Week 4 of H&C and the final week of 2015

Week 4 of Hammer & Chisel was most def. the hardest one yet. Not the workouts – those were solid

Hammer and chisel week 4 with kyle

…it was the nutrition – the struggle in the KITCHEN!

Hammer and chisel week 4 I did it all for the cookie

Now – don’t get me wrong I made some great choices, I stayed true to my workouts and we held off on the Christmas cookie baking until the last minute but the portions weren’t spot on and well, we had some fun. But nonetheless I am back to my FOCUS with a little help from my friend…FOCUS ENERGY!!!

Hammer and Chisel week 4 focused energy

Yes – this little boost became a huge savior to help me get back to my A-Game!

I also have to brag a bit about this little Teavana tea thermos/brew cup I got as a gift from my in laws…you actually BREW the tea in the cup and then take out the little holder of the tea leaves and BOOM – you’re ready to go!

Hammer and chisel week 4 egg bake and tea

Bonus – I actually brewed a cup, hit the road for a short road trip and 8-HOURS-LATER it was the exact same temperature as it was when I first hopped in the car. I was AMAZED so say the least…so if you’re a tea drinker – you may want to check this out!!!

And of course post Christmas week brings along the final week of the year and New Years fun!

We have some small plans and get togethers so we meal planned and prepped like crazy to make sure we could have a strong week leading into the holiday.

Here’s my game plan:

Hammer & Chisel Meal Plan week of 12_28_Maegan

And my hubby’s:

Kyle Meal plan week of 12_28

We’re still keeping things pretty consistent although my hubs started making this Shakeology Pudding every night – and WOWZA -its to die for.

Simply combine 1 scoop of chocolate shakeo, 1 red of green yogurt, 2 tsp of all natural PB and a splash of almond milk until you get the consistency you are looking for!!!

We are set for the New Year and committed to ending the year STRONGER than we started!!!

Bring on week 5!

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