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H&C Week 6 in Review

Hammer and chisel week 6 morning workout quote

Ok I’ll admit I am typically a morning person – I thrive on a good sweat session at 5am and most people thing I’m crazy but its what I do – and I truly do love it but I have been riding the STRUGGLE bus these last two weeks. My little guy has been sick off and on coupled with my own little battle against a little bug, on top of a busy weekend getaway to celebrate my all of my team’s accomplishments in 2015 and well, its been a slow going few weeks.

But like I always have to remind myself – slow progress forward is better than giant leaps up and bigger ones back!

We had a lot of snooze filled mornings resulting in a lot of family workout sessions!! Week 6 of this program took us nearly 2 weeks to complete I am happy to say goodbye to WEEK 6 and welcome WEEK 7 with open arms!

Hammer and chisel week 6Hammer and chisel week 6 kids in bounce house

The new Cafe Latte flavor of Shakeology was released on January 11th and we are most definitely enjoying the change up in our house!

I shared it in my PEANUTTY CAFE LATTE recipe post last week but I am NOT a coffee girl – its green tea all the way for me – HOWEVER – this cafe latte shakeology —MUCH to my surprise – is hitting the spot.

I had several ladies sample it at my house last week and they too agree – it has just the right amount of flavor, still smooth yet different from the usual meal replacement shake!

I have another week ahead and rather than squeezing in a 3am workout on Thursday I am going to be realistic!

My ROUND 2 – RESOLUTIONS INTO RESULTS – Challenge group begins the 18th so I will capitalize on the support and accountability of the group and enjoy the preseason prep week and then be able to go all in with them upon my return!

My H&C Week 7 wraps up on Wednesday and then I fly out to LA for a Beachbody Coaching LEADERSHIP conference Thursday. I truly thought I could workout first but the more I thought about it the more I realized I needed to take care of myself too!

Hammer and Chisel week 7 meal plan_Maegan

So I will stick to my plan the first half of the week, pack up for LA with my favorite travel snacks in tow Travel snacks - bars on the 21 day fixand enjoy the LIVE workout with Tony Horton Friday morning and spend some time with my coaching family from afar!

Its an amazing opportunity to learn from the best of the best, surround myself with other leaders, and come home with so much information to teach and share with my TEAM!!!

Its still a bit surreal that I’ll be enjoying an all expense paid trip to LA. It was a goal of mine for 2015 and its about to become a reality!!!

I started this little coaching gig as something to do in my spare time. I enjoyed helping others reach their goals, I loved that I was continuously working on myself and being able to cover my student loans and the cost of our monthly groceries really meant a lot to me all while building my empire during the little ones nap and after they went to bed!!!

Now I am teaching others how to do the same – how to get started – and how to take this passion for health and fitness and serving others and pay it forward!

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My team is kicking off a LIVE event on Facebook next week where you can tune in and listen to answers to all the FAQs and also have a chance to ask your own questions!!!

Click here to join: https://www.facebook.com/events/554939298016447/

And be sure to fill out this application so I can best answer any questions you have!!!


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