Post Halloween Holiday Survival group

I am excited to announce a *bonus* challenge group coming up –


Candy Detox

I get it – its Holiday season and some of you may be thinking – WHY NOW?

But I’m asking you – WHY NOT?

We will begin with an (optional) 3-day cleanse as we prep the group and dive into 21 days leading us up to Turkey Day – take a short break – then jump right back in for a second round December 2nd leading us up until CHRISTMAS…yes crazy to think – but the holidays are upon us!!!

Join us for a place to share ideas, recipes, and hold one another accountable through the busy holiday season so we don’t end up feeling like a stuffed turkey!

3 weeks of accountability

If you join our November 2nd group that leaves you with 9 weeks left of 2015. 9…at a very healthy, sustainable weightloss rate you you could lose 9 pounds (at 1 lb a week) or 18 pounds (at 2 pounds per week) or heck 27 pounds (at 3 pounds per week) all before the end 2015?

So my question to you is WHY NOT NOW?

I am only taking 10 people for this one. It will fill fast.

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