21-day fix week 1 Recap – prepped for week 2

One week down…2 to go!!!!

I’ll be honest…I thought I was kind of sort of going to breeze through this program since I had been used to the Extreme program however…that was not the case!!!

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This week really challenged me but-I did the best I could, used the highest weights I felt I could handle and when I needed to…dropped down!

I had one small hiccup on Tuesday as I found myself with what I self-diagnosed was turf toe. Out of NOWHERE my left big toe was red, hot to touch, swollen and very painful. I asked around and while the general consensus was gout – I have pretty much zero of the common causes for gout and much more likely to be turf toe.

Maegan Blinka, 21 day fix spicy meal, quinoa zucchini bowlRegardless I took a much needed yet dreaded REST DAY Wednesday, prepped some meals tried this new recipe for SPICY QUINOA AND ZUCCHINI BOWL and more importantly rested my foot!

I changed up my planned workout schedule by going with Pilates on Thursday (with lots of modifications and one-footed planks) and then Lower Fix Friday and Cardio Saturday at an event in my hometown ran by one of my coaches. I will say I love the flexibility

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I’ll admit I missed my favorite Dirty 30!!!! But I’ll get it in this week for sure!!!

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Nothing like getting knee deep in your weekly meal plan before realizing your planned 3-day refresh is going to have to wait for next week as Thursday will be spent prepping for Friday’s colonoscopy 😬

Yes – you read that right – this 29 year old heathy mama has a scheduled COLONOSCOPY!!!

After having huge successes last year with the addition of my superfood magic potion Shakeology and the switch to clean eating I was completely taken off all of my Chron’s disease meds and this will determine whether or not I can forgo these lovely procedures until I hit 50 like the rest of the population! 

As anyone who has ever been through one of these before knows, the prep is far from enjoyable and while I am in no way looking forward to Thursday I cannot wait to hear the results Friday morning!

Please say a prayer for me 🙏

That being said if anyone would like to join me in a little SUMMER KICKOFF next week I’d love some accountability partners!!!!

Whether you’re looking to lose those last 10 pounds and slim down for swim suit season or tone up or begin a journey to a brand new YOU – it all starts somewhere and it starts with the decision to CHANGE!!!!

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What can you expect???

*Starts with the 3-day refresh (optional, but highly recommended!!!)
*Follows the 21-day fix nutrition guide
*Follows the 21-day fix workout program with a few extra arm and booty focused moves
*Summer recipes
*Travel tips
*Daily motivation, support and most of all ACCOUNTABILITY!!!!

I’m opening 10 more spots…don’t miss out!!! Fill out the application below for a spot!!!

Oh, and it just so happens that the 21-day fix + 3-day refresh Challenge pack is on promotion this month…coincidence…I think not!

***There’s power in numbers***

One thought on “21-day fix week 1 Recap – prepped for week 2

  1. skerk1 says:

    I will be praying for a positive outcome for you Meagan regarding test results. That’s awesome news that you no longer need the Chrons meds. That a major achievement. Blessings to you



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