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Country Heat week 3 in review

Whew…week 3 is a wrap!

2016-08-17 06.21.19

Well really I should say weeks 2 and 3 because life got away from me a wee bit last week and I never got around to sharing last week’s so we’re summing up 2 and 3 today!

We’ve enjoyed some travels, some “not so Country Heat” approved meals and a heck of a lot of dancing!

2016-08-14 11.36.58

A girls trip followed by a Leadership Retreat to Deep Creek MD meant a bit of improvising, planning, sacrificing, staying strong through the temptations and allowing myself to indulge along the way.

I can’t say I’ve been perfect but I will say I have made progress.

2016-08-12 07.41.42

The workouts have been the “easy” part for me with no equipment needed I have been able to squeeze them in at hotels, on my patio iwth my kiddos, and everywhere in between!

2016-08-13 09.02.00

The nutrition hasn’t been ON POINT but I know what I need to do to finish out my 30 days STRONG and the meal plan is where it all starts.

Country Heat week 4 meal plan

With my daughter’s first day of Kindergarten coming up (enter a few trickling tears) I’m planning two crockpot meals and a lot of repeats this week! Veggie Egg cups are one of my favorite “prep in advance” meals which can be a snack, breakfast or even lunch!

They’re great hot or cold and on-the-go or even prepped in a 9×13 baking pan for easy clean up!!!

Hammer and chisel week 4 egg bake and tea

I’m trying a new crockpot burrito bowl recipe (thanks Pinterest!) and focusing on my portions, planning and prep to get me through this final stretch!

I know how important nutrition is and I feel the push to regain my focus and prove to myself that I can be disciplined enough to FOLLOW my plan and finish strong!

Excited to see what the next phase brings!

If you’ve been interested in trying Country Heat and/or joining my upcoming Accountability group and the new Health Bet challenge group – simply fill out the application below for more information!

2016-08-17 14.32.37

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