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Week 1: 22 MHC & 3 Day Refresh Results

There comes a point when you JUST DO IT. 2016-03-22 06.30.02

And that’s where I was last Sunday night.

A 3 day trip to Texas to visit family, 5 days on a cruise, and a weekend where I had no desire to grocery shop or meal plan or prep meant lots of take out, alcohol, gluten and dairy…all things my body is not used to and all things my body dislikes!!!

I decided to do the 3-DAY REFRESH to jumpstart me back into my kind of normalcy as I began my journey (again) on 22 Minute Hard Corps.

I started the same way I would expect my challengers to start: by documenting Day 1!!

2016-03-20 19.20.41

Luckily I have two littles who typically jump at the chance to join mommy in whatever it is mommy is doing!

The before pics were taken, the meal plan set, and I went to work!

I have done the 3-Day Refresh several times now and to be honest…its pretty straightforward!

2016-03-21 10.15.24

You day includes:

  • 1 Shakeology
  • 1 Fiber Sweep
  • Green Tea
  • 2 Vanilla Refresh Drinks
  • a fruit, veggie and healthy fat along with the lunch shake
  • a veggie and healthy fat for an afternoon snack
  • And one of the veggie dinner options to go with the dinner refresh shake

The hard work is done – there’s a solid plan…you just have to stick to it!

2016-03-23 05.56.40

I had daily accountability from my hubby with my workouts and my mother in law joined me in the refresh! I will admit – its a heck of a lot easier to stay true to that plan when there is someone else right there in the trenches with YOU!

I continued through my first week of 22 Minute Hard Corps without a problem.

2016-03-24 06.40.21

The guide will tell you to do light to moderate activity but even with the higher intensity of 22 Minute Hard Corps – I was able to push through without any problems…but yes, I was in fact happy come Thursday morning when I got to add my carbs back into the mix!

But you know how the saying goes: Nothing worth having comes easy!

3 day refresh results zoomed in

There were a few trying moments but I kept pulling up this picture taken the day before I started and it helped me realize…it was time to kiss the food baby goodbye – for good!

I even survived a trip to the zoo and passed on Dippin Dots…if that’s not motivation – I don’t know what is!!!

I ended up losing a total of 5 pounds and 3 inches around my waist but most of all that heavy, bloated feeling is GONE!!! And that was what I needed.

And here’s the kicker…even after the holiday weekend…I haven’t gained it back!!! Sure I indulged a little but that’s just it – it was A LITTLE! One bad meal won’t make you overweight and one fabulous salad won’t give you rock hard abs! Its consistency and progress over TIME.

I am ready to head into 22 Minute Hard Corps WEEK 2 with a plan, clear focus and determination to  continue my RESULTS!

22 Minute Hard Corps Week 2 Meal Plan

If you’re feeling a little sluggish after the Easter holiday or maybe you just need a jumpstart on your summer goals or maybe just a little shake up from a plateau – then join me in my April 4th Candy Detox!

post easter detox with website.jpg
This will also give you access into my next 21 day accountability group where you will transition to continue your results past the 3 day mark so you don’t go back to those old ways!

 Apply below!

2 thoughts on “Week 1: 22 MHC & 3 Day Refresh Results

  1. holly says:

    Hi there, I love your blog, and your meal plans. For the 3 day refresh, can we use the performance line? I was going to go cold turkey and not use and not workout but I would like to continue, seeing you used the energize I may try that too…:)

    • mblinka says:

      I still use energize!!! I wouldn’t use the recover or recharge as they include dairy and the plan is to be vegan – but the energize is a-okay in my opinion!

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