We survived the HOLIDAYS – 30 day Hammer & Chisel results!

My husband and I are 4.5 weeks into Hammer and Chisel and all I can say is WE DID IT!!!!

Hammer and chisel week 5 balance

With the new release of the workout program The Masters: Hammer & Chisel on December 1st I was beyond tempted to “start in the new year”…however my very excited hubby said he was ready for a change and ready to go and since I am all too familiar with the power of an accountability partner, I couldn’t let him go at it alone!!!

Hammer & Chisel week 5 clean roast

A very simple clean, crockpot roast

So we decided we would start, do the best we could but still enjoy the holidays…aka EAT THE COOKIES, enjoy the parties and control the controllable!
And through 5 birthday parties, countless holiday get togethers, NYE and all that in between I am happy to say WE MADE IT!




Hammer and Chisel 30 day results

Am I where I want to be?!

Well, no, not exactly.

But am happy with the progress?


Even though I gained 2 pounds I lost 2 inches – which goes to show you this program can help you gain LEAN muscle!

I have been using the Beachbody Performance LineENERGIZE (pre workout) and RECOVER (post workout) daily which have been KEY in helping me get the most of out each workout and reduce muscle soreness. In addition I haven’t missed a day of my SHAKEOLOGY! Nutrition is key and while the holiday indulgences were there Shakeology played a huge role in making sure they didn’t get out of control, especially during the baking days!!!  For less than $4/meal you can’t beat that dense superfood nutrition!!!

The workouts are challenging and I KNOW the incredible results are coming but in all honesty – my nutrition wasn’t where it needs to be to get jaw-dropping results – but to make progress at a time when most Americans are gaining 7-10 pounds – I’LL TAKE IT!!!

I am getting stronger. My weights have increased and the 12 pounders that were collecting dust are now being tossed around with ease. One simple non-scale victory that helps reassure me – THIS PROGRAM IS WORKING!!!

Hammer & Chisel week 5 New Years Day And while the holidays are over our busy lives are here to stay. As I look forward to the second half of this program I see our upcoming Beachbody weekend in the ‘Burgh – an entire weekend away from home and then two weeks later I’ll be off to LA for a Leadership conference.

Life is busy. But you can always CONTROL the CONTROLLABLE.

*Plan ahead*

*Pack snacks*

*Prioritize your workouts and your health*

*Toss the excuses*

*Start each day with a fresh mind and clean slate*

**You can achieve great things. Believe YOU CAN and you WILL**

If you’d like some support and accountability to begin and/or continue your own fitness journey then fill out the application below! My challenge group is now forming and I know FIRST HAND how powerful it is to surround yourself with other like-minded people! 

There’s POWER in numbers but you only have control over ONE. 

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