Dream Big then Dream Bigger

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What. a. weekend.

This is my second time experiencing the big January Beachbody/Team celebration and it just keeps getting better and better! Perhaps because this year I met the biggest goal I had set for myself and that was to end the year as a 2015 ELITE coach and join these top ladies in leading an amazing business!!!

It truly is hard to put into words the amount of fun, excitement and emotions that I have experienced these last 48 hours!

I have had the honor of serving as a member of the Pittsburgh market council for the last year and this event is one of the BIGGEST we put together! Its a time to recognize the accomplishments of the year and when you house the top coach, Melanie Mitro, as well as a 2X top 10 coach and an impressive group of Elite and Premier coaches – you go above and beyond to put on an incredible event with the ELITE treatment!

2016-01-08 22.57.24

Friday night kicked off our Beachbody Barista Blackout – complete with over a dozen of my team members in attendance, soaking in every little tid bit of information, news and updates from corporate. Some of the highlights of the night included:2016-01-10 10.32.16

1 – The location for the 2017 Success Club trip – Punta Cana! Punta cana panaromic.jpg

This is a trip that you can earn as a coach through helping others throughout the year! This upcoming March my husband and I will set sail with 4000 other coaches and their spouses/families to Haiti and Jamaica – while last spring we enjoyed 4 days at an all inclusive resort in Cancun! Its basically Beachbody’s way of saying “thank you” for all you do to help others life a healthier and more fulfilling life!

2. Sample the newest Shakeology Flavor – Cafe Latte – which is NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Cafe latte now available square

Cafe Latte is the 7th flavor of Shakeology and a coffee lovers dream yet light enough for non coffee lovers like myself to enjoy the robust and smooth flavor!

There are three purchase options available:

1) 30 scoop bag

2) 24 packet box

3) 24 packet Barista Combo flavor box – with chocolate and vanilla – 8 packets each

And all 3 of those options can be combined in a CHALLENGE PACK – with the 21-day fix, 21-day fix extreme and 3-day refresh all on promotion this month! 

We decided to go all out with the theme and we showered our guests with aprons and coffee mugs to enjoy as they left the burgh!

2016-01-10 10.10.02

Not only did we have our CEO Carl Daikeler but we also had celebrity trainer and creator of the 21-day fix, fix extreme, and Hammer & Chisel – Autumn Calabrese in the house! And let’s just say THEY BROUGHT IT!

3. A live workout MASH UP led by Master Trainer – Kam Niskach and 40 of her personally trained trainers!!!

super friday workout by gill

4. We also had the privilege to share in success stories from fellow coaches and challengers as to just how Beachbody has transformed their lives and to recongize all those in attendance for the amazing accomplishments of 2015.

Like I said – there were some EMOTIONS!!!

Saturday kicked off a Dream Team training session where I was one of 15 Leaders in the organization who got to share some nuggets from my Coaching journey!

Dream Team training speakers super friday weekend

True story – I was nervous beyond all possibilities.

I thought my heart was going to jump out of my chest and all I could do was PRAY! I knew that I had the words in my head and I just needed to lead with my heart.

2016-01-09 13.46.55

I don’t take lightly where I am and how I have got here.

Have I worked hard?

But my goodness every sacrificed hour of sleep has been beyond worth the joy I have experienced and all the feedback I heard after the presentation was beyond enough to make me feel grateful that I allowed myself to be a little uncomfortable and step outside that zone and BE ME!

All of the speakers were AMAZING – taught me so much – and left me overwhelmingly humbled to be amongst such strong LEADERS!!!!

These types of events MATTER for so many reasons!

We spend a lot of time working behind a computer screen so having the opportunity o network and get to know these ladies that I spend so much time “talking to” is such an incredible experience!

Forever Fit Super Saturday training

My upline sponsor coach and mentor’s team – Forever Fit


After the training was a wrap I felt like I could finally pull my insides all back together from the nerves and we got together for a little Diamond lunch!

2016-01-10 08.42.29

Some of the coaches on my team that travel near and far to make it this event!

After lunch my team got together and we did a little primping!

Hair, make up, snacks and champagne to get to know each other a little better and just HAVE FUN!!!!

This was arguably my favorite part of the weekend!!! To just HANG OUT with these ladies who have become such a HUGE part of my life was so fulfilling!

We ended the night at the Lexus Club at Consol Energy Center for a big Dream Team celebration.

What I love more than anything is the FAMILY that has been established. Never in a million years would I have though I’d have so many amazing girlfriends to enjoy this journey of life with buy my goodness these ladies are all incredible and play a huge role in my life – most of which I would have never even met without this little blessing of Beachbody!


And well, I can’t possibly sum this all up without the mention of this guy – my ROCK!

He helped me load prepare and pack and get ready for all the weekends festivities – he took as many pictures as we needed him to and he smiled the entire time. Not because he has to but because he wants to!!!
My business success is every bit his as it is mine and I wouldn’t want to be on this ride with anyone else!

2016-01-10 08.48.33

Our weekend was nothing short of AMAZING as well the neck clenching hugs we got from our little ones when we arrived home!

I know a work from home business and a stay at home mom life isn’t right for everyone but it is safe to say we have have found our HAPPY PLACE! The balance we have found in our lives has left us with more opportunities than we could have dreamt possible!

If you’ve ever considered coaching and want to learn more about what it is we do and how to join our team – fill out the application below!

My team is growing and looking for more RUNNERS to run to the top with us!

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