You have time, its just not a PRIORITY-YET

Anyone else H A T E to take their wedding ring off?

Mine stays on when I go in the ocean, when I am lifting weights,  when its hot, cold, WHATEVER because I LOVE it. And well, I just don’t want to take it off!



Every summer, usually around this time, I develop a rash under my finger. I believe its caused by excess moisture – whether because of the humidity or swimming or just having the kiddos home all day and DOING “more things” but it happens every summer.

I take them the jewelry store, they clean them, and we’re back in business.

So this morning when I complained yet again to my hubs that I don’t have my rings on and he asks: Well did you get them cleaned yet? And I said “No, I didn’t have ti…

I stopped MYSELF…I dont have time quoteAnd instead said “I haven’t made it a PRIORITY yet” – aka its on ME to make the time and get it DONE.

But in that moment I totally had a moment of reflection…thinking back to the conversations with people who SAY they want to make some changes but don’t take ACTION.

How many times are you having that same internal discussion…

  • I want to workout, but I don’t have TIME
  • I want to eat healthy, but I don’t have TIME
  • I want to spend more time with my girlfriends but I don’t have TIME

No my friend, YOU just haven’t made it a P R I O R I T Y – YET! 

EVERYONE is busy, EVERYONE has 24 hours in each and everyday. But I believe we can and we do make TIME for what we really REALLY want in our lives.

Here are my top 5 time saving tips to ensure you get done what MATTERS MOST TO YOU:

  1. Get yourself a cute planner – Ok, it doesn’t have to be “cute” – But grab a planner, master google calendar or snag a stack of post its and set a way for yourself to stay ORGANIZED. Its cool to THINK you can run off memory, and that may have worked 2 or 3 kids ago, but just write it down. It will pay off 10 fold, and chances are you won’t forget your kids lunch #ormaybeyoustillwill
  2. Come up with a daily morning and night time routine and STICK WITH IT. Something so simple as picking your clothes out for work/your workout the night before takes away one more decision in the morning. SIMPLIFY things. Those minutes add up later in the day. Your schedule may look different than mine, and while my days are DIFFERENT there are certain things I do EVERY day that help me set the tone for the day!
  3. Carve out cleaning blocks  I will be the first to admit there are days when I wake up, get dressed to work out and find myself cleaning the kitchen or the playroom and before I know I’m an hour deep in cleaning, its time to wake the kiddos for school and I STILL HAVE NOT WORKED OUT, although I look like I have! Carving out 10/15 minutes to do ONE room or one thing in a room throughout the week will help you stay on top of everything without losing an entire day to CLEANING!
  4. Realize that being in PERFECT BALANCE will likely never happen but striving for balance daily is key. I often use the term balance, and its a focus point, but know there are days that I am 100% on and there are days I am about 20% on and 80% losing my MIND. But there’s balance…in the end. Realize its not supposed to be perfect, its life, but focusing on balance will help keep you grounded.
  5. Read the book PICK THREE by Randi Zuckerberg. This helped me understand we cannot do it all, we do not have to do it all, but you need to know what you care about and how to MAKE each item a priority at some point. And when you’re finished with that book, pick another because reading daily, especially silently before bed may help aid in your sleep too!

No one can change your LIFE except for YOU throughout the daily actions. 

I want to show YOU how seemingly small, insignificant choices can add up to BIG changes, but you have to be willing to make YOURSELF a priority, for at least 7 days so I can help you OPEN your eyes to the possibilities – deal?

Clean week smaller.jpeg

 Can you give me that commitment? 

If so, fill out the form below and come join my 7 day FREE group: BEFORE YOU MAKE IT A LIFESTYLE MAKE IT A WEEK. 

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Together we are Stronger


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