Spicy Quinoa Zucchini Bowl

Looking for a healthy, clean, 21-day fix approved lunch in less than 5 minutes?
spicy zucchini quinoa bowl with text
Try this little mash up!



Ground Turkey

Cooked Quinoa

hot sauce of your choice


Heat skillet over medium heat. I spritzed the pan with olive oil

Using a VEGETTI or other vegetable spiralizer, make your “noodles” and add to the pan. I counted my one zucchini as one GREEN although its likely a bit more.

Add 1 RED of ground turkey and 1 YELLOW of quinoa – this is where the meal prep Monday really comes into play!!!

Cook for an additional 2 minutes until heated thoroughly.

Top with a few drops of your favorite hot sauce – and ENJOY!

spicy zucchini quinoa bowl

This meal is one that can be doubled or tripled for as many servings as you need or you can even prep in full at the beginning of the week and have it all ready to grab and go!

I always try to keep cooked ground turkey, cooked quinoa etc. for a quick and easy meal!!! And while I kept it simple with the zucchini you could also add in other veggies like tomatoes and spinach or rather than hot sauce try salsa and/or avocado for a little Mexican twist!!! 

Get creative, have fun with it! Remember – clean eating doesn’t have to be boring!!!


21 day fix ad_got 21 days

One of the things I do as a health and fitness coach is run monthly accountability groups to help guide people in their own journey! Whether you’re looking to lose 5 pounds or 50, tone up or just do something for YOU these support groups are a great way to get healthy and fit and do it with SUPPORT!!!! We share tips and recipes like the one above and lean on each other as we all work towards our goals!!!

If you’d like to take the 21-Day Fix challenge and join my next group fill out the application below!


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