Crockpot & Clean Pot Roast

—> How many of you are used to dumping a can of condensed cream of whatever soup onto a roast in the slow cooker?
—> Or maybe you do the can of coke so it is super tender and juicy?!
Don’t get me wrong – those taste great…amazing in fact…but they’re SO BAD FOR YOU! STOP!
2015-10-15 18.17.36
Cooking a delicious, melt in your mouth roast is more about the cut of meat you choose rather than the stuff you put on top!
I only eat red meat in moderation…but if I’m going to do it, I”m going to make sure its worth it!
I recommend choosing fresh cut (I prefer a sirloin tip roast) and add flavor the NATURAL way! Yes I’m talking about some fresh cracked black pepper, a few gloves of garlic, a sliced onion, some himalayan sea salt and about 1/4 cup of water to make it STEAM!
You can add in whatever veggies your family likes – such as carrots, mushrooms and even some little red potatoes for a complete meal in one crockPOT. Easy prep, easy clean up and virtually NO effort on your part!!!
Cook it on LOW for about 8/9 hours and wahlaa! A delicious roast – without all the added “stuff” and just as delicious as grandma used to cook on Sundays!
Trust me – just try it for yourself to see!
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