3 day refresh, beachbody refresh, cleanse with food

3 day refresh-here we go again!

The last 6 weeks were filled with parties, travels, amusement parks, baseball games, family gatherings, birthdays and our 5-year wedding anniversary! And while these were all fun times they all had one thing in common – DELICIOUS FOOD – and A LOT of it!!! 

I continued my workout regimen but a few bites here and a trip to get fro-yo there…an extra helping of this and another scoop of that were starting to add up! My clothes were feeling tighter and more importantly I was starting to feel more tired. I know it well, but this just reinforces that abs are made in the kitchen! You can workout all you want but its the nutrition that matters most!

I starred at the box for a few days before I set my start date – 8/13, 8/14 and 8/15.

Time to get serious…

I had done the refresh once before so I knew what to expect. I knew what options from the meal plan worked for me and what didn’t – so guess what I did – ate the same thing for 3 days!!!! May seem silly but I believe the old saying “if its not broke don’t fix it”. 

Here’s a summary of what my food looked like:

3 day refresh, beachbody refresh, cleanse with food
3 Day Refresh meals

Breakfast – Shakeology

Mid-morning Snack – Fiber Sweep

Lunch – Salad with 1/3 cup blueberries and Vanilla refresh with 6 strawberries (yes, I split up my fruit so I could enjoy some in my shake and some with my salad – this isn’t my first rodeo!!!)

Afternoon Snack – cucmbers and hummus

Dinner – Lemon green beans with almonds and a vanilla refresh with cinnamon

You’ll note there’s no picture of the fiber sweep – well that’s because I learned that lesson the hard way. Its best to MIX and CHUG – FAST! I didn’t mind the taste but the texture is a bit odd and it thickens as it sits. 

I enjoyed 2 glasses of my iced green tea each day and drank more water than I though was ever possible! I remember last time being so hungry that first day but then it subsided by day 2…however this time seemed a bit easier! 

 green tea, 3day refresh, shakeology, cleanse

My results are not jaw dropping…however I did lose 2 pounds and a total of 4 inches between my hips, waist and bellybutton. And above all else – I felt better – which was why I was doing this in the first place 🙂

3 day refresh results, shakeology
3-day refresh results

I have a feeling I’ll be back in a few weeks for another go around!!!

You can get started with the 3-day refresh and continue a lifestyle of clean eating and exercise to help you get on the right path to a happier and healthier life! Create your free account HERE, browse, shop, decide, commit and be healthy!

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