Behind the scenes of a Challenge group

I am so excited to kick off my first ever “What is a Challenge Group – LIVE LOOK” – closed accountability group on Facebook!


I am coming up on my 3 year anniversary of participating and then hosting online Fitness challenges and I can tell you first hand it has spoken VOLUMES in my personal Health & Wellness journey. I honestly don’t know where I would be if I had stopped after that first round of the 21-day fix back in 2014…or heck even after a year. ACCOUNTABILITY IS KEY!

Blessings of Accountability.png

I was able to get to the point where I could carve out that 30 minute and time for myself – but controlling what was on my plate – going in my body -the other 23.5 hours of the day is where I realized THE STRUGGLE IS REAL.

But here’s the deal: when you surround yourself with others with similar goals – and struggles and strengths and weaknesses you learn to FALL DOWN – AND – GET BACK UP…TOGETHER!

And this is what I want to show people through this group!!!

The same key aspects that I teach in my full accountability groups will be introduced in this group as well!



Each participant will enroll in a trial membership of the Beachbody Club which provides online STREAMING to HUNDREDS of workouts!

I picked a few of my favorites to share with the group this week!!!

On demand trial calendar.jpg



I have shared this simplified meal plan with my participants and I will walk them through how I plan out my meals, how the prep all goes down and how I maximize on those leftovers.

What is a challenge group - 5 DAY MEAL PLAN.jpg

I think its safe to say we are ALL BUSY:

Working mom, stay at home mom, dog mom, pinterest mom, amazon mom, entrepreneurs, corporate ladder climbers, etc..

We are all BUSY – but learning how to effectively PLAN out and PREPARE for the week ahead is CLUTCH!

And the final piece comes in ACTIONS and less words.


Its the accountability – knowing that there is a group of other people right there along side you – learning as you go – trying, failing, and moving forward.

Its hard to explain it to you-but I can SHOW you first hand the power it holds!

2017-02-11 07.02.10.jpg

Maybe you’ve thought about joining me in a group – maybe you’ve been one to think you had it all under control and you didn’t need ANYONE else’s help (that was SOOO me about 3.5 years ago!!!) – just check it out!

I mean what do you have to lose?

If you’re interested please email:

Or Check out this EVENT:



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What is a Challenge Group: Live Look

Time Hop reminded me that around this same time – 3 Years ago today I was asking for prayers as we were rushed to Children’s Hospital holding tightly to VERY sick little boy.


Now: You may be thinking: Soooooo: What does this have in common with the title “What is a Challenge Group: Live Look” – keep reading – there’s a connection I PROMISE!

That day was a WHIRLWIND!

Colt’s deteriorating health was dismissed as “a bad cold” before we got in to see HIS doctor the following day who quickly sent us by ambulance to Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh to ensure he got the best care.

We received his diagnosis: Pneomonia, double ear infection, bronchiolitis, and very high fevers.

We spent two tiring nights there and while my little man attempted to get comfortable and rest I simply watched him.

Sleep just wasn’t happening for me and eventually when he settled I grabbed the phone for a mindless midnight scroll.

And there it was…

A post shared by an old college co-worker talking about her results

There was a new program launch coming soon

Potential to lose up to 15 pounds

She LOVED this superfood shake

She offered support by joining  a group

And, well my SCROLL – STOPPED ✋️✋️✋️


It wasn’t about the image as much as I RELATED to it!

Something HIT ME. I was watching the importance of GOOD HEALTH – first hand.

I NEEDED to make a change.

And well, the rest is HISTORY!


Honestly – I can’t seem to think: What if we never had that scary experience…would I have seen things differently?

Would I have ever caught a glimpse of that simple post?

It was JUST a challenge group – at the time – but what I learned in that group became a pivotal point in my life!

And its something I want to share with YOU!

Next week my team and I are offering something new.

We will be hosting a 5 Day Free – WHAT IS A CHALLENGE GROUP – live look into what it is like to be a part of our community.

what-is-a-challenge-groupWe will cover ALL the questions you have been wanting answered.

My life took a huge turn that day – and I know yours could too 💗💗💗


And catch all other updates in my FACEBOOK EVENT!


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Melissa Brown Success Story

Check out these amazing results from my Challenger, and now fellow COACH, Melissa Brown!

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Melissa joined my New Year, New You Health and Fitness Accountability group and didn’t nothing short of go ALL IN!!!

She truly is what I would refer to as the “perfect challenger”- now was she perfect with everything for 60 days straight?! Of course not… but she did do exactly what I would hope for with each of my challengers: she committed to the program, she committed to herself, she committed to drinking Shakeology daily and she committed to holding herself accountable by checking into our support group EVERY DAY!!!! And well-as you can see the results followed!!!

Here is what she had to say about her journey: 

“I have lost 19 pounds; 12 of my pounds were lost doing T-25 for the first 30 days and 7 of my pounds were lost next with the 21 Day Fix. In these 60 days, I have learned about meal prep, balanced eating, making healthier choices for food on a daily basis, etc.. Yes, I do eat and I eat more than I did before I started my journey! Nutrition is 80% of the equation!! I absolutely give credit to my meal replacement that I drink for breakfast on my way to work (p.s. I love having one meal full of vitamins and nutrients that I do not have to plan for :)) I have done all of my exercising from the comfort of my home. It is part of my daily schedule and I am able to exercise in the AM, while my baby girl naps, after work (sometimes pressing play at 10:30 PM; no excuses) or my little girl even works out with me. I am amazed of what these 60 days has done for me and the strength that I have both physically and mentally. I have been able to realize this through the support of my coach and through the support of my 60 day accountability group. Do not EVER think you are alone or that it is NEVER possible for you to reach your fitness goals. I am proof that it is POSSIBLE!!!”

I am so proud to be able to share in Melissa’s journey and all those who joined my challenge group!  There really is POWER IN NUMBERS – Could you be next?

fitness support nutrition success

If you’d like to learn more about what is involved with my Health & Fitness Accountability groups, fill out the application below!!!