Failing to plan is Planning to Fail

My weeks look similar.

My days are pretty routine.

Yes, we are BUSY just like everyone else.

Making time for my daily sweat session comes pretty easy.

And I like to think I have a good handle on this clean eating and portion control business but let’s be real – I’m human too and when I don’t PLAN it all out – I set myself up for failure!

Failing to plan planning to fail.jpg

Last week was one of those weeks.

Sure I thought about meals but never took the time to PLAN and write it out. I shopped snagging our staples but when  it came time to make meals I was missing ingredients.

So after a few overpriced tag out dinners and impromptu lunches out I decided it was time to get back to what works!!

22 Min hard corps Meal Plan week 4.jpg

After all, this week kicks off my mid point in the new 22 Minute Hard Corps program and with the check point fit test on the horizon I know I have to fuel up properly

Sunday well spent brings a week of content 22 MHC week 4

After a very enjoyable weekend at HOME we prepped for the week including:

Meal Prep.jpg

Did this take some time? YES! Of course it did…but it also allows me the rest of the week to do other things like be a mom and wife!

My plan is printed and hanging in my pantry and the guess work is out of the equation. I have my foods that are going to help me reach my goals, the plan is there and I am no longer set up for failure!

Bring on WEEK 4!

Never miss a Monday 22 MHC week 4

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