeing the side effects!

So…Today not only marks day 1 for my challengers but also for myself – to recommit – and together we will be COUNTING DOWN TO SUMMER with the 21-day fix.

I got too caught up in my role as a coach that I forgot to be a challenger too!

So here it goes:

Before pictures are taken, meal plan is set, and I’m heading to the grocery store today!

21 Day Fix Meal Plan Week of 6_1_15 imageYou’ll see I tend to eat the same types of foods throughout the week…it makes it easier to plan, easier to prepare and easier to adjust when I’m away from home! We are busy busy busy as I’m sure most of you are too…so what I’ve learned is to stay on track you have to be prepared! I will plan to make my Mancakes the night before so they’re ready to go as I head to the park etc with my kiddos.. I also  planned for an easy to pack apple and almond afternoon snack! No excuses…Summer is on the way!!!

Have you been thinking about doing the 21-day fix or simply doing SOMETHING to get back into the swing of things???

Pick your fix few words

This is your time!!! Beachbody released the June promotions and both the 21-Day Fix and the 21-Day Fix Extreme are the challenge pack promotions this month available with Shakeology or with Shakeology and a 3-Day refresh!

My next accountability group kicks off June 15th – fill out the application and JOIN US!

There’s power in numbers!!!!