Things are getting crazy around here and by crazy, we mean CRAZY GOOD!!!

Our minds were blown when our team listened to the amazing call where the CEO of Beachbody dropped one HECK-YES announcement after another.

Check it all out below!

When the new BOD Interactive (BODi) was announced I could barely keep myself together.

This is probably one of the biggest advancements and changes I’ve seen since I started as a Coach 7 years ago, and I am HERE FOR IT.

Let’s just start by saying this is massive.

We have our on demand workout platform where we can access hundreds upon hundreds of different workouts – whenever, wherever.

Soon everything is going to the next level and will be interactive = BODi live classes!

This is available for ALL of our clients.

You’ll be able to login and sign up for live classes with your favorite super trainers – plus new super trainers they are bringing in!!!

You can also claim a spot – first come, first serve, so you can actually webcast with the trainer LIVE.  You’ll have the opportunity for feedback from your trainer!

Plus!! New curated playlists so the hype and fun is at all time high.

All of this together is the perfect way to maximize your workout experience.

I am beyond ecstatic for BODi to go live and think this will be such a great time for our virtual Bootcamp community!!! 

In case you didn’t hear, our company is going public in the next few months!

Through this process, the company has announced that we are coming out with a MYX bike!!!!!!

This will be available this fall but for all clients and coaches, and we will have a discount code available for the MYX V2 indoor bike.

Here’s what’s happening!!! NEW spin program launching in December from a new Supertrainer, Jennifer Jacobs! Jennifer is a former Peloton senior instructor.

The MYX bike will be released early fall with the launch of BODi. 

You can have any bike to do the workouts and we will offer a bike as well if you need one.  Again, all current coaches and clients will get a code to purchase the bike.

The MYX bike is bringing indoor cycling to the BOD work with both LIVE workouts and full cycling program.

More details will be coming out about this soon. 

It’s no secret that I love our nutrition programs.

But the updates that will be rolling out have me like WHOA!!!!

Even more access to resources with live classes where you can webcast in.

We already have so much value and resources available at our fingertips when it comes to nutrition, but they are working their crazy magic and making it even better…seriously crazy!!!

There will be even more exclusive content for nutrition + members.

NEW!! There will be LIVE cooking classes and meal planning on BODi for Nutrition + members.

One of our most popular nutrition programs – Portion Fix is getting an overhaul.   A brand new master class is coming to simplify how to get started with Portion Fix and there will be new videos added to go more in depth.

And then…


This is not a one-size-fits-all and that is totally A-OKAY.  But if it’s something you’ve been interested in, it’s on the way and available starting in July!

Our daily superfoods is a must for me. I drink it every single day.

There’s a new flavor coming soon…

COOKIES & CREAMY!! If you follow me on social you already know I am slightly obsessed with OREOS – so this is HUGE!!!!

It will be available on June 22nd in Canada and in the US.

This new flavor will be a new permanent addition to the Shakeology lineup – yes, it’s THAT good!!

Cookies & Creamy is vegan, dairy free and gluten free. Not only that, ALL vegan flavors will now be reformulated to be certified gluten free!

We’ve been asking for this flavor for such a long time so trust us when we say there a lot of happy campers right about now!

If you are interested in getting on the mailing list for this flavor – email me at with COOKIES in the subject!!  We will send you the link to purchase when it becomes available, and you can check it out.

Friend —I know I just threw a BUNCH of info your way and if you are like me, your head is EXPLODING🤯.  

I totally feel you!  But, I am here to help you navigate it all and find what products and opportunities are best for YOU.  

And if you’ve ever EVER been interested in this business – in doing what I do – in sharing the gift of health and fitness with those around you – THIS IS YOUR TIME!

We are on the brink of GROUNDBREAKING advancements! And in anticipation of the growth in these next few months I will be PERSONALLY mentoring a small group of women who are REALLY ready to dive in, learn the ropes now and get ready to ride the wave of these launches! 

Click on the button below to apply!

This business was a gift to my family 7 years ago – paying that gift forward is my PASSION and I know this is the start of something AMAZING! 

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