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Healthy Holiday Goals

Thanksgiving is fast approaching which means Christmas is right around the corner. How did that even happen? No seriously – how did that happen??? I swear as I get older the days/months/years go by so much faster! Yes I get it, time actually moves at the same rate all year round, but my goodness its just crazy!!!

Looking ahead, I can see the holidays being a challenge when it comes to my health and fitness goals. I have a feeling I’m not alone here. The weather is getting cooler, we are covered in layers making it a bit easier to hide behind a scarf or a cute jacket and our daylight time is shortened, making it that much more tempting to just lay in bed and SNOOZE! The weekends are filled with holiday parties and the spread of food present at these family holiday meals is undoubtedly going to be amazing! And of course there’s the Christmas cookies! Don’t even get me started on the cookies…

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Anyone else feeling my pain??? I know some of you have to be! On average, most people will put on 7-10 lbs during the holiday season, and I for one do not plan on being part of that! But that doesn’t mean its not going to be a challenge, something I will have to work for. Between traveling, school parties for my kiddos, work parties, social get togethers, and being surrounded by delicious temptations for practically 6 weeks straight, food becomes used as a form of comfort rather than the fuel it is designed to be resulting in overeating and poor choices!

In an effort to keep myself accountable and not be in that average 7-10 pound weight gain category, I’m setting some big goals to reach over this holiday season so I stay on track, can enjoy the meals, but not over do it!

In my challenge groups, I always tell my challengers to make their goals public. When you share your goals you’re more likely to stick to them. So I’m taking my own advice. So this is me, telling YOU my goals, and inviting you into this journey!

hot for the holidays

Holiday health and fitness goals:

  1. Complete the 21 Day Fix.I felt my best when I strictly followed the 21-day fix eating plan and workouts back in February. I went on to complete a few more rounds in addition to PIYO, T25 and most recently P90 but once I met my weight goal I started getting a bit more lenient in my food choices. Generally still healthy ones, but more splurges and slowly but surely my weight started creeping back up! I will continue with P90 through Thanksgiving and pick up with my HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS challenge group on December 3rd for a full round as we head into Christmas! And I’m using my round 1 pics as MY motivation to KEEP pushing even when it gets hard.
  2. Be active 7 days/week! I’ll be honest – when I don’t do a workout or toss in a walk/short run I tend to get lazy all around. My workouts make me happy! They get my engergy pumping, my heart rate up and I just feel GOOD! I will workout 7 days a week through this holiday season including at least one active stretch day (Hello YOGA FIX!!!!) PIYO_Week_6_day_3Small
  3. Drink one gallon of water every day!I already drink A LOT of water but I feel this is going to be even more important through the holidays. Its easy to track – 6 shaker cups full of water and BAM – DONE!!! I know this is going to result in me heading to the potty hourly but I’m also hopeful this will help me keep my alcohol intake on the low side. In general, I really don’t drink a lot of alcohol but if I’m going to do it this is usually the time of year that hits home the most!
  4. Do a family “Turkey Trot” on Thanksgiving It would be easy to make excuses not to workout on Thanksgiving day but I already know I make better decisions and feel better when my day starts off with a good sweat sesh…so what better way to kick off the holiday than with a little run with my family! Making the commitment now will helps us all hold each other accountable.
  5. Limit my sweets at Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner! This has been a BIG struggle for me in the past. I love DESSERTS – specifically cookies. I can pass on the turkey and mashed potatoes and corn and stuffing but I tend to have no self-control when it comes to sweets. I mean literally, I will sit there and eat til I cannot breathe anymore. Gross, I know! But, this year I WANT that to CHANGE! I will have some cookies, but I will have self control and I am going to use my Shakeology as my “sweet tooth” fix for the day. I mean, seriously, why not! It tastes like a cheat meal – but its not…its a full meal replacement nutritious shake, gives me energy, provides me with all the nutrition I need, keeps me full for nearly 3 hours, and takes care of my daily vitamin – Oh, and it takes about 1 minute to make! Talk about a “fast food value meal”!!!

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There you have it. These are my TOP 5 Holiday health and fitness goals. I haven’t missed a workout in MONTHS but my nutrition is and always has been my biggest struggle – I LOVE sweets!!! But – I am determined to make this my healthiest holiday season ever.

I will enjoy my time with my family without focusing solely on the food around us but rather being thankful for the changes I’ve made in my life and my family’s life so that we are all healthier and happier! And – I would love for you to do the same! I encourage you to make your own goals – from now until the end of the year – how do you want to close out 2014? Your goals don’t have to be the same as mine, but you should have something in mind to guide you through this food-filled, tempting season!!!

3 weeks of accountability

If you’re ready to join me on my journey we can hold each other accountable through my HOT FOR THE HOLIDAYS challenge group! I have to say – like most things – there’s power in numbers! Just fill out the application below and we’ll get this Holiday Party started!!!



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