PIYO buns, piyo progress, PIYO week 6

PiYO WEEK 6 Progress

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Another week down and another week stronger. I love what this program is doing for my mind and body!

One of my favorite aspects of this program and all of Beachbody’s program’s is that its all about finding what works for you! Last week we had plans to be out of town and I wanted to attend the local yoga studio for some practice outside of my home – so I altered the calendar that came with the program, switched some things around to meet my needs, and made some changes to my meal plan so that I could enjoy my weekend away without going completely off the wagon!

PIYO Calendar Week 6 vs. My Week 6

PIYO Week 6 schedulePIYO Week 6 MY schedule

 Thursday’s Sculpt was pushed to Friday….Friday’s rest day was pushed to Saturday…and I swapped Drench for a major sweat session at Yoga Flow for Thursday’s workout. Success in my book!

So finally at week 6 I’m getting a handle of the PiYO meal plan and no longer looking at foods in terms of the 21-day fix container colors! Its been a tough adjustment – but I think I’m there 🙂 The good thing is the two were very similar in terms of types of foods  it was just learning how to plan and portion in accordance with the book! In the end its all about clean eating and eating the “right” portions for your body!

Piyo meal plan, Piyo week 6 meal plan, piyo progress,

PIYO Week 6 Meal Plan

PIYO Week 6 chicken and zucchini, grilled dinnner, clean eating, leftovers for lunch, PIYO

So fresh and so clean clean


I really enjoyed this simple staple to my week – grilled chicken and grilled zucchini. Both heated up well and bonus – they were kid approved! Well one of my kids approved, the other, we’ll just leave out for now!





Now for the workouts!!!

The week was off with a bang with Drench on Monday. That PiYO flip still gets me but I’m getting there – and getting better with keeping my balance so I don’t go toppling over!!!

PIYO Week 6 day 2, PIYO hardcore on the floor, PIYO progress, beachbody coach, PIYO progress,

Trying my best to hold my moves just like Chalene

Tuesday I rocked out to Hardcore on the floor. And it wasn’t until I had watched myself on video that I realized I had been doing that move to the right ——–> all wrong!!! I think I’m okay now – I just need to keep practicing!!!







Wednesday was a 30 minute BUNS workout and I’m pretty sure I was still feeling that as the weekend rolled in. A good feeling don’t get me wrong, but man, incredible!

I’m at the point where my workouts are what I look forward to each day. When I can start my day with a workout, followed by my Shakeology to keep me full, satisfied and full of the dense nutrition my body needs and I get in some “me” time while I’m at it – I’m all set for success!!!

PIYO buns, piyo progress, PIYO week 6

Shaping those buns

Those triangle push-ups were not pretty, I modified and could barely push that last one up…but I did them-the best that I could and I know my body will feel it tomorrow!!! If it doesn’t challenge you-it doesn’t change you!

PIYO Week 6 day 5, PIYO progress, PIYO, Lou Holtz quote, PIYO Sculpt

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

family piyo, lead by example, PIYO, PIYO Progress

Following in Mommy’s footsteps

Friday night I enjoyed dinner with one of my bestest friends and her family. We had a delicous clean dinner and just relaxed. But the best part of the night had to be when our kids all rocked the down dog on the deck. Proud mom moment for us both!

The week wrapped up with what I thought was the perfect plan – workout while one kiddo slept and one rested…and well you can see how that worked out for me! I can’t complain though. I know how my kids replicate what they see me do. And yes, Colt may have been in my way more times than not but he’s learning, I’m learning to be more flexible (in more ways than one) and we’re all getting our workout in on our own time – so what if it wasn’t the best of the best – it was done and I enjoyed the company!!!

PIYO Sweat, PIYO progress, Family workout, fitmom

Getting my sweat on with one of my biggest fans

If nothing else – I’m learning A LOT. Not only about being active and working out or eating healthy but all about life in general.  There’s a compound effect in life. I’m making changes in so many aspects in my life and really focusing on when life give me lemons you better bet I’m making some lemonade!

positive thoughts, motivation,, workout quotes, life quotes, PIYO progress


If you are interested in PiYO or any other workout program and would like to get 1:1 coaching and support along with motivation and accountability, please fill out my challenge and accountability application below! I will share tips and recipes and I will help you with the one thing I always found so difficult – MEAL PLANNING!  Remember – your health and fitness success is 80% nutrition. You can get all the results and support you need right in your own home – and you don’t have to do it alone!


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