Summer Salad

summer salad


If you have that mindset that a salad has to be bland and boring you’re not eating the right salad! I try to keep lots of fruits and veggies on hand and ready to throw into a salad so I have no excuse for making poor meal choices!

I used to love getting the strawberry poppyseed salad from Panera…it was full of fruit and so refreshing but I later realized that it wasn’t all that “healthy”. The dressing wasn’t clean and there weren’t many “vegetables” on it. But I loved the idea of fruit on my salad! So I started making my own. And I actually found that when I have fruit on my salad I don’t even need to add dressing which is just an added bonus. Give it a try! You may just like it!!!

The chicken that I put on my salad today was just a mixture of 1 TBS olive oil, 1 TBS lemon juice with a tsp of Italian seasoning. It was light and juicy and the perfect addition to a filling salad! 


1.5 cups fresh baby spinach

3 oz of grilled chicken

1/4 medium red bell pepper, sliced

6 grape tomatoes, halved

1/4 of a medium avocado, chunked

2 strawberries, chopped

4 pieces of pineapple, chopped

I also like to add hard boiled eggs and blueberries but I was working with what I had on hand today!

Switch things up and see if you can find a new way to eat clean and get lean all while eating delicious food!

If you’d like to get more info about clean eating and meal plans join my next challenge group!

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