Just think – WHY NOT ME?

Now hiring WHY NOT YOU, SAHM career, WAHM career, what does it take to be a successful beachbody coach, how to get started as a beachbody coach, beachbody coach training, from a 21 day fix challenger to a successful coach, how the 21 day fix changed my life, now hiring goal setters go getters committed women who are coachable and have a willingness to learn, coach training academy , coach training opportunity, how to make money from home, fitness career from home, career options for fitness instructors and personal trainers Ever just stop and think how different your life is NOW compared to what you THOUGHT it was going to look like??? To what you dreamed of, imagined, or predicted???
I went to college, got a degree in Finance and Accounting, got a great job at a Big 4 accounting firm and later earned my CPA. I thought I was going to have one of those high up jobs in a big city with a cute little office on the top floor.
Then when I became a mom, I really thought my dreams were coming true as I swapped my lunch meetings for playdates and officially earned the title – full time stay at home mom – my life was COMPLETE!!!!
But apparently God had and still does have different plans for me…

He brought Beachbody into my life at a time I needed it more than I realized. I forgot what it was like to do something FOR ME! And once I realized how much better of a mom, wife, friend, sister I was – when I took care of myself – I realized I needed to share this opportunity!

I never knew how amazing it would feel to HELP others – help them gain confidence with themselves, become healthier moms and lead by example.  I was using skills I didn’t know I had and was learning things about myself I never knew existed. I was changing lives!!!
2015-09-17 05.31.59
I was able to combine the skills I learned throughout my life while managing my staff and then managing my family to now manage my TEAM…. a team of other women with similar interests, similar dreams and a similar desire – TO DO MORE, INSPIRE OTHERS and HELP THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST!
And NOW – I get the opportunity to teach my roadmap to success to all of the coaches that join my team! Teachers, nurses, Fitness enthusiasts, Accountants, stay at home moms, and more! I get to teach people how to build a business – from home – that truly fits their lifestyle!
2015-09-22 21.00.45So I am going to open up — 10—  spots in my November 2nd  Coach Training Academy to personally mentor new coaches that join my team.
Are you interested?
If so please complete the application below!

My goal is to help this business fit YOUR lifestyle, no matter how much or how little time you have!

Are you in?

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