What Kind of Bars can you have on the 21-day fix?

I never used to be a procrastinator but I swear the older I get the more squirrelly I become!

During my race against the clock to pack for a 5-day trip to Texas for my family of four within a 2 hour a time frame I managed to do about 34,539 things that didTravel snacks - bars on the 21 day fixn’t NEED done but I decided to do anyway all the while forgetting my apple and peppers in the fridge with the munchkins yogurts 😡

Luckily I keep these little gems in the diaper bag! I def don’t encourage “bars” on a daily basis but if you’re going to grab and go these are the THREE that I recommend…all ordered from Amazon Prime and delivered right to my door🙌

1. That’s IT Bar: These are my new found “can’t leave home without it” snack! I stumbled across these on my way home from SUMMIT in Nashville while waiting for my Green Tea at Starbucks. The name caught my eye and when I flipped it over I saw that the ingredients were simply fruit – THAT’S IT!

I snagged a few from Starbucks before I realized I could order through AMAZON and get them right to my door! The Apple and Strawberry is definitely my favorite (reminds me of a fruit roll up!!!) and the Apple and pear is a close second!
For my 21 Day Fix Friends – I count these as one purple – racking up 100 calories, 4 grams of dietary fiber and about 17 grams of natural sugars. 
2. KIND BARS: I caught a Q&A from Autumn on this topic and ever since I have kept this stashed in my diaper bag! Kind bars are primarily nuts. Don’t get me wrong there are some wild and crazy varieties out there with a lot more in them but if you watch the labels you can get a pretty natural nut bar in the KIND variety! I also order these from Amazon or grab them when I head to SAMs on a stock up trip!
For my 21-Day Fix Friends – I count these as 1 BLUE and 1 tsp – coming in around 200 calories and 17g of (healthy) fats. 
3. Quest Bars: I’d say these are the least “clean” of the 3 but also my favorite as I find them the most filing.
For my 21-Day Fix Friends – I count these as 1 red and 1 yellow…although I def. don’t recommend these when “strictly” following the fix as they do not have the equivalent nutritional value as a lean meat (red) or healthy grain (yellows) – would. They range 160-200 calories with about 8-12 g of fat yet virtually ZERO sugar! 
Caramel Vanilla shakeoOf course I ALWAYS keep a Shakeo packet always within reach….this is the most clean and natural way to squeeze in a snack on the run – especially when those unexpected hunger growls start! I prefer to make it blended but I’ll be honest…give me a shaker cup and some water and I’m good to go! Cures my cravings, fills my tummy and fuels my body for the day ahead!
Do you want to try Shakeology??? 

You can get your own 30 day supply HERE or even start with the FLAVOR SAMPLER PACK TO FIGURE WHAT WHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE!

As always you can email me at maeganblinka@gmail.com with any questions or fill out the form below for more information on my upcoming Health and Fitness online accountability group! Whether you’re interested in the 21-day fix, Hammer & Chisel, PIYO or any of the other incredible home workout DVD programs we offer – I do believe there is one fit for YOU!

There’s POWER in numbers but YOU only have control of ONE. 

3 thoughts on “What Kind of Bars can you have on the 21-day fix?

    • mblinka says:

      Yes! I am recently dairy free so I have tried several Lara Bars!

      I like the Blueberry Vanilla Cashew ones in terms of flavor!!!

      You want to avoid the chocolate covered ones…in the end they’re mainly nuts.

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