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Sometimes you just need to yell plot twist

Ever just need a FRESH START???
22 MHC hit reset.jpg
That’s me this week!

For someone who generally avoids alcohol, gluten and just recently added dairy to the list….the week of bread and butter and ice cream and more ice cream cones and mid afternoon sandwiches and cocktails by the pool and cocktails by the beach and second breakfasts and late night cookies and late late night cocktails…oh, it all hit me and I am DRAGGING! 

In addition to the food baby I am carrying my face is a mess.

22 MHC what happens when I eat dairy

I was trying to convince myself it was a coincidence that my skin cleared up up when I started cutting out my dairy.

Truth be told…I just didn’t want to have a dairy issue!!!

So after a few weeks of cutting it out followed by the week free for all on the cruise I am convinced.

So now what???

Its dairy free time – for REAL this round!

I am kicking off a 3-day vegan cleanse and working on some dairy free alternatives….so I can still enjoy my meals but not deal with the stress of breakouts each day!!!

22 MHC Week 1 meal planning picture

I also decided to re-start 22 Minute Hard Corps. I like to start and finish each program and somehow I thought that I could keep the streak going even while on vacation but 8 days away from home proved to be DANGEROUS. So…no biggie…its time for a plot twist!

I sat down, made a plan, and made a grocery list – its time to take action! 

Monday – Wednesday: 3 Day Refresh and continuing on with week 1 of 8 of 22 Minute Hard Corps. 

22 Minute Hard Corps Meal Plan with 3 day refresh
Warning: It may get ugly🙈 – sugar detox is about to commence and my operation summer countdown is ON!

If you’re reading this thinking you need a fresh start too or you need to get the balance back – fill out the application below & join me a few other ladies for my Spring Training BOOTCAMP!

Spring Training Cover Photo with date

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