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Summer Survival Accountability group

Summer Survival group July 3 2017.jpg

Because amongst the travels and parties and summer nights around the fire and kids home from school and laid back vibe that SUMMER brings – it can be far too easy to lose sight of YOU time – MOM time – BALANCE – and all the things you’ve worked for leading up to summer summer summer TIME because, well you’re just out of the norm.

And sometimes you just need to know how to SURVIVE so you can then THRIVE!

By request, I am excited to bring back my SUMMER SURVIVAL accountability group!

A place to lean in on for support and tips and ideas and motivation to allow you to, you know, have your cake and eat it too and maybe just maybe have the cocktail without the guilt!

Be a priority in your life

  • We’ll focus on how to plan for vacation and top tips to maintain your fitness routine while out of routine

2017-05-31 09.00.40

  • We’ll share some grilling favorites to keep the palate happy without missing the BBQ favorites
  • We’ll chat summer cocktail swaps so you can still enjoy the late nights with neighbors without downing a days worth of calories in a single sitting

summer cocktail.png

  • And more importantly we’ll have fun, build relationships and set a solid foundation…not for a D.I.E.T. but for a lifestyle that is maintainable – beyond summer and as a way of LIVING!

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Fill out the application below to join!

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Final week to make the SHIFT

5 down and 1 to go.

2017-06-09 06.22.39

As we launch into this final week of our 6 week test group journey a few thoughts come to mind:

  1. I have realized I am stronger than I thought. 2017-06-08 06.55.42
  2. Accountability is one of the most underused POWERFUL tools in one’s fitness journey and when you LEAN in on it – it WORKS!
  3. Working out beyond 30 minutes is FUN and the results are worth the extra effort2017-06-08 08.05.00
  4. When you take a step back to MENTALLY get focused you can bust through any barriers you previously thought existed

2017-06-07 17.25.13

This program is comprised of alternating HIIT/Cardio workouts and Strength training workouts.

Week 1 begins at 25 minutes

Week 2 is 35 minutes

Week 3 is 45 minutes

When you begin ROUND 2 you go back to week 2

Followed by week 3

And week 4 – which tops them all with 50 minute workouts.

2017-06-12 05.54.54

In the beginning I thought a big old HECK – TO – THE – NO!

But you know what?! I’ve realized that when you are really in the zone 50 minutes doesn’t seem so challenging any more!

2017-06-10 12.43.41

I have been able to adapt to being on the road, traveling, vacations, baseball games, parties and more but its not because I am committed to a DIET – its because I committed to making this a LIFESTYLE change and its paying off 10-FOLD!

I have LOVED this fitness journey but I am more excited to be able to BRING YOU along WITH ME! And the date is fast approaching!

2017-06-08 22.38.42I am taking applicants for my SHIFT SHOP LAUNCH party to begin upon the program’s release on 7/13/17.

If you are ready to commit – work for it – and join forces with me and other women who are RIGHT THERE with you – then fill out the form below.

2017-06-07 22.20.43 

April dedication brings May health & happiness – JOIN ME!

Happy April! I can not believe it is April already can you!? This month is packed full of fun and exciting things on my end…we’ve got Easter celebrations, the Buccos home opener and a little getaway with the hubs and my Beachbody Fam to Cancun for an all-expenses paid fun-filled vacation!
Life has been busy – but honestly – who isn’t “busy”?! This warmer weather is finally taking us outdoors and my kiddos are soaking up every possible minute!!! No complaints here!!! And with Spring in full swing summer is just around the corner!!! Let the countdown begin!!!
I am excited to share the amazing deals Beachbody has released for the month of April!
  • PiYo® and Shakeology® Challenge Pack is available for $140 USD, regular retail price $160 USD. Learn more
  • PiYo Kickstart and Shakeology Challenge Pack is available for $180 USD, regular retail price $205 USD. Learn more
  • P90X3® and Shakeology Challenge Pack is available for $160 USD, regular retail price $205 USD.  Learn more
  • Ultimate Reset® and Shakeology Challenge Pack is available for $275 USD, regular retail price $305 USD. Learn more 
If you have fallen off the health wagon and would like to jump back on, any one of these amazing programs can help you do so! Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions you may have about them!
If you already have a program that you would like to restart, take a look at my upcoming accountability group that will help to ensure you stay on the wagon this go around!

Memorial Day is less than 2 months away – are you ready for SUMMER?!

Let’s get working – 6 WEEKS TO THE SUMMER BOD
April 13th will kick off a 6 week challenge group where we will learn about clean eating, incorporating portion control and craving control while focusing on those Bikini hot spots!
Have you heard about the new Beachbody On Demand?
Beachbody On Demand is a new feature of the Team Beachbody Club that provides unlimited access to stream Beachbody’s proven fitness programs. Premium Team Beachbody Club members will be able to work out anytime, anywhere. Users will need access to high speed internet and a connected computer or mobile device in order to stream workouts. Beachbody On Demand includes many of Beachbody’s most popular fitness programs in the Member Library, making Beachbody programs easy to access anywhere an internet connection is available as well as sneak peaks into the latest and greatest!!! What’s even better…you can get a FREE 30-day trial!

If you’re interested in learning more about any of these groups, please contact or find me on FACEBOOK.