Surround yourself with those that lift you HIGHER

Ahhh I can’t believe this weekend is finally here! Pittsburgh Market Council Super Friday prep

There’s been a lot of prep going on the background for months but our Beachbody Super Friday weekend has arrived and I have butterflies just thinking about all to come!

Super Friday banner

We have a jam packed agenda Friday night and a heck of a lot of recognition to endure as we have the Top Coach in all of Beachbody along with a 2x Top 10 coach, our CEO – Carl Daikeler and Celebrity Trainer Autumn Calabrease. And to cap the night we’ll be enjoying a live mashup by none other than Master Trainer Kam Niskach.

Its been such an honor being part of the Pittsburgh Market Council and being involved with all the planning and coordinating behind such a huge event!

We are sold out, leading the event in one of the most amazing places in Downtown Pittsburgh and I know we will not disappoint!

And while this excitement is swirling around in my head I am flashing back to last year’s event – one where I arrived as a star diamond coach with my hubby and just one coach on my team, my bestie.

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Fast forward this year – I have coaches coming in from all across PA, OH, NC and even Canada! Wow – That little compound effect is amazing.

From a 1 star Diamond team a year ago to a 5 star diamond ELITE team today!

Elite post picture from Dedira

It truly does just start with ONE and I know these ladies are all going to leave this event with a fire burning inside of them to get out there and rock this business!!! Its such a powerful thing!

Dreams do come true if you have the courage to pursue them

Just thinking of how much has spiraled and transpired over the last year leaves with me this burning desire to get out there and share this opportunity with everyone I cross paths with! Its given me such a new outlook on life. How you can live out the most amazing life in balance, health and fulfillment!

And well, that’s only Friday night…

I have also been asked to present at a Dream Team led training Saturday morning along with a few of the BEST of the BEST coaches in the entire network.

Dream Team training collage

Talk about surrounding yourself with those that lift you higher!

Some of these ladies presented last year and I remember sitting there listening and absorbing thinking WOW – I can only imagine what that feels like to be up on that stage sharing their best practices and low behold there will be no imaging this year!

I’ll be living it and I’ll have my TEAM, my mom and my husband all there to support me.

If that doesn’t fill my cup I don’t know what does!

Then I get to spoil my coaches with some hair and make up pampering before we set off to enjoy a night of dancing and fun at the Lexus Club in Consol Energy.

Super Friday do what you love love what you do

Can someone pinch me now? Is this really my J-O-B?!

Sometimes I can’t believe it myself – but its true and YOU too can experience all the fun, excitement and fulfillment! Yes I work hard, I work a non-conventional job, and I make sacrifices but the benefits of those sacrifices far outweigh the rest!

So are you ready to join my team? Let’s make 2016 EPIC!

Insanity Max: 30 Week 6 in review, Week 7 Meal plan

6 weeks down and 2 to go! I can’t believe I am in the homestretch!!!

This last week was a little different but challenging yet still!

I had an absolutely AMAZING weekend in the ‘burgh for Pittsburgh’s Super Friday and our Dream Team Celebration Saturday.

I got to meet our CEO Carl Daikeler:

Carl Daikeler, Pittsburgh Super Friday

I got to meet AND workout with the creator of the 21-day fix – Autumn Calabrese and try out her new 21-day fix EXTREME:

Autumn Calabrese, Pittsburgh Super Friday weekend, 21 day fix extreme sneak peak

Of course we worked out…

Surround yourself with people who lift you higher, inspiration, live workout, insanity workout


But we also celebrated and ate, and ate, and ate some more!

2015-01-10 19.35.322015-01-10 22.06.23 2015-01-10 19.24.202015-01-10 14.26.12

So needless to say I needed a jumpstart for week 6 – enter a simple little cleanse – the 3-day REFRESH!

insanity max 30 week 6 set your goals high, Insanity Max: 30 week 6, Max out cardio, Maegan Blinka

Sometimes its hard to get back in the swing of things. I’m a routine type of person. Keep me on my routine and I’m as happy as can be. Stray from that – and watch out! It wasn’t easy jumping back in…I could feel the bad nutrition choices lingering in my body but I knew the easiest way was to JUST DO IT – so I did!

Insanity Max 30 Week 6 do it anyway, Insanity Max: 30 week 6, Max out cardio, Maegan Blinka

Monday was a typical day and then I started the 3-day refresh on Tuesday. The guide says to do “moderate exercise” so I stayed with the modifier in Insanity Max: 30 on both Wednesday and Thursday but went full out Friday morning – what can I say I was feeling REFRESHED!!!

What is the 3 day refresh, 3 day refresh results, 3 day refresh with Insanity Max 30, Max 30 week 6, Maegan Blinka

If you haven’t heard of this yet or given it a try – please consider it! I am not big on diets, cleanses etc… but this is different!

You can read more about What is the 3-day Refresh on a prior post but your daily meals look a little something like this —->

You really are eating all day long – its simple, vegan, small meals, some shakes and a few really good night sleeps! Trust me!

By Friday morning, the bloat was gone, I was down 3 pounds, 3 inches, rested and ready to continue on with my healthy eating habits!

What is the 3 day refresh, 3 day refresh results, 3 day refresh with Insanity Max 30, Max 30 week 6, Maegan Blinka, What do you eat on the 3 day refresh, 3 day refresh meal plan

These just goes to show you how important your nutrition is! I never missed a workout but that bloat was BAD! But hey – I’m back on track!!!


I wrapped up the week with a morning sweat mesh with my #1 by my side. We have a jam packed weekend so I got a jump start on my next week’s meal plan and off to music class and SAMs club we go!

Insanity Max: 30 Meal Plan Week 7, Insanity Max 30 Week 6 do it anyway, Insanity Max: 30 week 6, Max out cardio, Maegan Blinka

Stay strong, be healthy, make good choices – and SWEAT TODAY!