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PiYO WEEK 6 Progress

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Another week down and another week stronger. I love what this program is doing for my mind and body!

One of my favorite aspects of this program and all of Beachbody’s program’s is that its all about finding what works for you! Last week we had plans to be out of town and I wanted to attend the local yoga studio for some practice outside of my home – so I altered the calendar that came with the program, switched some things around to meet my needs, and made some changes to my meal plan so that I could enjoy my weekend away without going completely off the wagon!

PIYO Calendar Week 6 vs. My Week 6

PIYO Week 6 schedulePIYO Week 6 MY schedule

 Thursday’s Sculpt was pushed to Friday….Friday’s rest day was pushed to Saturday…and I swapped Drench for a major sweat session at Yoga Flow for Thursday’s workout. Success in my book!

So finally at week 6 I’m getting a handle of the PiYO meal plan and no longer looking at foods in terms of the 21-day fix container colors! Its been a tough adjustment – but I think I’m there 🙂 The good thing is the two were very similar in terms of types of foods  it was just learning how to plan and portion in accordance with the book! In the end its all about clean eating and eating the “right” portions for your body!

Piyo meal plan, Piyo week 6 meal plan, piyo progress,

PIYO Week 6 Meal Plan

PIYO Week 6 chicken and zucchini, grilled dinnner, clean eating, leftovers for lunch, PIYO

So fresh and so clean clean


I really enjoyed this simple staple to my week – grilled chicken and grilled zucchini. Both heated up well and bonus – they were kid approved! Well one of my kids approved, the other, we’ll just leave out for now!





Now for the workouts!!!

The week was off with a bang with Drench on Monday. That PiYO flip still gets me but I’m getting there – and getting better with keeping my balance so I don’t go toppling over!!!

PIYO Week 6 day 2, PIYO hardcore on the floor, PIYO progress, beachbody coach, PIYO progress,

Trying my best to hold my moves just like Chalene

Tuesday I rocked out to Hardcore on the floor. And it wasn’t until I had watched myself on video that I realized I had been doing that move to the right ——–> all wrong!!! I think I’m okay now – I just need to keep practicing!!!







Wednesday was a 30 minute BUNS workout and I’m pretty sure I was still feeling that as the weekend rolled in. A good feeling don’t get me wrong, but man, incredible!

I’m at the point where my workouts are what I look forward to each day. When I can start my day with a workout, followed by my Shakeology to keep me full, satisfied and full of the dense nutrition my body needs and I get in some “me” time while I’m at it – I’m all set for success!!!

PIYO buns, piyo progress, PIYO week 6

Shaping those buns

Those triangle push-ups were not pretty, I modified and could barely push that last one up…but I did them-the best that I could and I know my body will feel it tomorrow!!! If it doesn’t challenge you-it doesn’t change you!

PIYO Week 6 day 5, PIYO progress, PIYO, Lou Holtz quote, PIYO Sculpt

If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

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Following in Mommy’s footsteps

Friday night I enjoyed dinner with one of my bestest friends and her family. We had a delicous clean dinner and just relaxed. But the best part of the night had to be when our kids all rocked the down dog on the deck. Proud mom moment for us both!

The week wrapped up with what I thought was the perfect plan – workout while one kiddo slept and one rested…and well you can see how that worked out for me! I can’t complain though. I know how my kids replicate what they see me do. And yes, Colt may have been in my way more times than not but he’s learning, I’m learning to be more flexible (in more ways than one) and we’re all getting our workout in on our own time – so what if it wasn’t the best of the best – it was done and I enjoyed the company!!!

PIYO Sweat, PIYO progress, Family workout, fitmom

Getting my sweat on with one of my biggest fans

If nothing else – I’m learning A LOT. Not only about being active and working out or eating healthy but all about life in general.  There’s a compound effect in life. I’m making changes in so many aspects in my life and really focusing on when life give me lemons you better bet I’m making some lemonade!

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If you are interested in PiYO or any other workout program and would like to get 1:1 coaching and support along with motivation and accountability, please fill out my challenge and accountability application below! I will share tips and recipes and I will help you with the one thing I always found so difficult – MEAL PLANNING!  Remember – your health and fitness success is 80% nutrition. You can get all the results and support you need right in your own home – and you don’t have to do it alone!


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PIYO Progress week 4

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Week 4 is officially in the books…so what are my thoughts??? Well, let’s just say this week brought on a whole new level of intensity! Two new workouts were introduced – Hardcore on the floor and Drench – and for some reason I still just get can’t seem to fathom how that 22 minute Strength Interval workout packs such a punch!

PIYO, meal plan, piyo progress, week 4 piyo, home workout, fit mom, inspiration, yoga, pilates, piyo, shakeology, DRENCH, get fit, strong not skinny


Every time I think I have a favorite workout I am introduced to something new but for now – we’re going to say the winner is DRENCH – and yes, it lives up to its name.

I can feel my strength improving even as I do regular daily activities around the house. That 50lb double stroller getting tossed into the back of my SUV seems a bit easier to handle!!! And going up and down and down and up the stairs around the house with a 32lb princess and 23lb little man balanced on my hips seems to come with ease. But its no secret. They’re not changing – I’m getting stronger – AND I LIKE IT!!!!

Piyo, piyo progress, pilates, yoga, yoga love, addicted to yoga, shakeology, piyo meal plan, piyo week 4, piyo strength

The workouts have been awesome and I’m really feeling the burn during week 4 – but like any workout regimen, the nutrition is 80% of success!!! I have learned the hard way you can do crunches until you’re blue in the face but without the proper nutrition those abs will remain in hiding!

OH…the meal planning!!!

I have found I have more success when I stick to my favorites! Meal planning is easier, shopping is easier, and I waste less therefore save more $$$ – so what’s to complain about? I like my snacks to be filling and crunchy…and take a little time to eat. I am often grabbing something and heading out to run errands during my morning snack so its usually some raw veggies or an apple – something that can be prepped ahead of time and quickly grabbed!!!

Here’s my week 4 meal plan:

PIYO Meal Plan Week 4

Now for the workouts:

Monday – Sweat

Tuesday – Hardcore on the floor

Wednesday – BUNS

Thursday – Drench

Friday – PiYO rest day (although I did visit my local yoga studio for an awesome hot yoga session with my sister in law who was visiting from out of town)

Saturday – Strength Intervals

Sunday – Sweat

Piyo, piyo progress, pilates, yoga, yoga love, addicted to yoga, shakeology, piyo meal plan, piyo week 4, piyo strength

Week 4, Day 1

Piyo, piyo progress, pilates, yoga, yoga love, addicted to yoga, shakeology, piyo meal plan, piyo week 4, piyo strength

Week 4 Day 5













Piyo, piyo progress, pilates, yoga, yoga love, addicted to yoga, shakeology, piyo meal plan, piyo week 4, piyo strength

I absolutely love the convenience of working out at home on my own schedule but I also like to take my practice into a yoga studio periodically so I can get some additional guidance and tips from someone else! Friday morning I enjoyed a great class and even got to try out some new moves! I impressed myself being able to hold crow longer than ever before and having the strength to try out some new ones! I see progress in the making!

The week closed out with a Sunday morning SWEAT session and a short cameo by my son, Colt. I love that my children get to see me in action. Children will imitate what they see not what they are told and I am going to do everything in my power to make sure they see me living a healthy happy life!

Piyo, piyo progress, pilates, yoga, yoga love, addicted to yoga, shakeology, piyo meal plan, piyo week 4, piyo strength

If you’re interested in PiYO you can create a FREE team beachbody account HERE and fill out the form below for a spot in my next accountability group! Its never too late to get started and you can never have too much support along the way!!!

PIYO – week 1 progress

chalene 2 chalene

So what is all this new PIYO talk?!?!

PiYo is Chalene Johnson’s latest masterpiece! Wondering if this program is right for you? YES, YES, YES!!!! It is a high intensity, low impact home workout program that guarantees great results without all the jumping around, weights, and strain on your joints! And all moves can be modified to fit any fitness level! You use your own body weight to sculpt your body inspired by Pilates and yoga moves.

How long are the PiYO workouts? 

The lengths vary from 20-60 minutes each and include:

What type of results can you expect with PiYO?

The PiYO program is going to give you long, lean, muscles…a high, firm booty…and tight, flat, sexy abs. What’s not to love about that combination?!?! It works every single muscle to stabilize, stretch, and strengthen your body from top to bottom. And since Chalene Johnson cranked up the speed and the fun, crazy calories will be burned too!


PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of this when it was released last week and I couldn’t wait to get started.

This workout program is so different from the previous ones I’ve been doing. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen awesome results with both T25 and the 21-day fix but it was time for something different. And I am loving the low impact aspect of this program. Here’s a recap of week 1:

Day 1: The fundamentals

This workout takes you through all the basic moves and really focuses on the proper alignment which will maximize your results. I do yoga periodically and thought I knew what I was doing but this was a huge eye opener and very valuable!

Day 2: Define Lower Body

Take all those moves you learned on day 1 and put them to use! The workout was only 20 minutes but I felt the results of every second of those 20 minutes the next morning – holy cow!

Piyo week 1 day 1, PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong

Week 1 Day 1

PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong
Day 3: Define Upper Body
Ok – so I realize this pic says lower body, but I swear it was the Upper Body workout! Holy moly – tricep push ups are not easy!!!! This is going to take some getting used to!! But, I’m up for the change and challenge!
PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong, define upper body

Week 1 Day 3

Day 4: SWEAT
I woke up to some sore arms which was awesome!!! And  let’s be honest…the people naming this workout know what they’re doing. You will sweat in this workout.
DISCLAIMER  – the headstand has absolutely NOTHING to do with this workout. Other than the fact that I was feeling adventurous and the yoga mat was right there so I figured why not!
PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong

PIYO Week 1 Day 4

Day 5: Rest day
This is something I’m struggling with because I LOVE working out, but I’m trying to follow the plan and today was rest day – so I did just that!
Day 6: SUPER SATURDAY group PiYO workout
My PiYO workout was enjoyed with about 400 fellow beachbody coaches at our quarterly Super Saturday event. Perhaps it was the pre-PiYO insantity workout I did but I was covered in sweat and exhausted by the time this was over.
Super Saturday, PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong

PIYO Week 1 Day 6 – Super Saturday

Day 7: Define: Upper Body
After one week of PiYO I decided it was time to capture my flexibility. I wish I would have done this on Day 1 but better late than never right?!?! I am pretty much at my goal weight so I’m not looking to lose much weight during these 60 days but I am hoping to gain some strength and flexibility. Here’s to seeing where we are in the next few months!!
PIYO, PIYO results, clean eating, fitness, fitmom, low impact, high intensity, weight loss, get toned, strong, flexibility

Week 1 Day 7

Do you think this is something that you would be interested in?

Coach Summit – Las Vegas

Whew – so its Friday. I’ve been home since Sunday and I am FINALLY feeling like I’ve caught up on life!

So for those of you who follow me on facebook know I spent an amazing 4 days in Las Vegas last week for Beachbody’s annual COACH SUMMIT. But, those of you who don’t may be thinking, what the heck is SuMmIt?!?

Here’s a little recap of how it all went down:

I’ve been a team beachbody coach for 4 months. And shortly after making the decision to be a coach I started seeing and hearing all this talk about Summit and how if you go to Summit it will change your business. Now, when I first signed up to coach, I just wanted the sweet discount on the Shakeology. However within days I started thinking about the business opportunity and after talking to my family and friends about how much my life has changed I started to get the feeling there was something more than just a sweet discount. I knew that if I wanted to take this to the next level I had to commit.

Through the help of my amazing mother in law, my plane ticket was booked (using miles – SCORE!). Through the help of my amazing coach I found a roomie for the week (DOUBLE SCORE! She’s freaking amazing!!!). And thanks to my hard work and dedication to helping others during my first 3 months as a coach I SCORED my own free ticket.

Watch out Vegas, here I come!


All my bags are packed I’m ready to go….

I was a little worried about how I was going to stay on track with my eating (without spending a small fortune on healthy foods while I was gone) but I actually surprised myself. I packed lots of snacks (Shakeology packets, Luna bars, oatmeal packaged into little baggies, and almonds) and I even asked a barista at Starbucks to blend my Shakeology – and she did – without a second thought!!!



Yogurt fruit bowl before leaving home, luna bar on the run, green tea and an egg for a quick snack, and a little shakeo blended by my friends at Starbucks

The traveling was happily uneventful. And so was done 1. I arrived in Vegas, cabbed it to the airport and finally got to meet my amazing roomie, Alisha. Its a little scary knowing you’re about to spend 4 days with someone you’ve never met and really never talked to but I couldn’t have been more thankful! We had so much in common and no trouble gabbing about anything and everything. She made the trip that much more enjoyable!

We got checked in, grabbed a bite for dinner (which at this point its 6:00PM – 9:00 my time – talk about STARVING!) and headed out to see some sights. This was my second time to Vegas but I just had to see the water show at the Bellagio! I was actually sitting next to a guy on the plane who helped design the show (and many others similar to it around the world) so I had to see it one more time – and just as amazing!


Bellagio water show

Bellagio water show

Ok – so back to the trip!!!

We were up bright and early Thursday morning to get in line at the CORE for some hot new gear.


The launch of PiYO has been the talk of the event!!!!

So pumped for Chalene's PIYO launch!

So pumped for Chalene’s PIYO launch!

The morning was spent at the Bombshell Dynasty’s SHINE presentation…talk about inspiration!!!! We listened to top coaches share their stories about how they got to where they are today. We heard from celebrity trainers, new product launches and had a chance to hear about personal experiences with how joining a challenge group and following a journey to clean eating healthy life has transformed people’s lives. It was REMARKABLE! At one point I just had to sit back and take a look. This company was built on a foundation of helping others. Helping others lead a healthier, happier, more fulfilling life! And I get to be a part of it!

After our general sessions wrapped up we were able to score the new PiYO workout program and then got all ready for the night!!!



One of the first people to have the PiYO DVDs in hand!!!

Then the night closed down with the Sequins and Studs event. I loved being able to meet some new faces and spend some time with my incredible Beachbody family!

IMG_7315 IMG_7316 IMG_7333

Friday morning kicked off with a FRONT row T25 workout with some of my girls and SHAUN T. He touched my back as he walked through the crowds, I was a bit starstruck!


We had another general session featuring key note speaker Darren Hardy, a few tips from the top notch coaches during the afternoon training workshops and a photo op with a few of my favorite trainers ❤




Celebrity trainer_edited.jpg

Saturday came faster than I could ever imagine – and kicked off with a bang! We got started with Super Saturday just before 6:00am. Being surrounded by 9000 coaches and all the trainers sent the endorphins sky high! I’ve been rocking 30 minute daily workouts and this hour plus was tough, not to mention the Vegas heat but so worth it! Awesome time!!!!


The last keynote speaker was Diana Nyad. Sure, I heard about her. She swam a really far distance and did something no one else had done. Congrats right?!?! No – it was so much more than that!!! I can’t even put it into words. All I can do is recommend you hear her story. Talk about supporting the theme of the week – NEVER GIVE UP!



The night came to a close with one last general session featuring the 2014 Beachbody Challenge contest winners. So many people overcome huge challenges in their lives to reach their health and fitness goals but these 8 semi-finalists had stories to top the lists!!!

I can’t even begin to count how many times I cried throughout these 4 days. I was filled with goosebumps on so many occasions and had a heart overflowing with thankfulness. Thankful to be where I am in my own journey, thankful to see the journey ahead and have the support of my coach, my family and my friends and thankful to be given the opportunity to help others do the same.

Summit ticket 2015 is purchases – Nashville, get ready!IMG_7450



This Summit experience was far more than I could have ever imagined. I was motivated and inspired countless times and I really had the opportunity to see myself and my life in a new light. Watching and listening to the success stories all around me was incredible and I am so ready to take what I’ve learned and bring it back to my teammates and my coaches so they too can feel what I’m feeling and be motivated to reach their goals!

If you have thought of becoming a health and fitness coach and love helping others while bringing home an income for your family, please fill out my coach application for a spot in my next coach basics training where you learn how to grow a successful business with my team!



Greenberry, Shakeology, healthy meal, healthiest meal of the day, green smoothie, clean eating, banana smoothie, breakfast, meal replacement, piyo, 21-day fix, beachbody



Greenberry, Shakeology, healthy meal, healthiest meal of the day, green smoothie, clean eating, banana smoothie, breakfast, meal replacement, piyo, 21-day fix, beachbody

My favorite greenberry shakeo!

I’ll admit I was a little nervous to try the Greenberry Shakeology but I really wish I wouldn’t have waited so long! This was so refreshing and tasted ahmazing!


  • 1 Scoop Greenberry Shakeology

  • 8oz almond milk

  • 1/2 frozen banana

  • I cup of ice

  • Blend and enjoy!!

Get your next month’s worth of daily, dense nutrition delivered right to your doorstep by clicking HERE.

Not quite sure if you’re ready for a full month – but still want to give it a try? Try the 4-flavor sampler pack!