Variety is the spice of life

variety is the spice of life bannerHave you ever considered joining one of my health & fitness accountability groups but you were sure what it was or what you would be doing…so you just did nothing?

Are you interested but feeling lost on what program you’d like to use?

Or maybe you just aren’t quite sure that the financial commitment is worth it – what will you get out of it anyway?

I mean, why should you take the time to invest in yourself this holiday season when there are so many other things to do and buy?

Well I am here to offer you a 10 Day FREE Accountability group TRIAL!
Invest in You with wordsYou will be part of a 10 day group and you will get to try out the 21-day Fix, Fix extreme, Piyo, Insanity Max:30, P90X3 – oh and even get a sneak peek into Hammer & Chisel…you know – that program that doesn’t even get released until December – among several other programs so you can decide what program you enjoy, what trainer you “click” most with and if the support & accountability & tips & motivation are something you think would help you reach your goals…and this is all available through a 30-day FREE trial of the Club Membership with On Demand

5, 7 and 10-Day Shakeology sampler kits will also be available for purchase so you can really get the full experience!!!

SHAKEOLOGY WITH focused energy
We kick off Monday the 9th and I need to know by the end of day Sunday the 8th that YOU’RE IN!

What do you need to do to participate? 

Simply create your FREE Club Membership account with me as your coach and email to let me know YOU’RE IN!!!

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