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What’s the Buzz with Cafe Latte?

The newest Shakeology flavor has officially arrived!!! 2015-10-09 15.24.57

And the Pittsburgh Market Council was fortunate enough to receive a little pre-launch stock pile to share at our Super Friday event.

Jade with Cafe Latte.jpg

One of the coaches on our team volunteering at Super Friday in the Shakeology Cafe

I asked some of the samplers what their thoughts were and this was the buzz:

  • “Reminds me of an iced coffee. Its not super sweet nor bitter like coffee. Its pretty good”
  • “As an avid coffee drinker I LOVE the taste and love that there’s no additional caffeine – I can drink it any time of the day. I love my shake late night.”
  • “Not as strong as the chocolate flavor but still very flavorful, def something to add to my mix but not so sure it could replace coffee everyday”
  • “Would be interested in the combo flavor box. Maybe even mixing half cafe latte with half vanilla shakeology or even chocolate shakeology”
  • “One word. AMAZING.”

So I decided to experiment a bit….

Autumn Calabrese was at our event last weekend and she suggested something very simple: Almond milk + all natural PB  = simple!

And since she never steered me wrong in my workouts I figured she wouldn’t fail me now! So I went for it:

peanutty cafe latte

And YES – she was right!

From a girl who is not a fan of “coffee” but had a serious Blended Frap-a-day addiction in college – this hit the spot!

I kept this recipe simple but I know I could do my daily green container of spinach and it wouldn’t alter the flavor at all but would help me get my greens in!!! #winning!

If you’re interested in giving this a try you can do so – RISK FREE – with our 30-day guarantee.

You can GET YOURS with the combo route including 8 packets of Cafe Latte, 8 of Chocolate Shakeology and 8 Vanilla Shakeology packets or go all out Cafe Latte with a 30-serving bag.

You can also tack on a workout program for as little as $10 more in a CHALLENGE PACK.

But above it all – this is a small component in living out a healthy lifestyle and I want to help YOU!

Resolutions into results round 2.jpg

If you’re looking to use this to jump start your journey to a healthier, more confident YOU – then fill out the application below to be considered for a spot in my next online Health & Fitness accountability group!

(*Must not already be working with a coach)

There’s POWER in numbers but YOU only have control of ONE. 

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