Treating Yourself To New Workout Clothes Could Boost Your Mood

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Fitness 19 says ‘Working out regularly is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a fit figure, especially as aging begins to set in and you begin getting older. If you have been working out diligently and hitting small milestones and goals you have set for yourself, consider treating yourself to new workout clothes, which can help to boost your mood’.

Need any more reasons to buy new workout clothes now? I think not! If you still need more convincing, keep reading this blog post!

Fitness 19 says ‘Rewarding yourself with additional workout gear, clothing and accessories is a great way to rewire your brain to associate exercise and fitness with positive results and outcomes. Positively linking exercise with rewards can help you to remain motivated and disciplined, even when you feel as if you no longer want to work out or make exercise a priority’. 

There are many benefits when you reward yourself with new workout clothes for hitting goals or achieving your goal weight. Fitness 19 says that ‘ you will avoid the temptation to indulge in unhealthy rewards, such as eating junk food or straying away from your diet and fitness goals altogether’. Instead of promising yourself that you will have a brownie for dessert just because you worked out today, you will promise yourself a new pair of Lululemon leggings if you work out 5 days a week for 2 weeks straight!

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Another benefit to rewarding yourself with new workout clothes is that you will have better fitting clothing to wear during your workout. Fitness 19 says ‘purchasing better fitting clothing as you continue to lose weight and get fit is a great way to boost your self-esteem as well as your self-confidence. When you feel proud of the work you have accomplished when it comes to your body, it is much easier to live life without feeling self-conscious. Instead, you’ll feel more confident in yourself’. 

The final benefit to rewarding yourself with new workout clothes is that new clothes make you feel good, or at least they always make me feel good. Fitness 19 says ‘ Expanding your existing wardrobe is another way for you to feel good with the release of dopamine as you link your workout and achievements with positive rewards and shopping trips’. One tactical tip for this would be to allow yourself to purchase a new workout outfit each time you reach a fitness goal or reach a certain weight goal you achieved. You should set 1 large goal and then set small ones for you to accomplish each week. So for example, 1 large goal would be to loose 30 pounds in 1 year. The small goal you need to achieve each month is to loose 2.5 pounds per month. That way there, you celebrate the little successes along the way even before you hit the main goal!

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I am a firm believer: TOGETHER – we are SO MUCH – STRONGER!!!



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